1. Hello Again

    Hello Again

    In the last 15 days I've been on 15 different airplanes.  From Eugene to Portland to Miami to Lima to Iquitos to Cusco to Guayaquil to Baltra (Galapagos Islands) to Bogota to Miami to LA to Eugene&nbs... Read More

  2. China 2013 | The Photos, Part One

    China 2013 | The Photos, Part One

    As I get ready to head out on another crazy adventure I've had a few people ask, "Did you ever post about your China trip?"Good question! I didn't. Not because I didn't want to but because, you know, time gets away. First of all, it was a... Read More

  3. Packing For Peru

    Packing For Peru

    In just a little over a week I'll be heading off on another crazy world adventure with Jim West of  Scrapmap and a group of like-minded memory keepers to Peru.  This is the fourth year in a row I've traveled with Jim and a crew ... Read More

  4. Dave Matthews At The Gorge 2014

    Dave Matthews At The Gorge 2014

    When I started putting together this post I thought for sure I'd written a post about our adventures to see  Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater Labor Day weekend 2013.  I didn't find a post but you can check ou... Read More

  5. Summer Adventuring | Part Two

    Summer Adventuring | Part Two

    Part two of the week+ summer adventure happened after the camping trip with my brother.The plan started out pretty simple. Aaron and I had both decided to take the week off work after the camping trip. As we were talking through options about what to do... Read More

  6. Summer Adventuring | Part One

    Summer Adventuring | Part One

    Our whirlwind week+ adventure came to a close last weekend. I took a lot of photos. A lot. And I'm so glad I did. I'm going to break up the adventure into three posts because there were really three separate parts with a cast of characters t... Read More

  7. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    Summer is for adventuring.As soon as I wrote that I thought, life is for adventuring.While Simon and Anna spent time with Chris this weekend, Aaron and I took his three kids over to the coast for a couple of days (outside Newport, Oregon). It's been rea... Read More

  8. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    Aaron and I adventured up to Tacoma, Washington this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of July with my brother and his family and friends.It rocked.Here's a look at our getaway via photos.All photos taken with an iPhone 5. Text word art from my Glorious... Read More

  9. Wake Up Ali. We're Going On An Airplane.

    Wake Up Ali. We're Going On An Airplane.

    "Wake up Ali. We're going on an airplane."That's what I heard as Katie & Peter came walking into my bedroom last Friday morning at about 3:50am.But let me back up.I've known that Katie was up to something for the last week or two. About a month ago ... Read More

  10. Spring Break 2014 | Kauai Photos & Words

    Spring Break 2014 | Kauai Photos & Words

    Written at 8:48am on a Saturday morning (3/22/14) on the island of Kauai: We arrived on Friday afternoon and were greeted by my Aunt Gaye and my Uncle Bill in a traditional lei greeting at the airport. They wanted to do what my Grandma Marie had alwa... Read More

  11. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    Here are some scenes from a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with my sister and a gathering of her East and West coast friends.I love my sister. She's one of the most kind, intelligent, loving and considerate people I know. And we really don't get to see... Read More

  12. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    I spent this past weekend in Vegas with many of the design team members and designers who create products for Designer Digitals. It was a chance for us to come together and share laughter and stories and meet in person.As you can imagine there were many... Read More