1. Simon At 14

    Simon At 14

    Yesterday Simon turned 14. I started to write up a post about him and me and us and this life and then I started going through all the photos. Oh the photos. Today I'd just like to celebrate him via some of those photos. 200420062007200820092010201120122013201420152016Happy Birthday Simon. You are so very ... Read More

  2. Hello Beginning

    Hello Beginning

    When Simon finished his first horse session at RideAble today he asked me this question, "Do you think this will be a powerful memory?""Of course it will be." I answered as I helped him change out of his boots and back into his tennis shoes. "Will it protect me when I encounter Dementors?"Ah, a very specific&nb... Read More

  3. 13


    Last week, Simon turned 13.  THIRTEEN. For real.  This kid.  I've been sharing his stories in this space since he was 2 years old. I've shared stories of challenges and stories of successes because that's what it's all about isn't it?  Celebrating all of it: lessons lea... Read More

  4. The Back To School Stories

    The Back To School Stories

    As I was eating lunch today I was thinking about how smooth back to school was for my kids this year. Almost too smooth - like when is it going to be tough? It obviously hasn't always been this way. There've been tears and frustrations and conflict and really rough transitions, especially for Simon. So far... Read More

  5. Goodbye Kids, Hello Holiday Helper

    Goodbye Kids, Hello Holiday Helper

    NOTE BEFORE READING | This post includes holiday spoilers for kids.  A couple weeks ago (before Easter) Chris had "the talk" with Simon about some of the ways of the world related to the holidays. We had decided together it was time for him to hear it from us vs. from kids at school (whether well or ill intentioned). The... Read More

  6. Rad | Traditional Scrapbook Layout

    Rad | Traditional Scrapbook Layout

    Last week Chris and I attended Simon's IEP / 3-year eligibility meeting at his middle school. For those of you that don't know an IEP is an Individualized Education Program mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Essentially, "the IEP describes how the student learns, how the student best demons... Read More

  7. The 12th Birthday Surprise

    The 12th Birthday Surprise

    On January 21st we celebrated Simon's 12th birthday with a small family gathering and the next morning I woke him up at 3:30am and told him we were heading to Disneyland. Obviously we don't go this big every year for birthdays. It was a last minute decision (well, a least a week before decision). A decision to do somethin... Read More

  8. 10 Things Right Now | Simon

    10 Things Right Now | Simon

    1. You are two months into 6th grade and you seem to be enjoying the adventure. 2. For school day breakfast you like to have either a bagel & cream cheese or a slice of toast & butter and a glass of OJ. 3. You are taking swimming lessons two nights a week in a class for middle school kids. Your class is held in th... Read More

  9. 10 Questions For Simon

    10 Questions For Simon

    1. What is your favorite thing right now? Being home from school with Mom and Katie. 2. You seem to be really into Batman right now. What do you love about him? He has a Bat-a-rang, which is like Boomerang. 3. How do you feel about going to Middle School in September? Pretty Excited. I learned how to use a combination loc... Read More

  10. Simon's 5th Grade Promotion

    Simon's 5th Grade Promotion

    On Monday Simon finished 5th grade. Go Simon go! Around here that means he's done with Elementary School and will transition to Middle School in the Fall. Talk about a range of emotions. So proud. So thankful for his teachers and aides. So excited for what's next for him mixed with a little bit of fear (that totally natu... Read More

  11. Stuff He's Saying | Stuff She's Saying

    Stuff He's Saying | Stuff She's Saying

    He's saying (age 11, end of 5th grade): Dude. What's going on Mom? What's up? This is awkward. I wish I had a bat cave. Hey. I love you Mom. She's saying (age 4): Somebody snuggle with me. I want to watch something. Who cares? Simon. Simon. Simon. Oh my gosh. (said very slowly and emphatically) Shakin my booty... Read More

  12. Simon Edwards You're Our Only Hope

    Simon Edwards You're Our Only Hope

    I was picking up and putting away last night when I opened this little red notebook of Simon's and found this story. I don't know when he wrote it but man it's a good one - a little bit Star Wars, a little bit Spider Man, a little bit ninja and all Simon Edwards. And I have no idea where the "Alvin's hot juice box" comes ... Read More