1. Health Update & Listen To Your Body

    Health Update & Listen To Your Body

    I had planned to be sharing photos of my trip to Bali with you these last few days but I ended up having a crazy health scare with deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in my leg) and pulmonary embolisms (blood clots on the lungs) that landed me in the hospital last weekend. I've been sharing some of the stor... Read More

  2. Around Here

    Around Here

    I was on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast earlier this week (talking about documenting mental health issues) and during the discussion I talked about how much I valued my Around Here posts - the ones that capture a combination of facts and feelings about what's happening in my home and my head and my h... Read More

  3. August Digital Release

    August Digital Release

    Happy August! In February we announced that we were changing up the way we release digital products from weekly to monthly. This month we are releasing 6 brand new products including the digital versions of the Beach and Celebrate stamp sets we have in the shop. In addition, we have made the digital word art files and decor... Read More

  4. Day In The Life™ | July 2016

    Day In The Life™ | July 2016

    This past Saturday I documented my day by taking a photo and doing a bit of journaling each hour for  Day In The Life™. Today I'm sharing how I brought those photos and words together using Project Life® Design F page protectors (I'm adding these into my Project Life® album).  First... Read More

  5. The Next Chapter

    The Next Chapter

    Sometimes when I tell the story of my life I talk about how at one point, before getting into memory keeping and before having any kids, I envisioned that I was on a path to being a stay-at-home-mom and having five kids while my husband worked to support our family.   Life has a funny way of mak... Read More

  6. Day In The Life™ This Saturday July 30th

    Day In The Life™ This Saturday July 30th

    Hey friends! Just a friendly reminder that I'll be embarking on my second Day In The Life™ project for 2016 this Saturday, July 30th.  For my documentation this time I'll be using this kit that includes 24, 3x4 cards (also available digitally here) + a sticker sheet + epoxy circles + fun... Read More

  7. 31 More Things Now Available As A Self-Paced Workshop

    31 More Things Now Available As A Self-Paced Workshop

    Happy Monday!  Just a heads up that my popular 31 More Things workshop is now available again as a self-paced class. This workshop includes a collection of 31 prompts, presented in 31 lessons, that invite you to tell stories about your life via a single word as a jumping off point. Emphasis in this cl... Read More

  8. Project Life® 2016 | Week Seventeen & Transition Page

    Project Life® 2016 | Week Seventeen & Transition Page

    Today I'm sharing my Week Seventeen which signals the end of my first album for 2016.  I split my Project Life® years into 3, 4-month albums - so January through April, May through August, and September through December. For some people that might be way too much (too many albums) but for me this set up continues... Read More