10 Things Right Now | Anna


1. You are in your first year (Pre-K) at a local Catholic School and you are a sponge for information.

2. You wear a uniform to school and your favorite thing to wear is the jumper/dress in either the plaid or khaki.

3. You like to help pack your daily snack and a couple days ago you let me know not to include anything with peanuts because there's a girl you like to sit next to who has a peanut allergy and if you have anything with peanuts in your bag you can't sit by her. For lunch you seem happy to eat the schools hot lunch. I loved the other day when I picked you up and you waved to your friends out the window as we drove away.

4. You would rather not wear socks. Even when it's cold.

5. Every day when we pick you up you immediately want to unload your backpack and show us anything and everything that might have come home with you that day. We usually have a snack for you as there's a little bit of waiting time between when you get picked up an when Simon is done with school.

6. You're taking swimming lessons a couple nights a week. You'd also like to be doing ballet, gymnastics and soccer.

7. You are still so very mighty. You've got opinions and thoughts on the way things should go. I'm working on finding positive ways to nurture those strengths.

8. Around the house your favorite things to play with still include barbies and any other dolls/people. You are awesome at pretend play. You like it quite a bit whenever Katie or I can play school with you on the hopscotch rug in the living room. You are social and like it very much when others play with you.

9. Before bed you've been wanting to do a little coloring or hear a story or look at books. You often turn off your own light now. You still ask to sleep in my bed just about every night.

10. You keep changing your mind about what you'd like to be for Halloween. I've heard mermaid and butterfly most often.

MEMORY KEEPING TIP | This simple exercise of taking 10-15 minutes to jot down a list of what's happening with your child, your parents, a friend, or yourself is such an easy way to document right now.

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