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November 11, 2007

Christmas Project #4 : Word Cards

I picked up these cards from Paper Source awhile back when I began collecting things to use for holiday decorating. You could easily make these at home (they are 2 inches x 4 inches) and add them to a tree or wreath. I put small silver eyelets in each one with my crop-a-dile and hung them with small green ornament hooks.

Simon was all over these last night asking, “what’s this word?” He took them all down and then put them all back up a couple of times. The one he knows by sight and heart already: joy.

And yes, I put up one of the trees already.  It’s crazy, I know, but it sure is fun.

My plan is to have one fake tree in each of the following spaces: our bedroom, Simon’s bedroom, and the dining room (that’s where this one is). I am slowly but surely putting things out, trekking back and forth to the garage, rediscovering stuff in my bins, thinking + planning.

Simon and I have also been checking out local Goodwill’s seeing what cool holiday stuff we can find: ornaments, fake trees, pictures of santas + holiday scenes that I am framing and putting up around the house. I found this old chalkboard there the other day and am thinking of different ways it can be used – right now it is on the porch next to the container of rosehips.

Creating Keepsakes has a new special issue out called 101 Hip, Handmade Gifts by Nicole LaRue. Tons of cool ideas inside. She also had some really great tags featured in the December issue – I am looking to make something along these lines for our gifts (love the simplicity of type + the idea to use elastic rather than ribbon):

And finally, a simple word of thanks today as we celebrate Veteran’s Day here in America. Thank you to those who serve, who have served, and to the families who support those who serve.


  • 1.
    Lisa said…

    That’s nice, I like the little card idea. There’s alot you could do with that.

  • 2.
    gabbe said…

    The little cards are so simple and beautiful!
    is your dining room tree a large one? would love to see more pictures of it.
    I too started getting bins and boxes out of the garage- what a happy feeling to open up the bins and begin to pull out our holiday treasures!
    I love this early burst of the Christmas spirit that YOU are directly responsible for spreading in our household- it’s just wonderful. Thank you so much!

  • 3.
    Aleida Franklin said…

    I just love your blog Ali. I get all sorts of inspiration. Thank you.

  • 4.
    Ruthie said…

    I love the fact that you are starting so early and getting excited. Me too. I am halfway through my 7 Gypsies spinner in BG Figgy Pudding and will probably start decorating the house before Thanksgiving. The idea of letting the decorating and thankfulness and magic of the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas blend together is great. I’ll be making Christmas decorations today… have you tried liquid glue on some chipboard you don’t care the color of, then add glitter then add lots of Glossy Accent on top? It looks cool!

  • 5.
    Jennifer said…

    I’ve used the Paper Source words on my little tree for the last two years because I love it so much. Simple and sweet. Bravo to you for being so on top of things! Enjoy!

  • 6.
    Michelle B said…

    great ideas Ali! One question…are you making some of your gifts this year? If so can you share??

  • 7.
    Bec said…

    Thanks for remembering us.
    Loving all the Christmas and Holiday things you are posting.
    Proud Vet of the USAF Nurse Corps

  • 8.
    Angi Smith said…

    How very special is it that Simon’s first word to recognize on his own is JOY? He is such a joy to watch on his journey through your eyes.

  • 9.
    Elizabeth said…

    i’m so glad i’m not the only one who puts up a tree as soon as possible. and i love the word card idea. now that i’m on bedrest though, i don’t know if i’ll be able to much decorating at all this season and THAT is almost worse than just laying here staring at the ceiling!

  • 10.
    jenn said…

    cards are awesome! I want my tree up this week ;) so no your not crazy! lol

  • 11.
    Melissa LaFavers said…

    Dude, it is so not crazy to start celebrating by putting up your trees early. I think it’s cool, and it’s you, what you’re feeling right now. I say, go with it. No apologies. Hey, that’s what you’d tell us, am I wrong? : )

  • 12.
    Pam said…

    You have really gotten me into the mood of creating some holiday fun!
    This weekend I made a fun christmas collage picture using your idea from last year. I was sorta stressing about finding the “right” tree to go into one of the little squares—-then—
    I could just hear you in my head saying “Go with it–make it fun, don’t get all bent out of shape over one little tree!”
    Thank you ,Alie,for your great ideas and for reminding us to enjoy the process!

  • 13.
    Pam said…

    oops–sorry I misspelled your name!

  • 14.
    mary said…

    so love your holiday spirit – you’ve inspired me to put up my tree in November and my girls are amazed (and thankful)! thank you so much for the glimpse into your life and the constant inspiration!

  • 15.
    bruinbr said…

    i love that you have multiple trees (& that one is already decorated and up!) love your holiday spirit!

  • 16.
    Teresa said…

    I love the idea with the words!!!

  • 17.
    kaylea said…

    Fabulous idea! I love it….
    I may not be able to put everything up in my new apartment because it’s so small…..but I could put my tiny tree up, with word cards and glitter!
    Yea! Great idea
    I’m going to use your advent idea with the students at church….
    Thanks Ali!

  • 18.
    Care said…

    You are getting me all excited!! With school finals, work busy season, and Vietnam trip, I have already conceded that I cannot go “all out” this holiday season — i.e., drag out the ten foot tree, etc! But this has reinforced that I can do a few simple, special, meaningful things! Love ya -

  • 19.
    Jennifer said…

    Everything looks so beautiful.
    My daughter has had a small Christmas tree in her room for the last several years. It’s a small artifical one, but she chooses the decorations for it and puts it where ever she wants. Last year we hit the jackpot and she found a tree, ornaments and star for the top in the One Spot at our local Target.
    And every year on Christmas Eve, after she’s gone to bed, “Santa” sneaks into her room and leaves her one gift under her tree to open by herself while she is in bed. That makes it fun and special for her.

  • 20.

    You are such an inspiring person. Thank you for blogging so frequently. I thought it was about time I leave a comment. I really like your advent boxes. When I have children I would love to do that for them. Have a great day!

  • 21.
    Terri Paulson-Sasaki said…

    I love Christmas. I have a tree in every room of the house. Each of my 4 boys had their own tree and now the grandaughters have theirs. The kids trees are on timers, so when they would go to sleep the lights were still on. Only, 1 left at home now and he has 2 trees all to himself. I put up 15 trees each year. Love it. Thanks for all the great ideas, I can’t wait to get started. Keep the ideas coming.

  • 22.
    Jodie Winters said…

    Hey Ali,
    Love the word cards-so simple and yet so effective, Im so excited you have a tree up! I don’t feel so crazy now! I completed all mine yesterday, I have three smallish tree’s, about 4 foot tall, and all my decorations are up, but will wait a little longer for our main tree. I encourage everyone to do it-It really creates lots of excitement, and we get to enjoy it all for a little longer without rushing through Christmas, the new year will come soon enough, lets make the most of the rest of the year we have, I promise everyone they will have a much more relaxed Christmas if they decorate now!

  • 23.
    Jane Schneider said…

    Ali – right now you are like an inspiration explosion or hurricane – inspiration with great magnitude and power. I sure hope some of it lands on me soon. I’ll keep looking – it all is so beautiful.

  • 24.
    Lanne said…

    Ali – Loving the idea of words in an advent calendar.. we are implementing this one!
    Last year the lady at our fav educational toy store was telling me that elves decorate her house… her family put all of their decorations in a basket, and place at the front door with a letter for santa. The elves come and decorate whilst everyone is asleep and take santas letters back with them. This has added a whole new depth of magic to our christmas. (and they elves happily decorate ;)

  • 25.
    Mama Karen said…

    I love that you have your tree up. My favorite part of CHristmas is our family advent dinner. Before everyone gets busy, we decorate the whole house ( yes, multiple trees) and have a candlelight dinner on the first Sunday of Advent. We celebrate the true spirit of the seaon and our family, and it is so not materialistic, just loving.

  • 26.
    Anita Eakins said…

    Thank you for the appreciation you expressed for our military on this Veteran’s Day. As the mother of a soldier, a sailor and a Marine, this is much appreciated.

  • 27.
    M. McKenzie said…

    Ali–your holiday spirit is infectious! Each time I check in to see what you’ve created, I get a little more excited for the holidays myself! I have always been a person who wished the Christmas season could last longer–I LOVE (!) the way you’re stretching it out by having it come just a bit early!!

  • 28.
    Kirsty Colquhoun said…

    Just wanted to thank you for giving so much to us on your blog, it is so inspiring both in life and in craft. Please know how grateful and inspired I am .. its never too early to be excited by the holiday season!

  • 29.
    Amy said…

    My daughter’s middle name is Joy…love that word too! J-O-and Y are always the letters I look for in piles of alphabet fun!
    At Goodwill, look for the misc. bags of “junk” in the Christmas area. Last week I got tons of vintage ornaments in a bag and they “tossed in” about 5 Hermafix refills! GO FIGURE!!! In their orginal boxes. Original Hermafix before EK came along and screwed it up!!!!!! LOL….

  • 30.
    anne - paris, fr said…

    Merry Christmas, Ali! the simplicity of your Christmas decorations never ceased to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

  • 31.
    Robin said…

    Ali! Seriously, would you stop!? You are putting a girl to shame! :)
    Beautiful stuff, gorgeous ideas..
    as always!

  • 32.
    Marsha Walters said…

    The words are just right. What font and size did you use on the 2×4 cards?

  • 33.

    what a fun, novel idea! thanks for the inspiration, Ali!

  • 34.
    suetreiber said…

    as much as you inspire me, and as much as I love all the holiday cheer you are spreading, I refuse to start decorating yet! :)
    Love the rosehips and wreaths. They are yummy.

  • 35.
    Julie B said…

    Let me tell you…I was NOT at all in the holiday mood. But looking at your posts the last few days has changed that! I have all kinds of ideas and can’t wait to get out my Christmas stuff!! I may even turn on some Christmas music this evening!
    I read your blog just about every day and you never cease to inspire me! Thanks!!!

  • 36.
    Bev said…

    I am jealous of your basket of rose hips! I just saw a pic of a wreath of just grapvines and rose hips and it looked so lovely and festive!!
    As the mom of a Marine who just recently informed me he is now a Veteran of a Foreign War..(try that one on when your son is only 22!!) thank you for remembering all of us! Even though it may our boys (or girls) who serve, a mom’s heart follows them all the way to war and back.

  • 37.
    Lee said…

    Love your “new” chalkboard! My mom has one that hangs in the little hall between the living room and office, with a bucket of chalk nearby for drawing. Before Halloween, we all took turns drawing little bits and pieces (bat, pumpkin, etc.)…a long-term, family-style art project, if you will, with no official end or plan. Now that Halloween is passed, those drawings were erased, and we’ve started drawing Thanksgiving and Christmas bits. It’s a fun way to be creative as a joint effort. =)

  • 38.
    jodii geddes said…

    i have my tree up too Ali and it is fun i love xmas so the longer i get to appreciate my tree the better. love the idea of the word cards

  • 39.
    Amy Hummel said…

    I have a tree up too… so don’t feel too bad!

  • 40.
    Kelly said…

    Hi Ali,
    Love the word cards and the Advent calendar. I was in Pottery Barn last week and in their office section they had a box of clothespins that read “to do”, “file”, etc. so I came home and lifted the idea for Christmas. I used stamps and rub-ons to do Christmas words. I did most of them vertically, but Pottery Barn’s were horizontal. They look really cute, took just minutes and could be used as card hangers, ornaments or put with some twine and used to hang up kids Christmas art work. Also fun for our kids on the spectrum to work on fine motor. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • 41.
    Danielle said…

    I love that you are so ready for Christmas! I am enjoying all of your fun ideas! The words are such a beautiful idea! Thanks for the tips!!

  • 42.
    Ann said…

    Isn’t Goodwill cool to browse through?
    I love your simplistic style, Ali. It reminds me of one of my favorite designers on Etsy…Elle. If you haven’t seen her stuff you’re missing out!
    And it’s totally not too early for Christmas trees!

  • 43.
    womans health said…

    Its snowing outside as I am writing this message and we already have some of our decorations up. Wish you could all be here to see the wonder of the snow on the trees:-))

  • 44.
    Beth said…

    Hi Ali! I’m loving all of your Christmas projects. Thanks so much for sharing. I found a fun project to do…and my kids loved it too. I posted about it on my blog. Check it out, these ornaments were easy and quick and I used ribbon from my stash.
    Have a great day!

  • 45.
    Christina said…

    Those trees are so very cute! And I love the simplicity of just buttons and pins. The advent calendar will also be on my to do list for the holidays. Thanks for the ideas and great photos.

  • 46.
    The Writer Mama said…

    Oh my gosh, you are going all out, girl!
    We’re doing the opposite, since we are traveling this year for Xmas and T-day.
    Just think how NEW all the decorations will seem next year!

  • 47.

    Thank you.

  • 48.
    Carolyn said…

    Love the christmas trees in project # 5! Just a thought for your chalkboard – My mom picked up a chalk board at Value Village (a type of thrift store here in Canada) and it has a snowman attached with a blank and the worlds days until Christmas where my niece can fill it in to count the days (or sleeps in her case) until Christmas, it hangs in our kitchen and she loves it!

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