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The Family Resilience Handbook

The Family Resilience Handbook

About this class

In this workshop, we will dive deep into the stories of family resilience. Specifically, we will create a 6 x 8 album of how your family and its members have bounced back from various life challenges to move forward. Through four focused lessons, we will reflect on and describe your own family's history, establish your family's personal motto, and document family resilience through family interviews. 

Here is a look at each lesson: 

ONE | Family Defined // Who do you consider to be a part of your family? What activities connect you and your family members?

TWO | Resilience Timeline // What is resiliency? How have specific life events impacted who your family today?

THREE | Family Motto // What are your core family values + strengths that make up your family brand? What words best describe your family?

FOUR | Family Interviews // How do family members encourage everyday resilience right now?

What Comes With This Class?

  • Full color handouts for each topic that includes inspiration, ideas and how-to's
  • A main presentation for each lesson and a total of 5 process video from Jess
  • Supporting content from Ali + Brandi
  • Additional digital tutorials when applicable (for a deep dive into working with digital products in paper projects check out Ali's Hybrid workshop)
  • A digital package that includes PNG files (see image in slider) 

Class Schedule

Aug 26

Welcome + Setting Up Your Album

A video presentation welcoming you to class + video walk through of how I set up my album.

Aug 26


A list of helpful resources about family resilience.

Sep 16

Lesson One: Family Defined (Jess)

In Lesson One we are taking a closer look at who is in your family and what family means to you.

Sep 18

Lesson One: Family Defined (Brandi)

In this lesson, Brandi shares her take on how she defines family.

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Recommended Supplies

  • A growth mindset
  • A willingness to investigate challenging personal events and what you + your family have learned from those experiences
  • All the contributors will be using a mixture of the Family Story Kit as well as the Family Resilience Handbook Digital Kit as a base for their album. 
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