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February 25, 2010

Today You : Anna : 02.24.10


MORNING STORY : Today you woke up at 6am ready to tackle the day. You don’t want to miss out on anything, including the chance to change your clothes when Simon puts his on for school. He’s teaching you the ropes – eating breakfast (”toast, please”), brushing teeth & hair, etc. And then you help him wait for the bus. Today you did it in just a diaper and your monkey hat. Awesome.

Today you had a super busy morning going to the library and running errands with Katie. You had a pretty good nap before you ventured out and returned home all sacked out in your car seat. Love the bow. Love the shades. Love the yellow shoes. I also love how you always tuck your hands under your legs when you fall asleep in the seat. Love you.


LATE AFTERNOON STORY : Today you hung out in my office in the late afternoon and checked out my newest supplies. You had a snack of Cheddar Bunnies and water (you love drinking water) and your best friend Lily made sure you didn’t drop any of your snack. As you might also notice you are in outfit number three (at least) for the day. Those orange socks are so cool. Love you sweet baby girl.

Today You overlay can be found here.


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  • 1.

    ali, i love how you tell your stories. such great snippets of your daily life. you’re certainly keeping true to your word, ‘story’. well done.
    but what i really love is how you manage to avoid a mess in your home with two young children. every photo i take these days (with a 6 and 3 year old) has some sort of clutter in the background.. pillows on floor, toys scattered, etc… incredible girl. lol

  • 2.
    sarah said…

    I love love love the diaper and the monkey hat!

  • 3. said…

    Wonderful! The pictures tell the story, love this. I do miss these moments, mine are now 27 and 25. Thanks for sharing

  • 4.
    Melissa said…

    embrace the moment, they’ll be gone before you know it.

  • 5.
    Dawn Nikol said…

    Monkey hat and diaper win! lol… that’s great. My little girl will be 4 months old next week and I can’t imagine somebody not having a little girl for these special moments!

  • 6.
    Peaceliving said…

    I needed a reminder today to document my boys’ everyday moments. It’s been a while since I did that. It was getting to where I had been taking too many photos of the boys so I cut back (after browsing their baby albums and realizing I could have told the story with half as many pages and photos!) but now I need to get back into it again.

  • 7.
    Gale said…

    so, so, cute!
    you should do this at least one day a month

  • 8.
    Donna Tullis said…

    ok…ur gonna think i’m a knothead, but i know NUTHIN about overlays…i clicked on the link for the ‘today you overlay’ and not sure what or how to use it…can yall give me some insight please…i love how you have the same words, but all three different colors…so pretty and i just love what they say…straight from the heart everytime ali…you really understand what people want to ultimately be remembered…the essence of their lives. so could u explain it to this girl so i can get hip with it! LOL

  • 9.
    cher said…

    she is soooooooo adorable! honestly…I am always ready to read about your kids! Not that your work isnt important…I must be going thru some phase, eh? Won’t be a granny for some time…kids at college..well.u get the picture! and I second that comment about your clean house..amazing! u must post about how u manange that! xox cher

  • 10.
    Deb J said…

    You are so good at telling stories of your family’s lives. These are great pages and Anna is such a beautiful and fun child.

  • 11.
    Danyale said…

    What a fabulous day of story…sitting on her hands, just one of those things that could have been missed, if scrapping/journaling didn’t exist in the world…Oops, never say that, bad….LOL!

  • 12.
    Laura said…

    I love this overlay, Ali…And your sweet little girl. :)

  • 13.
    ciacchina said…

    è bellissima!

  • 14.
    con-tain-it said…

    Anna is so darn cute…but she makes me cold in her diaper with Simon at the door…lol The car seat shot is so adorable…how come when little kids do this we just love it…but as adults we look like “the bag lady”…so sweet Ali…have a great weekend, R

  • 15.
    Kris Van Allen said…

    Love how she rocks the diaper/monkey hat look.

  • 16.
    Amanda said…

    Hi Ali– I’d love to know how you keep these pages in your scrapbooks?? Is it a separate album or do you just put them in Anna’s book??

  • 17.
    Angelina said…

    OH MY!! Anne is the cutest sleeping in her car seat! Love that picture!!

  • 18.
    Leora said…

    I love this! thanks for sharing!

  • 19.

    What a fun way to capture a day in the life of an adorable little lady!

  • 20.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Donna – I’ve got a video tutorial that walks you through the steps here:

  • 21.
    Ali Edwards said…

    These are each 4×6 that are going into a page protector (6×12 divided). I will take a photo of it in the album and post it tomorrow/next week.

  • 22.
    Nicole said…

    Too cute. I love the story you tell with just 3 photos. Beautiful. (By the way… I do the same with my hands if I fall alseep in the car/plane)

  • 23.
    Elaine Allen said…

    Ok Ali -
    She is just so darn cute! My favorite photo is of Ana waiting with Simon only wearing her diapers and the monkey hat! My son used to wear his Spiderman ski hat that became a mask – LOL!
    Elaine Allen

  • 24.
    Sarah said…

    simple, and amazing……..
    Love the way you tell stories.

  • 25.
    Electa said…

    Hi Ali,
    I am bummed I missed your quarterly sale for Designer Digitals…will the next sale be in ~ 3 months? I will want to be prepared to stock up the next time.
    Please advise.

  • 26.
    Huyen said…

    No matter what the weather maybe, diaper and monkey hat looked so cute on her!

  • 27.
    Kirsten H said…

    so doing this! I document so many little moments, but forget to do a whole day like this. love it

  • 28.
    Navybraat said…

    I came across your website today and I find it very interesting. I wish I had internet 30 years ago so I can write a journal of my sons baby years. I think that is the best thing ever.

  • 29.
    Jen Chesnut said…

    Ali, I absolutely love how you scrap life and capture memories with both your picture and journaling. I hope you teach a class someday soon. Also, I would love to see pictures of your office/scrap space!

  • 30.
    Kate said…

    Beautiful stories that will be so cool to have when she is older. Love that you are documenting it all.
    Aloha, Kate

  • 31.
    michelle tabb said…

    Anna is wonderful!!!! Thank you for sharing her with all of us. I’ve been a fan of your work for years and Simon and my twins are the same age. I just love when you post about that sweet baby girl.

  • 32.
    Jennie Walz said…

    you have such a gift with words. the gift to keep them simple. love how you capture moments; daily moments.

  • 33.
    Colleen S said…

    Such cute stories! I just love them all!

  • 34.
    Samara Link said…

    what a very cute way to document. i love it. (you’re writing is fun to read.)

  • 35.
    Barb M. said…

    Thanks for the inspiration. Lovely. Anna is so sweet and it is obvious how cherished she is.

  • 36.
    Serena Manaena said…

    love how personal you make the story – cutie the things she gets up to

  • 37.
    Helene said…

    She’s adorable!

  • 38.

    Love the way you tell the story!
    Oh and I love the Orange socks!

  • 39.
    hannie said…

    How I wish I could be like you looking at things at your angle and love every bit of time with ur kids.

  • 40.
    Lynette said…

    How cute is that second photo with your little one with the shades on:)

  • 41.
    Kirby said…

    great, great pics – you’ve given me such a great idea for 100′s i take of the everyday, the moments i know are fleeting and so can’t put the camera down for fear of missing one. I just ordered the stamp version of “today you” (i’m digitally challenged…for now) and can’t wait to play. thanks, Ali.

  • 42.
    jenn shurkus said…

    love the photo of lily and anna ;)
    so precious.

  • 43.
    Artful Yogi said…

    So stinkin’ cute!

  • 44.
    christina said…

    I love this progression throughout the day. I can’t wait to get started on something like this when baby boy graces us with his presence in a few weeks. Thank you for always inspiring!

  • 45.
    Melissa said…

    Simon looks like such a little Chris in the first photo.

  • 46.
    Steff said…

    I am so jealous of you – Anna still fits in her carrier seat ;-) My baby was too big at seven months, bleah.

  • 47.
    Jackie Schimmel said…

    My goodness, she’s grown so much! Awesome!

  • 48.
    Cathy Stone said…

    Would love to buy the “Today You”. On your photos the Today You is printed each on a different line; however your link takes me to “Today You” printed next to each other. Am I to buy “You Mini Line….” and “Hand Drawn Think Borders….” and some how put them together? Sorry.. if this is a simple question, I’m new to all this!

  • 49.
    Lisa Biletska said…

    Hi there,
    I’m writing to you from the Parenting and Pregnancy channel at We are compiling a slideshow of our favorite ways to chronicle baby’s growth, and we love your idea! Please let us know ASAP (we are on a very tight schedule) if it is alright for us to feature your idea on iVillage, as well as use a few of your photographs. Please, also, send us the proper accreditation (who took the picture) so we can include that in the slideshow. Of course, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
    Lisa Biletska
    Freelance Writer
    iVillage — Pregnancy + Parenting

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