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March 9, 2010

You Are Worthy : You Are Enough : Brené Brown DVD Giveaway


For quite a number of years now, I have believed that scrapbooking is a way to own our story.

Through documentation and exploration and simply getting the story down on paper we come to know ourselves better. And as my friend Dr. Brené Brown says, "we gain access to our worthiness."

I first met Brené, a researcher, writer and professor, a few years back at our now annual Oregon Coast summer retreat. She is an exceptional woman who inspires me in so many ways, most especially through her concept of wholeheartedness. We bonded over some of our "better" type-A qualities, years & years of swimming, good old sarcasm, and the fact that we both "like our crazy right up front."

Karen did a great interview yesterday with Brené here.

BBrownCaseFrontMed This week Brené is celebrating the release of her new DVD titled The Hustle for Worthiness with a Week of Worthiness on her blog. To help her celebrate I am giving away one of these DVD's today.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate "who I am" and "what I believe" is to capture the ordinary moments of life – the moments that tell the real everyday stories of our family. Leave a comment below sharing one of your favorite ordinary moments for a chance to win Brené's new DVD.

Comments will be closed tonight at 8pm Pacific with the winner posted shortly after.


  • 101.
    Dawn Rankin said…

    My favorite moments are those spent with my extended family at one of our birthday dinners. My mom will make a special dinner with the birthday person’s favorite foods and we’ll all get together to laugh, cry ’cause we’re laughing so hard, and just enjoy. This Saturday is MY birthday dinner at my parent’s house…complete with bacon (my all-time favorite food) and apple dumplings! Can’t wait!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 102.
    Hélène said…

    One of my favorite ordinary moments right now is walking to the train station in the morning, and breaking the ice over frozen puddles on the way. Of course, I leave some for neighbourhood kids. Must not be too greedy!

  • 103.
    Marilyn Johnson said…

    My favorite moments are spending time outside with my husband and kids. This week we have enjoyed feeding our new baby calves.

  • 104.
    Christine H said…

    My husband works construction….I can count on a couple of months every year when he will be home in the morning. He is usually gone long before the sun comes up. That extra time together makes planning for the decrease in income worth it. (and he cleans house during that time too!)

  • 105.
    Tammy Moore said…

    As frustrating as it is sometimes, I’m glad we’re only driving one car right now (one is waiting to be fixed). It’s so nice to have the whole family together, talking, singing, etc. We’ve even come up with a new word game! Simply having time to connect and (literally!) going in the same direction together has been a blessing.
    Looks like a great DVD! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  • 106.
    Gale said…

    A year ago I switched from paper napkins to cloth & all our meals seem so much nicer now using cloth napkins.

  • 107.
    Crystal Satnik said…

    Wow, I would love to get Brene’s DVD. The quote at the beginning of this post is enough to inspire me! I have printed it out and plan to keep it in my craft room as a reminder of what my scrapbooking is really all about. Thanks for sharing this Ali!

  • 108.
    Paula said…

    Fun fun giveaway…as yours always are! Thanks again.

  • 109.
    Carla Riley-Felt said…

    We have a morning routine, the cat and dog wake me up, they seem to have an internal timer. I feed the cat and the dog gets a little of the cats food. Then I wake up my son. My little dog follows (leads) me through this routine every day. She is not happy if I sleep in or we deviate.

  • 110.
    Bernice said…

    My perfect everyday moment is when my husband walks back into the house after his day at work. I feel extra safe when he’s around.

  • 111.
    Judi said…

    I love sitting on my cabin porch watching loons swim by and watch hummingbirds come and go ahhhhhhhhh

  • 112.
    Deirdre said…

    Favorite moment from this morning: as my 8 yr old gets out of the car at school, he always turns to me, gives me a high five, and says, “May the force be with you.”
    I used to miss his “I love you” goodbyes, but now these fill my heart:-)
    Love Brene and her parenting CD, would love her DVD!

  • 113.
    Michelle S said…

    Watching my 2 year old “love up” my mom who is battling brain cancer. The unconditional love pouring from her little heart is nothing short of amazing.

  • 114.
    Lisa S. said…

    Ordinary;folding the familys clean laundry, and,,, enjoying it, and taking the moment to reflect on the fact that we have life so easy. So much to be thankful for. We take so much for granted… clean laundry, health, freedom to worship God, travel…

  • 115.
    Heather Robertson said…

    playing board games with the family. My dh gets sooo competitive as does my son

  • 116.
    Jill said…

    When we look for the art in the everyday, we see those special moments. I see it in nature, in my cat’s eyes, the heart of others. Now I just have to see it in myself.

  • 117.
    debbi g. said…

    listening to my first grader tell me all about his day. i love it and know time will go way too fast.

  • 118.
    Megan P said…

    wow looks cool, i would lvoe to check this out!

  • 119.
    Michelle G. said…

    Playing hang-man with my daughter while we eat dinner, we do this just about every night, and I always look forward to it!

  • 120.
    Laura said…

    I’m generally the first one up on a weekday morning, and the dog and I go outside to get the paper. The cats follow us, and the sky is dark. The world outside is just waking up too, it’s quiet and peacful and I breath deep.

  • 121.
    Kristen said…

    My favorite ordinary moment is finishing a really good book. It’s like I just got to know someone’s story (even if it’s fictional) and when I finish that last page I feel sad that I don’t get to know any more but so happy I was given the chance to read and learn what I did.

  • 122.
    Kirsten Varga said…

    Every Sunday my husband makes wheat pancakes or waffles with our daughters. Delicious and fun!

  • 123.
    Bethgholmes said…

    The weather turned Spring like here this weekend and I once again enjoyed watching and hearing my daughter and her neighborhood friends riding their bikes and playing together outside my window at the end of our dead end street. I just adore the everyday sound of children playing together outside.
    I’m reading Brene’s book right now!

  • 124.
    Kristen said…

    My favorite ordinary moment is finishing a really good book. It’s like I just got to know someone’s story (even if it’s fictional) and when I finish that last page I feel sad that I don’t get to know any more but so happy I was given the chance to read and learn what I did.

  • 125.
    Tammy W. said…

    I love the random conversations my kids and I have in the car.

  • 126.
    tina said…

    I enjoy conversations with my daughter while I’m driving her to school every morning. It’s uninterrupted 1×1 time that is so hard to find otherwise.

  • 127.
    beth said…

    Jan. 24th, 2010–My mom and dad came to church with us because my 6 year-old and my nephew were singing in choir. My folks didn’t usually attend, but they never missed their grandsons singing. We ate at Pizza Inn afterwards–my sister’s family, my family, and our parents. Typical Sunday. Ordinary Sunday. My dad passed away on Jan. 27th, of a massive heart attack. He was so healthy and had no warning signs. He played golf the morning of his death. It was a complete surprise and has been so heart breaking. On Jan. 24th, I didn’t know it would be our last ordinary day with us all together. Now I savor that memory.

  • 128.
    marlis said…

    I just took a picture of my morning coffee in a treasured cup. And then promptly wrote about how my husband has brought me a cup of coffee every single morning we’ve been together. 36 years now. It’s those ordinary things that make life momentous.

  • 129.
    Jess said…

    Just sitting with my oldest in the mornings before the baby wakes. Those quiet moments of connection really start the day off right!

  • 130.
    rose said…

    I have long felt that we all need a voice-we seem to silence our feelings and our thoughts. I struggle with this on a daily basis.

  • 131.
    donna c said…

    your blog and inspiration is what has made me realize how important the little things are! i have a dear friend that is desperately in need of this dvd..i am always trying to tell her that she is important…she is too busy doing for others! this is an amazing blog..thanks for sharing Ali! as always.

  • 132.
    Jill said…

    Getting ready for work each morning. The same routine, over and over. It’s all mine.

  • 133.
    tammy g said…

    Right now an ordinary moment is wiping noses and filling humidifiers. But warmer weather is right around the corner.

  • 134.
    Mandi said…

    honestly, it’s the wrinkled nose squinty eyed smiles of my 20 mo. old baby girl. She rocks my world.

  • 135.
    quiltter said…

    Thank you for introducing new people to your blog followers. I love journal time and thinking about the good things in my day. I have a loving husband of 62 years who tells me almost everyday that I’m his favorite lady in the whole world. To pay him back we are in FL for 3 weeks so he can attend spring training baseball games from which he gets so much enjoyment.

  • 136.
    Susan Bowers said…

    Eating homemade pizzas in the living room and watching a movie with hubby and twin 12-yesr old sons

  • 137.
    Pam K said…

    I love how my youngest greets me when I pick him up or come home. He runs to me, flings his small but mighty arms tightly arund me saying, “Momo, mama . . . I love you mommy!” I have no idea why the “momo, mama”, but I now it is his term of endearment for me and I love this everyday extraordinary moment.

  • 138.
    Kelly Massman said…

    One of my favorite ordinary moments is just having time to sit down to dinner with the whole family. Thanks for the giveaway–it sounds like a confidence builder–i need that for sure!

  • 139.
    erin s said…

    When my husband and I are both off work and we stay in bed late in the morning, hanging out with our two boys… talking, laughing, watching tv and cuddling.

  • 140.

    One of my favorite ordinary moments is kissing my husband awake. I get up before he does, so I usually get to wake him, and he always smiles at me.

  • 141.
    Margaret said…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote!!!!!!! thanks for posting and sharing it!!!!!! my ordinary moments??? time spent on FACEBOOK!!!!!!! :)
    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 142.
    Katie Pegher said…

    The moment when I enter my son’s room when he awakens from his nap. His cheeks are always flushed and warm. And my nose seems to sink into them like a warm marshmallow when I smooch them. It’s my favorite moment of everyday.

  • 143.
    Chris SB said…

    Listening to the family get ready in the morning. I like the hear the sounds of my husband going downstairs, and listening to our dog follow him. I can hear the dog’s dog tag click his food bowl while he is eating. I love to hear when the dog comes in from outside. He usually brings a toy up with him and then it’s time to play. Fun times!

  • 144.
    NancyN said…

    I like taking the bus/train to work. There are so many interesting things to see. This morning the sunrise was spectacular!

  • 145.
    Bec said…

    I am a single empty-nester. These days my favorite moment is coming home from a crazy day at work and playing with my dog who is always thrilled to see me. Snuggling on the couch with her comes next. Dr. Brown’s book has played a big part in my road to wellness. Looking forward to the new one.

  • 146.
    Brittney Aldous said…

    I really value eating a sit-down dinner every night with my family.

  • 147.
    Peg said…

    Connecting with my BFF over a cup of tea is one of those ordinary things that make my life rich. We had a slumber party Friday night. A rarefied treasure for sure!

  • 148.
    karen said…

    I’m enjoying one of my very ordinary moments…dropped off my 3 year old @ romp n roll, my 1 year old is sacked out in her carseat and I have parked in a random parking lot with my droid phone and my sookie book! We both have 1 more hour of bliss before we get moving again! Thx ali & brene!

  • 149.
    Shelly K said…

    I love every evening around the dinner table…sometimes we are laughing, sometimes “debating”, but always enjoying each other. I love the things that come out of my children’s mouths…ah the simple truths!
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • 150.
    Kathy F said…

    I have two springer spaniels. One who wakes up every day, ready for life, full of happiness and excitement. We hike in the morning and she loves it, we see other people and dogs and there’s always the hunt. The sheer joy, she wakes up with, each day is amazing. She makes everyone smile and is such a charmer. So my moments, are hiking with the dogs, and watching the joy they experience during that hour and a half of being allowed to be . . . all dog!