The Magic of Moments

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The Magic of Moments

About this class

As memory keepers, we have a vast array of tools at our disposal, each designed specifically to help us tell the story of our lives. Among those tools, there are very few that are as powerful, or as personal, as photographs. The Magic of Moments is a photography class built around the simple idea that you have the most intimate access to your life and the people in it—take the pictures no one else can. 

Throughout the course of the workshop, Lisa Varshine will guide you through the process of finding your unique photography voice, capturing authentic moments, making intentional creative choices, and editing photos to further enhance their storytelling aspect. 

Someone wise once said, “Life is not measured in time. It is measured in moments.” This class will help you move beyond snapshots to artfully capturing the moments of your life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

What Comes With This Class?

  • Full color PDF handouts for each lesson
  • Four (4) presentations/videos spread out over the workshop, one each week, and four recorded video conversations with guests on each topic. 
  • A photo-based challenge each week, with the option to share and reflect with other students in the class gallery
  • Exercises designed to help you progress in your photography journey, whatever your personal goals may be
  • A bonus digital package designed by Ali and inspired by Lisa’s bold, graphic style
  • Additional bonus lessons, including a holiday-themed lesson later this fall