1. China 2013 | The Photos, Part One

    China 2013 | The Photos, Part One

    As I get ready to head out on another crazy adventure I've had a few people ask, "Did you ever post about your China trip?"Good question! I didn't. Not because I didn't want to but because, you know, time gets away. First of all, it was a... Read More

  2. What's Real Right Now

    What's Real Right Now

    Here's a look at what's real around here right now: 1. I set my alarm for 5am this morning to get up early and get some stuff done before getting the kids up for school. I pushed the snooze button 8 times and ended up getting up after 6am. Waking u... Read More

  3. Packing For Peru

    Packing For Peru

    In just a little over a week I'll be heading off on another crazy world adventure with Jim West of  Scrapmap and a group of like-minded memory keepers to Peru.  This is the fourth year in a row I've traveled with Jim and a crew ... Read More

  4. Rounded Or Square?

    Rounded Or Square?

    I haven't had a ton of time to catch up (no guilt about this) on Project Life® recently but I did print out a bunch of photos from some of our adventures last week. I've been trying to print them out at the same time as I edit the photos for m... Read More

  5. The Back To School Stories

    The Back To School Stories

    As I was eating lunch today I was thinking about how smooth back to school was for my kids this year. Almost too smooth - like when is it going to be tough? It obviously hasn't always been this way. There've been tears and frustrations an... Read More

  6. Sometimes & Thankful Thoughts

    Sometimes & Thankful Thoughts

    On Friday night I posted a photo of myself with the following words on Instagram: Sometimes I have a hard time adjusting to new routines. Sometimes I'm much too much in my head. Sometimes my list feels like it's going to swallow me whole. Someti... Read More

  7. Dave Matthews At The Gorge 2014

    Dave Matthews At The Gorge 2014

    When I started putting together this post I thought for sure I'd written a post about our adventures to see  Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater Labor Day weekend 2013.  I didn't find a post but you can check ou... Read More

  8. New Digital Products Now Available

    New Digital Products Now Available

    Hey guys! I'm excited to let you know that you can now purchase new digital products from me here at aliedwards.com.  I'll be keeping a schedule similar to what I had in the past with new digital product uploads happening&nbs... Read More