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Travel Mini-Class | Travelers Notebook

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Jill will be using the Traveler's Notebook to document a recent trip to Hawaii. She will show us how she prepped the notebook before the trip, what supplies she brought on her trip along with the notebook, how she used the notebook to inspire her photos, her tips for choosing her photos and arranging them in the notebook before even getting home, and how she brought it all together with photos and simple embellishments the week after she got home. You'll be amazed at how many photos she fits in her notebook while keeping it from getting too bulky!

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Class taught by: Jill Drangsholt

What you'll learn

Tips, tricks, and inspiration for working in a traveler's notebook. While Jill's project will be a travel album, the lessons she covers will apply to any traveler's notebook project you are working on. A few specifics include:

  • Tips for working in a traveler's notebook, including Jill's recommended supplies to help it from getting too bulky. 
  • Ways to create interactive pages and different page shapes using the pages already in the notebook. 
  • Tips for getting a headstart on your project while still on your trip.
  • How to bring your project together quickly when you return from your trip.

What you'll get

Jill will walk you through her process and share what worked for her along the way with written content, images, and process videos.

What you'll need

A notebook, photos, and a few of your favorite embellishments for telling your travel stories or any other project you want to give a home in a notebook. If you are new to notebook scrapbooking, leave behind your fears of them getting bulky too quickly as Jill guides you in how to fill one with all your memories without breaking your binding.

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