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October 23, 2008

Halloween MiniBook 2007


[ all product information listed below ]

This is a Halloween minibook for 2007 that I began last year. Some of you may remember the cover which was used as a demo on working with beads and glaze for Method Playground. You can read the step-by-step here.   

As many of you know, I don't scrapbook in any specific order. I don't feel like I need to finish up Halloween before I can do Christmas, etc. I am more interested in being inspired by the story or the photos and feeling motivation to be creative. There's no guilt, just a nice list of projects I want to do when I have a chance (and when inspiration strikes).

If you are into minibooks or looking for more concepts and ideas to
inspire you definitely take some time to check out my latest book: Sharing Your Story.

First step in the process for this minibook is to assess the photos. I had a ton from last year and I had no plans to include them all in this minibook. I went through all of them (all printed 4×6 with white border at and figured out some general categories/stories I wanted to make sure I included.


I separated the photos into the story categories and jotted down my list. Stories/topics included house decorating/pumpkins, trying on costumes, deciding on being a vampire, cookies, getting ready for the big night, car ride to Jill's, Halloween night + decorations.


From there I cut my patterned papers to size (the same size as the interior acrylic pages) and adhered them back to back because I knew I was going to need more pages than came with the acrylic album. I actually did not know exactly how many I was going to need yet so I cut a few more than I really needed.


[ specific papers will be identified in photos below ]

Here's a look at my finished Halloween minibook with product information included:


[ Clear Album: Picture It/Page Frame (listed as 6x6 but it is actually larger); Die Cut Patterned Paper: Narratives Cream Tab ABC Cardstock Stickers; Cobweb Rub On: Hambly Spooky Halloween; Felt Skeleton: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Chipboard Letters: Heidi Swapp Center of Attention; Glass Beads: JudiKins: Glaze: Diamond Glaze ]

The Spooky Halloween Hambly cobweb rub ons came out last year and I stockpiled a few sheets because they were a cool set I could see myself using on this project and in the future. This is one of the things I have always thought is such a bummer in this industry: things come out and then they are simply gone. A bunch of the products I used in this album are from last year. Products that I picked up because I loved them but they are now not available anymore. Luckily, the Spooky Halloween Hambly cobweb rub ons are still available on their website.

Click on the photos below for a larger version.



[ Glitter Tree: Making Memories Spellbound Glitter Foam Stickers; Happy Halloween Stamp: Catslife Press ]

One of the things I wanted in this album was to maintain some of the transparent pages and not cover them with photos and a bunch of stuff.


[ Felt Bird: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Circle Accent: Making Memories Die Cut Journaling Stickers; Patterned Paper: Making Memories Black Glitter Dot Spellbound Paper; Word Stickers: Making Memories Halloween from 2007 ]


The general foundation for this album is really simple: white border photos with a strip of journaling along the top. Journaling was printed onto white cardstock and the top two corners rounded.


[ Patterned Transparency: Creative Imaginations Harvest Moon Spider Web; Felt Pumpkin: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Rectangle Accent: Making Memories Die Cut Journaling Stickers; Spider Web Rub On: Hambly Spooky Halloween ]


[ Transparent Skeleton: Making Memories Spellbound Glitter Clears; Patterned Paper: Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Cardstock ]


[ Patterned Paper: Making Memories Halloween collection 2007; Felt + Button Accent: Evalicous ]











After it was all done there was one very happy camper around here…one who LOVES costumes and Halloween. He loves the photos and another thing I noticed was that he was really touching and feeling the textures of the paper and the felt accents. Cool.



HOLIDAY NOTE: For those of you starting to think about creating a December Daily album, I will be diving into mine and sharing my process next week.


  • 1.
    Molly said…

    love it!
    So great that the photos stand out, unencumbered by the other elements. Such a nice treatment.

  • 2.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Love the album Ali – love the smile on Simon’s face.
    Can’t wait to get started on the December album – can’t wait!!!
    Have a great day.

  • 3.
    sue Treiber said…

    awesome album, as always!!!!
    Love the little R2D2 nearby :)

  • 4.
    Theresa said…

    What an amazing album! Thanks for sharing.

  • 5.
    gina said…

    I didn’t play along with the Week in the Life album, but am looking forward to the December Daily project — thanks for the heads-up on that!

  • 6.
    Amy said…

    I LOVE that album!! What a treasure for Simon to have now and years from now. I love it! I love the close ups of the Halloween decorating too, very nice.
    I’m so excited that you’re going to start your December Daily now. I already started collecting supplies for that one. :)

  • 7.
    Ann said…

    Simon’s reaction – Priceless. Love the book -

  • 8.
    Heather said…

    Ali – -Thanks for sharing the process along with the finished project — helps me get a better idea how to create my own. Love the look on Simon’s face at the end when he is looking at the book — doesn’t that make it worth all the effort!

  • 9.
    Monika said…

    Good morning Ali,
    Love you Halloween album! I’m moving pretty slowly with my week in the life album and I know why? It’s so difficult for me to cut those precious pictures down to a smaller size. I keep thinking that one day the kids would love to see the original and I won’t have it even though I’m putting all the pictures on a CD. How do I overcome this fear? Any suggestions? Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • 10.
    maureen said…

    That last photo shows what it’s all about. Simon’s face is precious.

  • 11.
    LeeAnna said…

    I love it all…

  • 12.
    vdalton said…

    Great album!!! Really cool embellishments!!
    Totally love the photo of you at the end.
    My question is how do you take the photo of the jack-o-lanters that show them “glowing” especially the close up?

  • 13.
    Johanna said…

    This is very, very inspiring – thank you! I have put the week in the life album-making in the back of my mind for keepsaking a while right now – the deadline for another project is approaching, but I am optimistic I’ll get it done sometime anyway, as the photos and the stuff I collected is well stored and ready to work with. I try not to feel too bad about not being able to finish it up in the next few weeks and just be happy about what I have achieved so far. I have really come to cherish your blog through the project –your work is so different than what I ( a design student) do myself, but just down my line the same time. Thanks, Ali!

  • 14.
    jenny said…

    Love how the photos are your focus….perfectly put together…this is one of my favorites! Can’t wait to start on the Dec Daily. I have already started gathering things!!!

  • 15.
    Amy said…

    Your blog is a gift to me each day – I love mini albums and this one is great!

  • 16.
    Ali said…

    Monika – try think in terms of pieces of the whole. One of the goals of this album is to just show bits of your daily life…it is the combination of all those bits coming together that really creates a cool look and feel. If there are photos that you just absolutely love then maybe there are other stories that can be told with them on other layouts.

  • 17.
    Kerry said…

    You are so amazingly cool. I love your simple outlook on EVERYTHING. I’m soooo looking forward to the December Daily. Thanks for sharing so much with us and guiding us along. Have a wonderful day and I hope you’re feeling well!

  • 18.
    Ali said…

    Vicki – last year I set up a tripod and just played around :) . I think the tripod (or setting your camera on the ground or a chair for stability) is the key.

  • 19.
    Camille said…

    Amazing album, great fun! Wow, ya can really see how much Simon has grown and changed, huh?
    I’ve already finished my December Daily album… feels so good, excited to fill it in!

  • 20.
    Shannon in WA said…

    Your Halloween album looks great. Thanks for sharing. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re working on your December Daily next. I’m currently finishing up a Christmas album for 2006 and I’ve been collecting Christmas stuff for this year’s album. I’ve made a list of family activities and traditions that I want to include. I’m looking forward to completing the album as each day goes by and having a finished product at the end of the season.

  • 21.
    Lisa Westphal said…

    Oh, your album is precious! It totally captures the moments/feelings/sights of Halloween perfectly. I love albums that leave you ‘feeling’ the memories. You have done another awesome job. . .so inspiring. . .so motivating. . .I need to go make something! : ) Have a wonderful day. : )

  • 22.
    Jamie ~ Alabama said…

    You did a great job with this. Love it!

  • 23.
    Ann-Marie said…

    This is so fabulous. I am inspired!

  • 24.
    Stephanie S., Woodbridge, VA said…

    Thanks for sharing! As usual – it’s beautiful. I was do excited to read that you are goign to be sharing the December Daily journal next week. I totally want to do that this year!! Thanks for all you share with us.

  • 25.
    Marge said…

    What a great album!!! And, I just loved the spider web rubons (in fact, I just went to their site and ordered them – know I’ll use them at some point). Thanks so much, Ali, for sharing.

  • 26.
    Melissa Blair said…

    Oh Ali, I absolutely adore the sweet expression on his face as he looks at his Halloween book. So so sweet. I hope you are feeling well!!

  • 27.
    jonipossin said…

    The album is so fantastic! The webs are sooooo intriguing… love it!
    I’m so glad that you’re going to share about setting up a December album. I was online last night and ordered some interesting materials for just that purpose.
    Thanks Ali!
    Have you ever made a mini with Simon in all of his different costumes? I bet he’d wear that out… looking over and over and over.

  • 28.
    Anna Aspnes said…

    Always love you simple approach Ali. Cheers for sharing.

  • 29.
    alexandra s.m. said…

    Oh Ali , or should I call you your Highness since you MOST definitely ARE THE QUEEN of SCRAPBOOKING!! Your Halloween album is awesome as all of your other projects and you INSPIRE us so so much!!!

  • 30.
    Liz Ness said…

    Such a cute/cool mini (love those acrylics!) and best of all, is the photo of Simon enjoying it. That makes it all worthwhile!
    =) HUGS and happy Fall!

  • 31.
    Megan said…

    I think this is why I love your Simon posts: Quick story–when my 20 year old was Simon’s age, he talked about Halloween CONSTANTLY. At Easter time, he had fairly settled on what he was going to be for Halloween. Oh, wait. No, we had SEVERAL conversations A DAY about what he should be. By mid- September, I thought I was going to go crazy. I told my husband Halloween could not get here fast enough. It came, he ended up being a bang up Vampire (I have the very same picture of him admiring his costume in the mirror)and i anticipated a little peace and quiet the following day. On Nov 1, he came bounding into my room saying: “Mama! Guess what I’m gonna be next Halloween!”
    I think my eyes crossed a little bit.
    Have fun with him this year!

  • 32.
    Emily said…

    It looks beautiful! (and spooky) love it, always an inspiration!

  • 33.
    cindy b said…

    Great album! But I think I’m the only person alive who doesn’t like Halloween!!

  • 34.
    Mary Jo said…

    Super, super cute!! :0)

  • 35.
    Julie Howard said…

    WOW that is the COOLEST album!!!

  • 36.
    chris jenkins said…

    very cool album.

  • 37.
    sarah said…

    I love this book Ali. It is very cool and I love the textures (and that Simon loves them) that upclose photo of the top of the pumpkin LOVE that!!! Thanks for sharing your process and ideas with us….so inspired.

  • 38.
    Bree said…

    I will always love that you don’t scrapbook in order… it brings comfort to me every time I feel “behind” (whatever that means).
    Simon’s joy is so evident in that last picture!! Cute album!

  • 39.
    Annette said…

    You never cease to amaze me. love this album. you are so inspiring. thanks for sharing. :)

  • 40.
    iowajewel said…

    the best thing about looking at your very cool book was the photo at the end of Simon enjoying it! even though we don’t celebrate halloween, i loved seeing how it put it together. i have bought a acrylic book and this gave me lots of ideas for it, maybe i’ll use it for my december daily this year! thanks for sharing so much with us, love you Ali, julie

  • 41.
    Sarah said…

    THANK YOU very much for sharing this book. Makes me think of all the things that i would like to do with my 28 days (my bday is on 12/28) of Christmas book this year. It is amazing how much Simon has grown up and matured over the past year!

  • 42.
    Pam said…

    OMG, I love your Halloween album, too cool!!! I started my December album last weekend, I can’t wait to you start posting yours!!! :)

  • 43.
    Danielle said…

    Love your Halloween mini album it’s gorgeous! And thank you – it’s because of you I no longer scrap in order and I get a lot more done and a lot more of my stories told!!

  • 44.
    Leigh said…

    Fantastic album. I especially like how you had a front image of Simon on one side of a page and then Simon’s back in the same costume on the other side.

  • 45.

    What a fabulous book! I love the photo of the little one looking at it.
    If you have a moment, swing by my harvest gathering. Don’t forget to bring your pumpkin!

  • 46.
    Tona said…

    Fantastic book. Love all the spider webs. I especially love the look on Simon’s face as he’s looking at the book.

  • 47.
    Melanie J said…

    I really like how you keep the acrylic pages transparent and added the photos and journaling to the paper pages. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. (BTW–Simon makes an adorable Diego!)

  • 48.
    Geralyn said…

    That was absolutely amazing. Love the book and thanks as always for the inspiration! I’m really looking forward to seeing your December Daily for this year because I hope to do one too!

  • 49.
    christen said…

    i love the album…especially that spider web transparancy!

  • 50.
    nichole said…

    You are just awesome! I love this minibook-so cute & clever! I want to create something similar! :)

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