1. For The Love Of Books | Reading Updates

    For The Love Of Books | Reading Updates

    Are you guys one-book-at-a-time readers? Right now I've got multiple books going and sometimes I think that's a good thing (nice to have choices based on mood, time available, etc) and other times it feels like I just lack commitment.Either way, one of ... Read More

  2. The Delicious Truth About Getting Older PDF

    The Delicious Truth About Getting Older PDF

    A few weeks ago I participated in a writing collective led by Susannah Conway on the top of celebrating getting older. You can read my individual post here: What I Like About Getting Older. Susannah compiled all those posts together into a lovely and... Read More

  3. Personalized Stationery From Minted

    Personalized Stationery From Minted

    Ah, correspondence. My Mom is the best at letter writing. Often it's a thank you note but many times it's also just a hello, how's it going or thinking of you message. It's thoughtful and kind and personal and I've kept many of them over the years.... Read More

  4. What I Like About Getting Older

    What I Like About Getting Older

    My friend Susannah Conway invited me to participate in a little 41st birthday celebration she's hosting today. The topic: The (delicious) truth about getting older. In her email she said, "I'm hungry to see positive stories on aging." Amen. She wro... Read More

  5. The Art Of Living By Leo Babauta

    The Art Of Living By Leo Babauta

    Today I wanted to share a post written by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net called My Pursuit of the Art of Living. This is one of my favorite things I read this past year and it resonates with me on so many levels. I too believe that life itself is an art... Read More

  6. AE | Fab Picks For Fall

    AE | Fab Picks For Fall

    Fall is awesome here in the Pacific Northwest. We get a full change of seasons that includes brisk mornings and some sunshine mixed with wind and rain and an amazing collection of colorful leaves. As we settle in to the routines of two new schools a... Read More

  7. The Way I Start My Day | Favorite Morning Reads

    The Way I Start My Day | Favorite Morning Reads

    I like to start my day reading something positive and uplifting. Below I've compiled a list of the things I read most weekday mornings. They all come to my inbox (and I'm pretty picky about what I invite in there) - some are newsletters, some are blo... Read More

  8. The Shapes Of Stories

    The Shapes Of Stories

    I came across this infographic on Pinterest last weekend. So cool and totally got my mind going in terms of the shape of my own story. Click here to go to the source and to see a larger version. Read More

  9. Books About Writing

    Books About Writing

    On the message board for Hello Story someone asked for a list of some of my favorite books about writing and writing our stories. I wanted to share that here as well. Here's a few that I have loved over the years and have come back to again and again... Read More

  10. On My Nightstand

    On My Nightstand

    Some of you might have noticed to note-to-self I included in Project Life 2013 | Week Five about reading more. I go through phases where I'm completely immersed in reading and others where the last thing in the world I want to do at the end of the day... Read More