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December 4, 2008

December Daily : Day 3 (part two)


Here are some thoughts and tips that came about as I was putting this page together this morning:


Catalogs. How many catalogs did you get in the mail yesterday? Put those printed materials to good use and reuse them in this book as accents and patterns. The one I used here is from JCrew. (Note: if you are interested in receiving less – or zero – catalogs in the mail you can “take control of your mailbox” with Catalog Choice.)


[ Word Keys: Tim Holtz; Font: Baskerville; Paint: Making Memories Cranberry; "E" Chipboard: Basic Grey; Joy Mini Bingo Card: Jenni Bowlin Studios; Cardstock: Bazzill; Scallop Edge: Fiskars Threading Water Punch; Glaze: Glossy Accents ]

Blog posts can become layouts/content for your projects. My
journaling for yesterday came directly from my post this morning. I
copied them into a Photoshop document and printed on cardstock before adhering on top of the catalog page.

Not printing your photos at home? If you are not printing
from home, using your blog to record your daily observations and your
photos is great way to keep it all together in one place before working
with it creatively in your album.

Multiple pages & changing things up as you go. Today I ended up with four pages. Some daily
stories simply take up more space – don’t worry about adding in more
pages to create room for more content and spreading one day over more
than a couple pages. Don’t be afraid to change things up as you go
along. I trimmed
off the top of the green diagonal patterned paper so that it was the
same height as the photo (before page is shown below).

Simple works just fine. Maybe just one accent is all a page needs. I loved adding a single word key with rik-rak to that first page.


Here’s a closer look and some how-to details:


Add a word key to patterned paper with Glossy Accents (this is quickly becoming a favorite liquid adhesive). Just squirt a little on the back and spread it with your fingers. I placed the rik-rak through the key before adhering and tied after.


To create the scalloped edges for these pages I used the Threading Water Punch from Fiskars. It’s a simple way to add a decorative edge to any papers.


Journaling was copied from my blog post this morning and printed on white cardstock. I changed the color of a couple lines of text, rounded the corners, and inked the edges red. Added the little star with Glossy Accents.


The page from the JCrew catalog was adhered with rolling adhesive to the back of this photo. In Photoshop I added a line from my Holiday Word Art collection at Designer Digitals before printing.


To add a little something to this chipboard “E” from Basic Grey I painted it with cranberry paint from Making Memories and then added Glossy Accents on top for shine. It works great as an adhesive or to add some shine/dimension to accents (depending on how much you use).

And the before image:


[ Art Warehouse Mistletoe Ledger; Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays; Fiskars Threading Water Punch (for decorative edges) ]


Celebrate the season. Read more about the concept of a December Daily Album and links to all related posts here. See many more examples from participants in the Flickr December Daily Group.


Back in 2006 I designed a “creative thoughts” monthly calendar for 2007 that was available through my Cafe Press Shop. I made a few small adjustments to that design and am re-releasing it for 2009. You can check it out, along with the design for each month, here.


  • 1.
    suetreiber said…

    it’s looking so good already!

  • 2.
    Peggy said…

    I am so super jealous of all your supplies and tools! I would love to make an album like yours but have realized that the cost just adds up too quickly. I always love to see what you are working on, though. Thanks for an awesome blog!

  • 3.
    leaca said…

    it looks great. I am surprised that I have been keeping mine up to date. Yay!

  • 4.
    Chris said…

    It is coming together nicely! I’ve really been diligent in mine of only using things I have on hand. No, it’s not as cute and wonderful as Ali’s but it sure feels good to use things I have.
    One thing I have decided to add is Christmas Cards. I just punch them and add them in on the day of receipt. One even came in handy as a mat for a photo on one side while showing the front of it on the other.
    Another thing is I’ve also tried to resolve to myself that even if something seems silly to include, years from now I’ll look back and remember daily life.

  • 5.
    Amanda S. said…

    What a cool idea to include a catalog page! Looking forward to seeing your third post today! :)

  • 6.
    Ali said…

    Chris – I love the idea of adding in the cards!

  • 7.
    Caryl Hope said…

    Oh I was wondering when you’d make this calendar again coz I missed the 2007 one. Thanks so much Ali, it’ll be a wonderful, inspirational monthly thing! :-)

  • 8.
    jonipossin said…

    I love and appreciate all of your tips and twists. You are a gift to so many of us.
    I just posted my first 4 days of my December
    album. I am really enjoying this project. We’ve been on vacation and I couldn’t wait to get home to work on the album.
    Thanks Ali!

  • 9.
    {vicki} said…

    I love how you recycled the catalog!!!!
    I get so many–I’m sure I could find something to use in them,

  • 10.
    jenny said…

    Great the Word Art.

  • 11.
    Kim said…

    Yay for the 2009 calendar. I loved the 2007 one! I just bought one for myself to wrap up and put under the tree.

  • 12.
    Shelly Kettell said…

    It looks Great!! You really know how to make random come together to look like it was planned! Amazingly talented Ali!

  • 13.
    Megan Spinks said…

    This looks awesome Ali. I am doing my own December album by playing along at Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas and I love it as well.
    Just a question about printing at home, I’d love to know what photo paper you use? Looks great.

  • 14.
    Sara said…

    Thanks for the tips on using your blog… great idea. And love all the goodies you have.

  • 15.
    Ali said…

    Megan – I just use HP Premium Photo Paper or even the Office Max brand (what I happen to have right now).

  • 16.
    Linda Townes said…

    I am so enjoying watching you put this book together right before my eyes my book is finished but I have not been able to add my pictures as of yet but I am taking them I will take your advice and use my blog to log in my journaling until I can sit down and get those pictures in thanks Ali

  • 17.
    alexandra said…

    Sometimes your creativity just blows my mind!! You make it all look so fabulous and effortless and fun and well… all good things!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you – thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  • 18.

    I love the ragged stitch you used on the Joy page…

  • 19.
    noell said…

    Posts like this that feature your creative projects are always a little moment of pleasure for me. I love landing on your page, seeing something you made on a new post, and then giving myself some permission to forget things and enjoy.
    BTW, thank you for explaining what that brown page was a couple days ago. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that that was BEHIND the acrylic, lol.

  • 20.
    noell said…

    Oh, also meant to thank you for posting the before page. It helps me to get how it worked.
    I just love the simple beauty of all of your stuff.

  • 21.
    Sheena said…

    I’m really enjoying watching your album come together page by page.
    I’m working on my first one….and am loving the results.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 22.
    Carrie Romero said…

    So beautiful! Love the key! Excited to see the calendar, just came across 2007 and was wondering…so too cool!

  • 23.
    rachel carlson said…

    all great tips, thanks ali! so happy that you will have your calendar out for 2009. cheers, rachel

  • 24.
    Kelly said…

    love this album! I am having so much fun watching it come together!

  • 25.
    Tracy said…

    What do you use to apply your paint? It seems that my foam brushes leave “unwanted” lines on my chipboard.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 26.
    Ali said…

    Tracy – I just use a foam brush :) .

  • 27.
    Carrie H. said…

    I’m very curious to know what are your favorite holiday stories/books…also curious what some of your readers favorite holiday stories are. We bring a box out of special books this time of year.
    Thanks so much for all your inspirations!!

  • 28.
    kristina said…

    well someone asked about paper, i’ll ask about ink: do you use the 90-something ink for photos? (our hp printer is fairly new to me and i’m trying to figure out how to get the best quality…until then, walmart is doing my printing :) )
    this project is a blast! really helps you capture the often ignored simple magic moments of everyday! LOVE IT!!

  • 29.
    Nicole said…

    My word: Fabulous! I’ve already placed my order. 2009 is going to be an incredible year!

  • 30.
    Kristin Hasson said…

    I’m having a horrible time with my printer. I was wondering how you get your colors too look like your the pictures you took. I’m wondering about what settings you use to achieve the right colors? My pictures always look great on my screen and then when I print they are not as vibrant and skin tones are grayish…not happy with my pictures. Any tips would be appreciated.

  • 31.
    Jen said…

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us. It is so inspiring. I ordered all your new stamps and I can’t wait til they arrive, so I can play.
    Your blog is something I look forward to each day!
    Thanks again & Merry Christmas

  • 32.
    Karen Foster said…

    Just feel compelled to say that as a Postmaster in the USPS those catalogs are our job security. The US Post Office has BLUE recycle bins in thier lobbies for you to get rid of those unwanted/already read catalogs. Thanks ~ We need our jobs:)

  • 33.
    jan crowley said…

    girl, i love your album so far! waiting on mine to arrive from tricia any day now! eek! in the meantime i’ve been staying on top of things by blogging each day…it’s good cuz it helps me narrow down which photos really tell my story. this is such a great idea, ali! can’t wait to start scrapping these photos! :)

  • 34.
    mary w said…

    I love that you are using the catalog-I keep all my Paper Source, Anthro and Free People catalogs for this reason-the paper is such great quality and graphics and colors are awesome. I am not doing a Dec. Daily this year-my kids are older and there just isn’t much Holiday stuff going on around here! We are knee deep in College finals,deer hunting season and shoveling(and shoveling and shoveling)-none of which I feel inspired to take photos of.
    mary w

  • 35.
    asnipofgoodness said…

    everything you do is so cool!

  • 36.

    i just love looking at your pages. i’m working on my own journal (photos on blog) but i don’t feel like i’m in the groove yet. but i still enjoy working on it and thinking about what photos to take each day.

  • 37.
    Joanne M. Howard said…

    I am thankful for my computer so I can enjoy looking at Ali, Elsie, and Elizabeth’s blogs about scrapbooking and art. Have a wonderful day!!!

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