1. Spark Your Story | Scrapbook & Cards Today Winter 2015

    Spark Your Story | Scrapbook & Cards Today Winter 2015

    The Winter issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine is now available and my article this time is about navigating how to tell your holiday stories in traditional layouts.  Today I'm sharing the full images of my layouts from this article here but invite you to click over and download your ow... Read More

  2. Week In The Life™ 2015 | Getting Ready

    Week In The Life™ 2015 | Getting Ready

    Next Monday I'll be embarking on my annual  Week In The Life™ project. Seven days of daily life documentation. Seven days of photos and stories of my/our life right now. Seven days of content that will be placed into the album above in the coming weeks after focusing on the words and photos next week.&... Read More

  3. What Stories Will You Tell?

    What Stories Will You Tell?

    I've been thinking a whole heck of a lot lately about words.It's not really something new, but something that keeps popping up as I work through current projects, plan future ones, and think about what matters most to me. With Week In The Life™ coming up in the next couple of weeks I thought this would be a go... Read More

  4. Supply Replenishment No.03

    Supply Replenishment No.03

    When I started getting ready to make a bunch of new layouts for Type I put in an order at  Scrapbook.com for a few new things.  Here's a look at what I spent my money on this time (more vellum please and thank you): AE Supply Replenishment 03 from Ali Edwards on Vimeo. Here's a list o... Read More

  5. 7AM and 7PM

    7AM and 7PM

    In this month's Story Subscription classroom I invited everyone to document their 7AM and 7PM on March 10th with a couple photos and some words. Nothing intense, nothing overly involved - simple and easy. Set your timer, snap a photo, jot down a few words. Real life my friends. At 7AM I was already working in m... Read More