1. Just The Three Of Us

    Just The Three Of Us

    This past weekend I took the kids to Disneyland. As you know from past posts, I really like Disneyland. And I also really like surprise adventures to Disneyland. So I did it again. I kept it to myself until 3:30am last Frid... Read More

  2. Project Life® 2016 | Week Three

    Project Life® 2016 | Week Three

    Happy Monday and welcome to Project Life® 2016 | Week Three.  I love this. I love this. I love this.  That's all.  One more friendly reminder that my Storytelling With Project Life® workshop starts tomorrow. Ple... Read More

  3. Project Life® 2016 | Week Two

    Project Life® 2016 | Week Two

    Welcome to Project Life® 2016 | Week Two. Just a heads up that my online Storytelling With Project Life® workshop begins next Tuesday - February 2nd (registration will close on February 9th). I've been spending a lot of time ... Read More

  4. Full Circle

    Full Circle

    Sometimes you go away from something for a long time, and then, all of a sudden (or maybe not so suddenly), you are back. On Sunday I went skiing with Aaron for the first time in probably 15 years.  It was so, so fun. As a kid my parents ... Read More

  5. Project Life® 2016 | Week One

    Project Life® 2016 | Week One

    Say hello to Project Life® 2016 | Week One. You guys will be so proud of me (I'm proud of me) because I actually already have Week Two done and will share it here soon. Also just a reminder that registration is now open for my S... Read More

  6. Simon At 14

    Simon At 14

    Yesterday Simon turned 14. I started to write up a post about him and me and us and this life and then I started going through all the photos. Oh the photos. Today I'd just like to celebrate him via some of those photos. 200420062007... Read More

  7. Love This | Scrapbook Layout

    Love This | Scrapbook Layout

    When I was putting together the classroom content for the Heart Story Kit™ this month one of the story ideas that came up was "hearts pounding." In the presentation I shared this photo from one of our Disneyland rides and said that ... Read More

  8. Join Me At Inspired Retreat

    Join Me At Inspired Retreat

    I'm excited to let you guys know that I'll be speaking at and attending Amber Housley's Inspired Retreat this May.  Are you a creative woman entrepreneur (or dreaming of becoming one) looking to learn and connect with others in... Read More