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Storytelling With Project Life®

Storytelling With Project Life®

About this class

Since 2010 I've been loving the process of documenting my life via the pocket scrapbooking method known as Project Life®. I loved it in the beginning and I still love it today.

Storytelling with Project Life® is designed to get you in the mood for telling the stories of your life one pocket at a time.

Please note that this is a self paced class. All classroom content will be available upon purchase.

Here's a look at what we'll be covering in this 4-lesson adventure:

Lesson One | A look back at all my past Project Life® albums with individual video walk-throughs. The take-away from this lesson is the opportunity to learn from the past and reflect on what's worked and what's not worked to create a plan for right now.

Lesson Two | Process exploration. Setting expectations, creating a plan for yourself (key word here being "YOU") and setting yourself up for success by establishing a storytelling mindset. This content will be specific to telling stories in Project Life®. 

Lesson Three | Specific storytelling ideas, encouragement, and inspiration to spark stories.

Lesson Four | Working with products in Project Life®.

  • A couple things to note: For the last six years I've shared all many of my Project Life® spreads on my blog. Content included in this workshop will come from my experience all those past years.
  • As always, the content in the workshop will be my take on this style of memory keeping (weekly Project Life® spreads). We might not have lives the look even remotely similar but the content is more about embracing and documenting your own story vs. me telling you to do it my way.
  • The content in this workshop will be different from Storytelling With December Daily® even though it follows a similar structure. Some ideas may overlap, because, well, it's all about storytelling - but this workshop is completely focused on the Project Life® approach and style.   

Project Life® is a registered trademark of Becky Higgins LLC and is used with permission.

What Comes With This Class?

  • Full color PDF handouts
  • Keynote presentations & live video content 
  • Message Board for communicating with others  
  • Gallery for sharing  
  • Digital journal cards + stamp set (PNG files)

Recommended Supplies

  • A willingness to look back & ahead
  • Enthusiasm for the story-aspect of this project 
  • Basic Project Life® supplies (a list of my favorites will be included in the classroom)
  • Previously when this class was available we also offered an optional physical kit as a separate purchase - we are not offering the kit this time but we do have the stamp set from that kit available for purchase here
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