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November 1, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Q&A (the questions)

I know lots of you out there have started putting together your album foundations for December Daily. I’d like to try and answer any questions you might have at this point in the process (knowing that some of you haven’t started yet and some may already have albums all put together). Feel free to leave questions here and I’ll answer them in a new compilation post later this week.

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  • 1.
    Susan Roh said…

    Hi Ali, You’ve used lots of transparencies this year. Is the plan to make them identical front and back? I just struggle with using transparencies as album inset pages unless I plan to mirror image them sandwiching the transparency in the middle, mostly for the pics cause I don’t like the backsides showing.

    • ….
      Milena said…

      i’d also like to know what you’re going to do with the overlays…i started to put my DD together & don’t think i’ll be using any because I have trouble with overlays too!

  • 2.
    Erica said…

    Can’t wait for seeing the Q&A, even though I have no question by now.

  • 3.
    Amy said…

    Are there any kits out there? I don’t have a stockpile of supplies to draw from and I’m not really interested in having lots of extras kicking around after December…

    Thanks, Ali!

    • ….
      TracyBzz said…

      Go and search for “December Daily album” lots came up. Hopefully you can find something you like.

  • 4.
    Sarah M. said…

    Hi Ali,

    Are you going to insert any extra pages in your album as you go? Specifically I’m wondering if you’ll be using any of the December Daily digital templates that you’ve released in the past. And if so, have you thought about how you’ll do that? This is something I’m thinking about doing since I think I’ll need more space to document the “what we’re doing” of each day and journaling. Do you have any 6×8 sized templates in the works?
    Thanks for the inspiration to start my 1st December Daily project!!


    P.S. Happy Birthday on Thursday…we share a birthday. :)

    • ….
      Susan U said…

      Me too -happy birthday to both of you, and me!!!

  • 5.
    Cynthia H said…

    Do you keep track of ideas/inspiration for finishing the page that come to you as you make your foundation pages? How do you remember these things? For example, if you have the vision to put a picture in a specific spot while creating the foundation page, do you mark it somehow so that you will remember it when you come back to it in December? I think I remember seeing you put post-it notes on pages last year – do you have any other tips? Or do you let it go and let the creative process re-inspire you once December rolls around?

  • 6.
    Brooke M said…

    Have you decided what will go on the back of the daily journal pages?

  • 7.
    Rebekah Pontow said…

    Do you plan to have a cover page at the begining of the book to explain anything?

  • 8.
    andi said…

    it’s my birthday today. my husband is watching the kids for an hour later today, so that i can work on my december daily. i’m going to record that right into the book – i have a page set aside for little things to remember about the ‘preparation’ of the album. just thought i’d share that. :)

    • ….
      Tina Batori said…

      What a great birthday present. Most of the time we need something personal like time off or time together instead of “things.”

  • 9.
    Sarah S. said…

    I am also using the KI Memories numbers “lace” in my album, but how do you plan to include that in the binding? Since the numbers are so random I am afraid it won’t line up right to get the jump rings through it. Perhaps a little strip of cardstock mounted to the back just wide enough for the rings?

    • ….
      JulieHollis said…

      Totally butting in here, but just wanted to let you know that in her Walk Thru video, Ali showed that she adhered the “lace” cut-out paper to a Hambly Clear Screen that she cut down to 6×8.

    • ….
      Suz said…

      Another idea: I actually just sewed a cut-down-to-size (6×8) plastic 8.5×11 sheet protector to slip the KI lace numbers into. I sewed one new side and then sewed along side the “plastic stitching” that was originally along the bottom and spine side of the page protector. I trimmed off the original spine side edge that housed the ring holes and just punched new holes into the sheet protector. A more readily accessible and more affordable option than the Hambly option.
      Note: Place the cut out 6×8 section of KI lace that you want to use inside the 8.5×11 sheet protector to get a more accurate idea of how the lace will fit in it. In other words, you need to leave a little extra room for it to slide in easily and not pucker. (The good thing is if you mess up, sheet protectors are way cheaper to do over!-lol)
      Another option: Use a plain transparency from an office supply store and adhere the KI lace to it for support.

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      Butting in as well, but just thought that I’d add that I used a spray adhesive to adhere the number paper to the Hambly transparency. My word of advice is that it only takes a little bit — on my first one I think I sprayed on more than I needed to. A quick spray will apply enough to make it stick.

    • ….
      Christine said…

      I was unable to find the clear transparencies, so I cut four squares of the lace numbers and put them into baseball card pockets. I cut the sheets down to four squares, punched new holes and placed them in the book. I also did this with squares of leftover transparencies for pages where I ran out of full sized-ones. I can pull those out and put something else in if I decide to later.

  • 10.

    Do you have any advice for making sure you add something every day? This is my first year doing this, but as a college student that has finals in the middle of December, I’m really worried about adding things every day. A few days just might say “STUDYING.” But I know this is about marking the mundane as well. So I guess another question is about how to make the mundane “fit in” with the exciting “Christmas Stuff”

    Thanks Ali!

    • ….
      Tina Batori said…

      How about your class schedule showing finals schedule? Or the package from the “No-Doze” you take to stay up and cram? It’s my first DD year, too, and I’m writing ideas now so I can remember to document them when the time comes.

    • ….
      megan P said…

      or perhaps a picture of you books, or coffee cup, or you school r backpack? I also like the idea of the schedule.

    • ….
      Cathy said…

      If you want it to be Christmasy, you could take a picture of
      the books, you studying with Christmas coffee cup or if you
      study at someplace like starbucks or bookstore, take a picture
      of you under some Christmas decorations studying, etc.

    • ….
      Jess L. said…

      I’ll second (or 3rd) the idea of including your schedule. Other ideas: a tuition bill, blue book, your final paper… Take a photo of your favorite place to study — why do you like going there? Even the “mundane” today will be fun to look at years from now — do you have a favorite route to class/shoes/winter coat/outside of your apt/neighbors/bouncer/technology, etc. (I’m totally dating myself but wish I had a pic of our giant answering machine and landline right now! LOL!). I am now living in the same city where I went to college and some of our favorite hangouts have been remodeled or demolished … wish I had a few wide shots of some of these places, inside & out, for comparison.

    • ….
      Jessica D. said…

      I’m in college, too, and last year when I was writing some ideas on how to document school/exams, I came up with these (just to give you a few more to think about)
      - I really wanted to document my bus ride to school. I took the same bus with the same people all semester, so I wanted to document that whole part of my life that is just so “everyday” we don’t really think about it
      - I also wanted to get a picture of my desk while I was studying (it can get crazy!)
      - The coffee cup picture is a good one. I also wanted a picture of the menu of my favorite coffee shop near campus. I love when they put the holiday flavors on the board!
      - Lastly, I wanted a picture of all the DVDs I wanted to watch once I was finished with exams and could relax. I knew that this could be done any day because I wanted to journal about all the things that I wanted to get done – not what I actually got done. I think documenting your plans and then seeing what actually happens can be just as informative and memorable as documenting your daily activities!

      I didn’t end up doing my Dec Daily last year due to some unforeseeable circumstances on the first few days of the month. I’m excited to use these same ideas this year!

    • ….
      Melanie Hughes said…

      Last year alot of myplans got scuppered by illness so I have a photo of baby nurofen in there which records all the parties we missed, teething and croup all in one photo. I also have a photo of my husbands briefcase for his last day at work before the holidays, a positive pregnancy test, our backyard under snow and on days where there were no photos, I recorded a Christmas memory, fav Christmas poem, song etc. Hope that helps with some ideas.

  • 11.
    Sarah K said…

    I know in some of your other albums you have inserted tags, receipts, and school papers. Will they be part of this album?

  • 12.
    Daniele said…

    Hey Ali, thanks for sharing your concept. I’m new at paper crafting and love the concept. I also Love the transparencies for your foundation pages but I could not find anything comparable in my local scrapbooking supply shops – not too many in my neck of the woods. I’d love to know where you got yours, were they preprinted? If not, how did you print on them? finally, what adhesive do you use to adhere things to them? On my end, I improvised with my current project, using the thick transparent binder dividers I picked up in a office supply store, which I cut down to size. It works but doesn’t have the same artistic look and feel. Thanks for responding.

    • ….
      Melissa said…

      Just wanted to let you know that I also enjoyed Ali’s transparencies and bought most of mine online at and I also picked some up at Michael’s. Hope that helps.

  • 13.
    sheri said…

    HI Ali,
    I have my chipboard cover (the red one you sampled for us) and have purchased my Daily templates that I’ll be printing on white Bazzill.

    I’ll be downloading them as PDF pages. Can I type into those if they are PDF? (I don’t really use PSE for scrapbooking) so I rely on other ways to get my scrapbooking created.


  • 14.
    Sally said…

    Hi Ali,
    I’m curious about the transparencies. I really like the look of them. You mentioned getting them at an office supply store. Do you buy them plain – or printed? I’ve looked all over for things like that, & am a little confused about the process. I’m not into the digital aspect too much – that may be my problem? Help.

    p.s. Thanks for sharing about the different “weights” of the pages – that is helpful as well… ~Sally

    • ….
      Sally said…

      Whoops – I just listened to the video again, and realized you said NOT like the ones from an office supply store. Okay, I am now googling Hambly transparencies…. =)

  • 15.
    dawn said…

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for giving us a chance to ask questions and to help us get our albums together. I have all my supplies just can’t seem to find a album. The LS stores nearby don’t have anything special so might have to drive out to Archivers to look. I would really like to make something homemade if I could though, any ideas? Also on the days you have the baseball card protectors are you making a note ahead of time to take extra pictures that day to fill in all that space? I’m worried my pictures won’t work. Do you use every picture on that specific day or do you mix them up a little to make it work in the album? Thanks again for all you do.

    • ….
      kristyn g said…

      Hi Dawn- I’m totally jumping in here :)
      for my album cover I used some plain chip board. It was a 12×12 sheet that I was given by my LSS owner. She received it as part of the packaging for an order of papers. I cut it down to size (6×8) and did a treatment similar to what Ali did on her red cover. So, you could check with your local store and see if they have any packing left over or see if they will hold some for you from their next shipment :)

    • ….
      Tina said…

      I used cut-down chip board, too, then covered it in paper that’s similar to Ali’s white cover. It’s going to be too cool.

    • ….
      Suz said…

      I made my own chipboard cover too.

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I used chipboard as well and decorated my cover to look like a front door. I punched out some green from an evergreen punch and arranged it in a circle and then used Ali’s “25″ circle in the center. I used a 7 Gypsies cranberry crystal door handle as well. Very happy with how it turned out. If you want to see it, you can check out my blog (which has sadly been neglected lately) where I have posted a picture of it. Not sure how to do a link here, so my blog address is

    • ….
      Christene said…

      Do you guys know that you can use non-scrapbooking chipboard, like cereal boxes? If you’re covering them with paint or paper, you don’t have to be too worried about the acidity, etc. When I want a heavier cover I use recycled cardboard like the USPS prior mailboxes (thank you Daisy Diva Anja!).

    • ….
      Christine said…

      I made my own chipboard cover too–and use jump rings. You could also layer felt and stitch around the edges. Anything goes!

    • ….
      Lora said…

      I found a green book at my local Goodwill. I ripped out the pages and then cut the spine out. I punched holes with my cropadile for the ring binders. The cover is very study and I love the worn book look in a Christmasy cover.

    • ….
      Christene said…

      Lora, I love that!

  • 16.
    Heather Johnson said…

    Do you have any plans for an actual digital album for those of us who are digital–sort of like the one you made for Week in The Life? Loved that one, bought it, and would be super excited if there was a December one too!

  • 17.
    JulieHollis said…

    Do you stress about the mixing of patterns and colors? Do you try and keep it all in the same tone on purpose? I have a tough time mixing up the colors and patterns. I try and push my design envelope, so I was curious if there was a way that you could help me out with the mindset of not having to have everything totally 100% match/coordinate throughout the album. Also, having done the binder rings and an album, I prefer the album approach. Do you have a preference between the two options? Thanks for taking the time for us!

    • ….
      Cynthia H said…

      On a similar note, do you keep a specific “style” in mind to stick to throughout, or do you intentionally mix it up? Or not care too much about it?

  • 18.
    Heather Bowser said…

    What do you do on the days that you have not done something Christmasy?

  • 19.
    Jeni said…

    Have you ever tried to print your own transparencies? I used to do it all the time in my corporate job when preparing presentations. Could even print in colour. But, of course, the transparencies were probably quite a bit thinner than the versions you are using.

    • ….
      Tina said…

      The challenge for me is that I had a color laser printer at work but only have a color ink-jet at home. The ink-jet ink never dries on the commercial transparencies, it just smears off. I guess you could spray it with fixative, if you have that around.

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Jeni I got some inkjet transperancies from an office supply store to print at home and they are amazing. They are thinner then the other transperancies but they have a smooth side and a rough side. They also have a strip up the top that tells you which side to print on (from memory it is the rough side) If you print them on the correct side the ink shouldn’t smear off. I have also tried the laser print ones at work and they work well too. Hope this helps!

    • ….
      Suz said…

      Yes, I too have used transparencies from my local office supply store and they do work. I think they are a bit lighter in weight than the Name Brand scrapbook ones though-but I don’t mind because it allows me more creative freedom to customize my own transparency!
      There is definitely a “right” side and a “Wrong” side to print on!

    • ….
      Pam said…

      Hi! I made my own transparencies by just using staz on ink and stamps on a clear transparency. They came out fairly well for my 1st try.

    • ….

      The scrapbook stores also sell a thicker 12×12 transparency that you could cut down to fit in your printer. It’s thicker than regular office transparencies but about the thickness of cardstock. HTH

  • 20.
    Anya said…

    Hi Ali, I LOOOVE your December Daily project. Made two last year (one for us and along the way made one for my mother-in-law who live a thousand miles away… maybe I should mention that she called and said she cried and laughed and read DD 5 times the first day and was ready to WALK that distance to see us…)

    My question: is there a list of possible activities for December? I don’t want my 2010 DD to be similar to last year. I want to include variety of pictures and activities, but I don’t always have enough ideas for every day.

    • ….
      Deborah said…

      I just love the idea of making a copy of your DD for a long-distance loved one so that they can be a part of your life — totally brought tears to my eyes when I read that. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • ….
      Tanya Watson said…

      what a great idea,did you do it identical to yur one that you kept?

  • 21.
    Amanda Smith said…

    I’ve always used purchased albums. I prefer 3-ring binders such as We-R-Memories. I’m curious, why you use self-made albums. I’m assuming that it has to do with bulk.
    I guess that simple step is the only thing holding me back. Is it as sturdy? Will it survive lots of handling? Etc.?
    Love your talents Ali!!!

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I have done two DD albums in the past, and they both (as well as my one for this year) are bound with rings the way Ali’s are. What I like about creating my own album rather than using a purchased one is that I can decide what size I want it to be, both in height and width as well as thickness. Have lots of stuff?, just get bigger rings. As far as being handled, mine are put out every holiday season and have stood up well. Don’t let this little detail hold you back. My DD albums are among my favorites.

  • 22.
    terri said…

    My question is for all of you. Do you have a blog or facebook page that you can share what you are making? I know Ali does a flicker account but I like to actually see more details than just a picture. If you do can you please share it?

    • ….
      Suz said…

      I have posted at Ali’s December Daily flickr site in the past, but I also post on my blog and then link that to Facebook. (That way I or someone else can provide more details/Q&A’s than just photos of the project. I’ve seen others post at Two Peas in A Bucket and other scrapbooking sites where there are galleries and forums.

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      Hi Terri, In answer to Dawn’s question above about covers, I included the website of my blog to show what I am doing for my cover. You can also check out my December Daily from last year. My blog address is Last year, I wanted to do a 6×12 album and just used chipboard for the covers and back-to-back cardstock or printed cardstock for the pages and bound it with rings. My DD this year will pretty much follow Ali’s except for a few modifications and my cover. I agree, it always helps (especially if you’re doing this project for the first time) to see what other people are doing.

  • 23.
    Annette said…

    After reviewing your 2010 December Daily templates, I was having trouble visualizing how you plan to add/attach your journaling to your hybrid project. Are you going to insert your templates directly into your printer and print on your already prepared pages? If so, please explain how you set up your printer to print on nonstandard size pages. Or, are you going to print your journaling on other paper, trim it,and then attach it to your template or transparent pages?

  • 24.
    Liz said…

    This is my first year doing the Dec Daily…to say I am a newbie is not even coming close. What is the best way to determine where I should be punching my holes for the rings….I bought the templates from DD…I have a feeling I might thinking too hard!!

    • ….
      Erika Bates said…

      Liz, this was my question as well. I’m very new to scrapping aside from a bit of card making and it’s my first DD too. We can do this!!! :)

      Ali, like Liz I’m wondering about hole placement. Did you have a measurement posted somewhere I missed?

    • ….
      J Allen said…

      This is my first year too. I’m starting to put things together, have my pages and overlays cut but don’t know about hole placement?
      Also, what size rings, I have what I think are 1 1/2. Do I need larger? The pages already look thick.

    • ….
      Sue said…

      I’m an absolute beginner too but love the idea of the December Daily and have also persuaded two friends to do it as well :)

      I was wondering about the holes as well, as I noticed on Ali’s that the holes are punched through the photo and I’m not sure I would like that, or would rather have a margin.

  • 25.
    Karen in VA said…

    Hi Ali, Thank you! I enjoy your blog! I did DD for the first time last year. I just finished it last month! Partly that was because I found you doing it in Dec and started then with creating the foundation and doing pages at the same time so that I was way behind by the end of Dec but I gathered photos and ephemera as I went along so I could finish it later. The other partly was because you make it look so easy! ;) This year my foundation is going to be much simpler. I’m going to use only 4×6 photos. I am using your daily templates and page size of 6×8 but I used PSE and pushed the left side of the template in so that the ring holes are outside the rectangle and the rectangle is now a good frame for a 4×6 photo. I’ve got to make it quick to put together so I can finish in Dec this year! My question is about the back of the template page. Are you thinking the back goes with the date on the front or the date on the next page? Thanks! This is fun!

  • 26.
    Jackie Bremer said…

    Really excited about doing this – am doing a white cover and found a rice type paper with gold flecks in it and will add stars on the cover. Loved the idea of the door that someone else posted! I purchased the bazill cream colored 12 x 12 paper at my LSS and now am sorry I went that route – wasn’t thinking as I will have to cut it down when I print them and will have too much waste. Wasn’t thinking -I wouldn’t have been able to get two out of it anyway.

    • ….
      Erika Bates said…

      fortunately cardstock is so handy to have around! The scraps you’ll have left will make great tags or small cards. I had to get 12X12 as well since my local shop was out of the smaller

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      My scrapbook store was out of the color I wanted in 8-1/2 x 11 and so I bought 12×12 and was glad I did. I was able to get two templates printed on one sheet with less waste and a 12×12 sheet is less expensive than two 8-1/2 x 11s. I have a wide format printer and was able to print before cutting them to size, but I think you could cut the paper in half first and then print if you don’t have a wide-format printer.

    • ….
      Heather said…

      You can cut a 12×12 sheet down to 8.5×12 and print 2 sideways on each sheet.

  • 27.
    Erika Bates said…

    Bless your sweet heart Ali, I don’t know how you do it all! I know you’ve been working on a source for your white cover paper, but have you found anything similar? I really love the simple look of it. I’m thinking about using a messy look circle stamp and clear embossing as an alternative. thank you thank you for all you do!!!

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Erica I did my cover with circles and it is much the same ad Ali’s just not white. Mine is red rice type paper and I stamped a paint circle on it by getting an old toilet paper roll and dipping the round end in paint then “stamping” it on the paper in a line. I love how it turned out! It is different each time and has texture because the circles aren’t always the same as the paint is thick in some sections and not in other sections. The cover feels rough as you can feel the texture of the paint. I don’t have a blog but can put it into the DD flickr if you would like to have a look.

  • 28.
    Erika Bates said…

    at the risk of totally hogging the q&a (sorry guys) I forgot I had one more question. I noticed that you used each of your transparency designs twice. Since I’m trying to learn as much as I can about design as I go, I wondered if this had a design purpose? Does it help the album flow or tie together or something, or just handy being able to get two pages from a sheet? It looks great by the way, just curious:)

    • ….

      Since the transparencies come 12×12, I’m assuming there are two of each design because you can get two out of one sheet. That’s what I did.

  • 29.
    leah a said…

    Hi Ali!!

    I e-mailed you this question.. not sure if you received it or not but i’ll ask it here anyways. I was just wondering if you were planning on putting the album in some kind of box or anything after it’s all completed- to keep it nice and dust free?

  • 30.
    Jess L. said…

    How often are you finishing a layout/page? Do you set aside time each day to complete a page? Even with a pre-assemble/template, I had a hard time keeping up with my DD last year –I’ve already decided to do a better job of writing daily notes/journaling, but I’m worried about getting backlogged again. (I don’t have a photo printer at home.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  • 31.
    AmyW said…

    I plan on doing a 31 day December Daily. I downloaded the #25 but was wondering if you have a 31 that I could use for the front cover. Thanks:)

  • 32.
    Lora said…

    Ali, Love the idea of a December Daily. I made one last year and it was so much fun. I think its wonderful you made a very simple album this year to encourage people to “just get started”. However I found out when I sat down to start my album, the main reason why I liked the Dec december daily is the fun I got from playing with ALL my stuff. To me this album is so liberating. I can play as much as I want! I don’t really try to work around the pictures BECAUSE I don’t have any yet! It’s an opportunity for me to be totally free. Thanks for making me feel that whatever I do, is the right thing for me! Okay, the question. I was looking for pictures from previous years. I think for your DEc 2007 album, the pictures are linked to the CK website and the links are no longer there. Is that album anyplace else?

  • 33.
    Teal Myre said…

    Ali – I love this project, and may actually try to do it this year! (Maybe I should finish April’s Week in the Life first!) 31 days, or even 25 seems kind of overwhelming to me, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t finish it. Have you seen anyone do 12 days, or Christmas week, or any other version? Or, have you seen people title their project something other than December Daily?

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I did a “12 Days of Christmas” album a few years ago and it was very doable. The past two years I have done the first 25 days of December and, while it does require a commitment, I love those albums so much that I plan to do one every year.

    • ….
      Nathalie said…

      Since my Project 365 turned into Project 143 Sticky Notes, I share your concern. I’ve decided to jump in anyhow, create the pages in advance 1-25 and then take it as it comes, so some days will have a “daily” picture and journaling and others will have random lists of things I love about this time of year or favorite holiday movies and traditions, memories from Christmas past, and cards that we got in the mail that day. I figure, there’s no way to do it wrong and whatever I do, I’ll enjoy looking back on it!

  • 34.
    Leah S said…

    Hi Ali – I have a question regarding taking indoor photos. I’m currently on day 2 of my Week in the Life project and will be participating in December Daily (just about completed my book). An issue that I’m running into that I know will come up in December is my indoor photos being yellow and grainy. My house is on the dim side to begin with so some of this is to be expected and using the flash on my Nikon D80 only washes out the subject in the foreground and darkens the areas in the background. I’ve been playing around with different settings and use a tripod at times but have not found anything that works. My questions: 1) Is there a setting, ISO, etc. that you use when taking indoor photos w/o a flash? Your photos always look quite a bit less yellow and grainy. 2) I understand that you sometime use an external flash, which one do you use or what is you advise for searching for a good external flash? Thanks Ali!

    • ….
      Heather said…

      Obviously I’m not Ali but what I do is first, turn on as many lights as I can. Then I set my ISO as high as I can, on my camera that is 1600. I shoot mostly in aperture priority (Av on my camera), and set the aperture as wide open as I can go (4.5 down to 1.8, depending the lens I’m using at the time). Finally, after I upload, I use Auto Correct or Auto Level in PSE to adjust the color if I need to.

      I don’t have any good suggestions about camera flashes since I try to avoid ever using one (and I only have the built-in on my camera too). I would think it would depend on what brand your camera is.

      Hope this helps! :)

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I also try to avoid using my flash when at all possible, using some of the same techniques that Heather uses. If I absolutely HAVE to use my flash, I use a diffuser which keeps you from getting that “blown out” look of too much flash. Ask at your camera store what type of diffuser will work with your camera. I got mine (for my Canon 40D) from It’s called a Puffer and it works really well.

    • ….
      Leah S said…

      Hi Heather & Terri, thanks for the suggestions. Heather, I adjusted my ISO and aperture last night per your specifications and it was a HUGE difference. The improvement is amazing. I’m also going to try a diffuser for when a flash is necessary. Thanks again!!!

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Leah the ISO change does make a huge difference… just a bit of friendly advice from someone who has made the “mistake” ISO 1600 photos when blown up too big can look grainy too especially if you are taking them in daylight if you forget to change the ISO back when outside :-) … I took a lot of photos of my daughter during the day outside in full light that were beautiful but taken on ISO 1600 because I forgot to change it back. They were ok but were grainy when I got them printed and got more grainy the bigger I went with the photo’s. Just thought this may save you a bit of heartache.

  • 35.
    Michelle B said…

    Do you have any favorite Christmas scrapbook products this year?

  • 36.
    rkokes said…

    I would really like to try this project, but I struggle because I have one Christmas with my family the day after Thanksgiving, and a second with just my husband and kids on Christmas Day. It is too big of a time slot to do November and December for me, so I am not sure how to handle the album. Any thoughts?

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Sorry to butt in but maybe do just a Christmas 2010 Album and don’t have timeframes/days just document your preparation for each event. What things to do you different for each event, baking for each, Santa visits, presents for different family members etc… traditions for each that sort of thing. The Christmas we have with my Family is very different to the Christmas we have with my Husbands family but it seems to work well. Hope this helps :-)

  • 37.
    Macy said…

    This is my first December Daily! I’m super excited and hope i can stick to it! I wasn’t really planning on ordering an album to put my pages in, so do you have a specific album that you recommend that is available at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s?

  • 38.
    christen said…

    i am wondering about the size of photos to use for the baseball card page protectors. i have bought several different types in the past and haven’t had luck printing out my photos to get them to fit. i usually have to crop them too much or mat them on cardstock. what size do you print them out at? thanks!

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I’ve used the baseball card pages in my past two DD albums as well as this year and the size picture that fits in them is 2-1/2 x 3-1/2.

  • 39.
    Sarah said…

    Any tips for keeping the albums durable, yet light enough for little ones to handle easily? My toddler loves photos, but I worry about failing adhesives and fragile papers.

  • 40.
    Heather said…

    My question isn’t so technical: Once your foundation is done, how do you cope with not being able to work on it anymore for the entire month of November? I am dying for December to get here so I can start taking pictures already!! LOL

    • ….
      Terri Porter said…

      I’m right there with you, Heather! Every time I go into my scrapbook room I longingly look at my DD album all ready and waiting for me to start filling it. One thing I am doing to help with the wait is taking Ali’s new Halloween Mini Album class that she just announced. I had a ton of Halloween pics, so this is the perfect thing to do to keep me busy until December comes. Check it out!

    • ….
      Heather said…

      Terri, I decided I should work on trying to finish up my Week in the Life album… you know, the one from last April!!! LOL

  • 41.
    Nicole said…

    Hi Ali, Thankyou for the opportunity to ask a few questions about the DD Album.

    I’d welcome your thoughts/comments on:
    - Incorporating photos of your Children’s Xmas crafts in the DD albums – and what do you do with the crafts after Xmas?
    - Documenting Xmas activities that occur prior to the start of December (we have our first Xmas Party next weekend!)
    - Documenting gifts given and received on Xmas day in the DD album

    - Have you thought about going back and doing DD albums for years prior to starting the DD albums (2006?)? (I think that your digital templates would be great for this)
    - Also, what adhesive do you recommend for sticking photos back to back?
    Thanks in advance – N

  • 42.
    Carrie said…

    How much of the foundation do you put together in advance, not knowing exactly what photos and what words you’ll want to include for each day? I’m not exactly sure how much room to allow, especially since my pages are different sizes. Is there a set answer to this? Or do you just flex with the pages and do it as you go? I guess what I’m struggling the most about is assigning numbers to the pages, and then being in a dilemma when I have more/less to say than that day’s page allows for.

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Carrie I struggle with the number thing myself so when I do put numbers in my foundation I just “temporarily” put them on so if I have to move them I can. I do permenantly attach some with stitching, brads etc and for these days I just go with it and work around the number. For the temporary ones I simply staple them or use repositional adhesive so I can move them if I need too.

    • ….
      Heather said…

      Carrie I struggled with that for a while too, being a total type-A control freak myself! I decided to let it go and really let in the “spirit of Ali” LOL… “it is ok.” If I have more to say, I will add in an extra page, maybe a smaller one or a different shape… if I have less to say I will use more photos, or more product to make a page that is mostly just pretty to look at. Hope this helps! ;)

  • 43.
    Michelle M said…

    I am thinking about doing a Dec. daily album but I don’t do something EVERY day in Dec. A lot of days are just very routine with work and school and not much happening to do with the holidays. I don’t want to stress out about this project but want to have fun with it. Plus, I have a wide age range of kids (15, 12 & 4) and am not sure I will have enough to go into this album. Any suggestions?

  • 44.
    Rhonda said…

    I would love to add charms to my binding but with the rings I’m kind of stumped. Do you have any suggestions on how to attach those oh-so-necessary do-dads?

  • 45.
    Suzie Perrie said…

    Does your husband get involved in the December Daily process? If so, how? I am doing this to document my son’s first Christmas and I want my husband involved too, but with him being gone 17 days out of the 25 I need some ideas on how to do this without focusing on the fact that he was gone.

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Suzie My husband travels lots too and I struggle with how to make him more involved as well. This year for my album I have asked him to write our daughter a letter to be included in the album not just one from “us” but one from each of us so she can gain a different perspective from us both. Another thing I do is take photo’s of when she is “on the phone” with him – this is just simply a photo of her with the phone as she is only 2 and doesn’t hold it up to her ear yet, but I put the phone on speaker and let her hold it so she can “talk”.

      Another thing I do is when we Skype I take photo’s of that and it is really cool to see your husband on the computer and us looking at him. My daughter loves this! Another idea is get him to document his days away by writing something and taking a photo or 2 of what he does on those days. I find that it still documents our December eventhough we aren’t doing it together. My husband took photo’s last year of the santa in the shopping centre in the town he was in. That was really cool! Hope this helps and sorry Ali for hijacking your question time! :-)

  • 46.
    Robyn said…

    Do you do anything to reinforce the holes in the paper/transp so they don’t tear down the road? do you use just a regular hole punch? Ilove this! I love everything you do!!

  • 47.
    kate said…

    I haven’t read all the questions, but mine would be – how do you punch the pages evenly? When making a lot of minibooks – I have a problem punching. I can’t get through more than a few at a time by hand and then it’s hard to line up with the rest of the pages. Would you suggest drilling or something else? Thanks!

    • ….
      Paula in Australia said…

      Hi Kate I make a template out of a bit of hardish cardboard and punch the holes in it first. Then I lay it on the other pages and punch the holes with it on top so all the holes line up. Hope you can understand this easily.

  • 48.
    Jeanal said…

    Hi My question is I would prefer to use a album instead of the rings probably like a small 3 ring binder style so i can add or move pages easily. Do you have suggestion for one that would be thick enough to hold all the pages I’am thinking 8×8 for size.

  • 49.
    hannahk said…

    Hi Ali, I’ve been reviewing my DD09 album and thinking about this year’s version. I loved making the album and for each date page I faithfully recorded an event or task that happened on that day. But I am wondering about making it looser this year and not being so rigid on keeping it in date order. Maybe just fill in what ever comes to mind each day, be that an event that day or something I want to remember from another day or even year. So my question is:

    How do you approach what to put on each page? Before Dec 1 arrives do you have a list of things you know you want to record and date in mind for each topic? Do you capture just things that happen on that day specifically or make a page from another memory and place it in any order?

    Thanks, Hannah

  • 50.
    KENDRA said…

    First off…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I have a question……You have already created the “foundation” for your December Daily project. Once December starts, do you print pictures as you go? Do you wait until January to print and assemble?