Christmas Project #1: In Progress

On Saturday I had a chance to start working on one of my holiday projects while hanging out at Scrapbook Fever in Salem. This one, a Night Before Christmas card spinner, was a great one to work on during a crop because I only had to focus on one small area at a time. I am about half way done...

So what in the heck is it? The base is an Altered Trading Card holder from 7gypsies that you can find here. I used these cards and decorated the front and back of each one with some of my Christmas supply stash (a little bit of this + a little bit of that) and adhered a line or two from Twas the Night Before Christmas (googled it and printed out this one).

Here's a close up look at the ones I have completed so far (font for poem is Adler):

In addition to the cards I added in some transparent pages that I just cut to size.

Played around with red embossing glitter.

Fun project - totally something that you could work on bit by bit as we get closer to the holiday season. It's also a great way to play with all those little pieces of stuff in your holiday stash or your scrap box. I will show more samples as I finish it up.

Can't wait to have it completed and put it up with the rest of my holiday decorations right after Thanksgiving. Merry. Merry.

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