1. Hybrid | New Workshop Registration Now Open

    Hybrid | New Workshop Registration Now Open

    I'm excited to introduce you to my new 4-week workshop: Hybrid.  Most simply, hybrid memory keeping pairs printed digital products such embellishments, brushes + layered templates from your computer with traditional scrapbooking products. Over the four weeks I'll walk you through my favor... Read More

  2. Entry Points & Participation

    Entry Points & Participation

    On the backend of this website, along with the shop products and photos and galleries and classrooms, is a place where blog posts are started and saved. Some make it to the light of day and others never do. Some are stories about my life or my kids or memory keeping topics I think you might enjoy. Right now there are ... Read More

  3. Story Kit™ & Story Stamp™ | Me

    Story Kit™ & Story Stamp™ | Me

    Today I'm excited to introduce you to the next story theme: Me. Join me this month as we put ourselves first and get ourselves into the story.  If you are already a subscriber to you can now access the content in the classroom (make sure you are logged in to your account). If you are new to the Story Sub... Read More

  4. September Digital Release

    September Digital Release

    Happy September! In February we announced that we were changing up the way we release digital products from weekly to monthly. This month we are releasing 6 brand new products including the digital versions of the Just Thankful, Baby, Friends, Seasons and Birthday stamp sets we have in the shop. In addition, the digital... Read More

  5. Health Update & Listen To Your Body

    Health Update & Listen To Your Body

    I had planned to be sharing photos of my trip to Bali with you these last few days but I ended up having a crazy health scare with deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in my leg) and pulmonary embolisms (blood clots on the lungs) that landed me in the hospital last weekend. I've been sharing some of the stor... Read More

  6. Around Here

    Around Here

    I was on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast earlier this week (talking about documenting mental health issues) and during the discussion I talked about how much I valued my Around Here posts - the ones that capture a combination of facts and feelings about what's happening in my home and my head and my h... Read More