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Week In The Life 2023 Prep Day

Week In The Life 2023 Prep Day

About this class

Join the Week In The Life™ community for a fun online prep day on Saturday, April 15th. Use this opportunity to finish past Week In The Life™ or Day In The Life™ projects or begin brainstorming ideas you might want to implement in your 2023 project (I'll be documenting my week starting Monday, April 24th). The classroom will open at 6:30am Pacific with the first live video happening at 7:00am Pacific. The last live video will be posted at Noon Pacific.

At the top of each hour Ali or a guest will introduce the topic for the hour. Some content will be presented live (and recorded for future viewing) and other content will be recorded + presented during that hour. The goal is to give you a some fun ideas + things to think about + action to take on finishing up past projects or getting ready for Week In The Life 2023. 

  • 7am Pacific: Kick Off + Fresh Perspective Discussion
  • 8am Pacific: Product Play With Ali
  • 9am Pacific: Community Tips Via Zoom (bring your favorite tip to share with the community - this will cover two time slots)
  • 11am Pacific: Including Ephemera 
  • Noon Pacific: Q+A

Each topic will have its own Lesson within the Classroom. Inside each lesson you'll find the video, a free download, and a spot for conversation in the comments section of the lesson. Live chat will be available for anyone who wants to converse back and forth during the live event.

Class Schedule

Apr 15

Hour One: Kick Off + Fresh Perspective

Let's kick this day off with some tips + ideas on bringing fresh eyes to documenting your week.

Apr 15

Hour Two: Product Play With Ali

Let's invite some other voices into our documenting adventure.

Apr 15

Hour Three: Community Tips Via Zoom

Come hang out on a big zoom call where you're invited to share your favorite Week In The Life™ tip.

Apr 15

Hour Four: Ideas For Including Ephemera

Let's talk about fun ways to include the stuff of life into your project.

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