1. Project Life® 2017 | Week Seven

    Welcome to Project Life® 2017 | Week 07. I'm heading out on vacation today and leaving behind the grey of Oregon and heading to the blue skies of Mexico for some rest + relaxation + three nights of Dave Matthews on the beach. My documentation plan is to just add images to Project Life® this time and I'll share that once we... Read More

  2. Project Life® 2017 | Week Six

    So far, so good with making Project Life® a priority this year. My Storytelling With Project Life® workshop started this week and there's still time to jump in if you are looking at taking a deeper dive into the ways you tell stories within this style of memory keeping. This week's content takes a look back at all my past alb... Read More

  3. Project Life® 2017 | Week Five

    Project Life® 2017 | Week Five

    Happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a look at my Week Five for Project Life® 2017.  Before diving into my stories for this week I wanted to remind you that registration is now open again for my popular Storytelling With Project Life® workshop which begins on Tuesday, February 14th. Four weeks of in-depth story-centered... Read More

  4. Project Life® 2017 | Week Four

    Project Life® 2017 | Week Four

    Today I'm sharing my Project Life® spread for Week 04 of 2017. As I've worked through my stories over the last few weeks I've definitely been aware of the fact that I historically start off strong with this project and then other projects, work, life, travel get in the way of the getting this done. It's a thing. I'm hopeful a... Read More

  5. Project Life® 2017 | Week Two

    Project Life® 2017 | Week Two

    Welcome to Project Life® 2017 | Week Two. Where's Week One? I included an overview of my Week One in the Story Classroom for the Numbers Story Theme. Each month in the classroom I include a Project Life® process video showing how I used products from the Story Kit™ to tell a weekly story in my album (sometimes it's a current ... Read More

  6. Project Life® 2017 | Title Page

    Project Life® 2017 | Title Page

    I'm back at Project Life® again for 2017. In 2016 I completed spreads for January through April + 11 more weeks from May through December. Many of those spreads were shared in the Story Kit™ and other classrooms throughout the year. Three rounds of Day In The Life™ were also added to my albums. I really liked adding m... Read More

  7. Establishing Your Own "Enough" In Memory Keeping

    Establishing Your Own "Enough" In Memory Keeping

    One of the discussions that has come up during recent workshops is the concept of "enough." It's a word that has gained traction over the last few years in conversations and blog posts about how we feel about ourselves with the mantra "I am enough" resonating with so many of us for deep and valid reasons. For some people this... Read More

  8. Project Life® 2016 | Week Nineteen (Week In The Life™)

    Project Life® 2016 | Week Nineteen (Week In The Life™)

    Hey guys! As I enter the busiest time of my working year I have this crazy thing happen where I want to work on all my projects even the ones without deadlines. Hence, a Project Life® spread to share with you. It's been awhile, I know. Thanks for being patient with me through my health issues, merging households, and lots of ... Read More