1. What Stories Will You Tell?

    What Stories Will You Tell?

    I've been thinking a whole heck of a lot lately about words.It's not really something new, but something that keeps popping up as I work through current projects, plan future ones, and think about what matters most to me. With Week In The Life... Read More

  2. Supply Replenishment No.03

    Supply Replenishment No.03

    When I started getting ready to make a bunch of new layouts for Type I put in an order at  Scrapbook.com for a few new things.  Here's a look at what I spent my money on this time (more vellum please and thank you):&nb... Read More

  3. 7AM and 7PM

    7AM and 7PM

    In this month's Story Subscription classroom I invited everyone to document their 7AM and 7PM on March 10th with a couple photos and some words. Nothing intense, nothing overly involved - simple and easy. Set your timer, snap a photo, jot down... Read More