1. Just The Three Of Us

    Just The Three Of Us

    This past weekend I took the kids to Disneyland. As you know from past posts, I really like Disneyland. And I also really like surprise adventures to Disneyland. So I did it again. I kept it to myself until 3:30am last Frid... Read More

  2. Southern France 2015

    Southern France 2015

    Over the last few years I've developed a tradition of a fall work trip. In past years I've done trips organized by Jim West at Scrapmap/Craft Tours (Italy, Ireland, China, Peru). This year I decided to mix it up and attend an e... Read More

  3. Labor Dave Weekend

    Labor Dave Weekend

    When my parents dropped off my kids today my Dad said, "You didn't post enough photos to Instagram this weekend."  I laughed out loud. My parents love Instagram. They love seeing what we are all up to via that platform.  ... Read More

  4. Family Camping 2015

    Family Camping 2015

    Ah, family camping. I'm a fan of repetition in design as well as in life. Repetition in life is called tradition. Our location is the same (outside Olympia, Washington on some timber land that my brother's company owns) and many of the pe... Read More

  5. Disney World 2015

    Disney World 2015

    I've been to Disney World a few times in my life. Once back in 2006 with Chris and Simon and a few other times when CKU events were held in Orlando. This past week we made the trip again - this time with Aaron, Katie, Simon, Anna and Audrey. Y... Read More

  6. Spring Break RV Adventure 2015

    Spring Break RV Adventure 2015

    As you might remember from some of my previous posts, for Spring Break this year Aaron and I decided to plan a week-long RV adventure with all five of the kids. We survived. We started with grand plans - Utah, Grand Canyon, California - and th... Read More

  7. Bring On The Adventure

    Bring On The Adventure

    Later this month we, these five kids + me + Aaron, are heading out on an adventure in a RV for Spring Break. The photo you see above was our first all-together adventure over two years ago - everyone is quite a bit taller and sm... Read More

  8. Cancun 2014 | Photos & Words

    Cancun 2014 | Photos & Words

    Aaron and I rang in 2015 on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. As many of you know my word for 2015 is give. And as many of you might have read in my reason why post, one of the things I want to work on this year is giving myself a break. ... Read More

  9. Hello Again

    Hello Again

    In the last 15 days I've been on 15 different airplanes.  From Eugene to Portland to Miami to Lima to Iquitos to Cusco to Guayaquil to Baltra (Galapagos Islands) to Bogota to Miami to LA to Eugene&nbs... Read More