10 Things Right Now | Simon


1. You are two months into 6th grade and you seem to be enjoying the adventure.

2. For school day breakfast you like to have either a bagel & cream cheese or a slice of toast & butter and a glass of OJ.

3. You are taking swimming lessons two nights a week in a class for middle school kids. Your class is held in the diving pool and your class consists of working on different strokes and drills from one end to the other. There have been a few issues with too much joking around (and in your case we totally know that means you think the teacher is cool) but overall you are getting a ton of exercise and your swimming strokes are looking stronger each week. Backstroke seems to be your favorite and I love, love, love watching you go from one end to the other.

4. You eat pizza from the cafeteria pretty much every day at lunch.

5. We got your first progress report for your grades in science and you have an A and we are super proud of you!

6. You are really into Garfield (the cat comic). Last week you checked out the comic book from the school library. Each morning at breakfast I find the comic section from the newspaper and pass it over to you so you can read Garfield and Classic Peanuts.

7. You already have your Halloween costume for this year. A Jedi of course (it was time for a larger size).

8. You are getting so tall.

9. You are a pretty big fan of the holiday season and you're getting excited for stuffing and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving most specifically.

10. You have a wonderfully kind tender heart and I'm so glad you are my son.

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