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November 30, 2010

Holiday Storage

Q FROM FRANZISKA : You often write about storing your holiday-stuff all together. That means not only decoration but also albums, books and much more. I’m a little curious how your store all these things. In boxes labeled and with a list maybe? And another question came to my mind: do you toss away and sort out things when unpacking the holiday boxes? Or how do you manage keeping the amount of holiday stuff manageable? I like the idea of keeping all the holiday stuff together. I didn’t do that with for example CDs. Maybe the holiday baker’s books can be put there, too.

AE : I’m a big fan of tubs. These holiday tubs (and everything you see in the photo above) is stored in our garage. The only thing missing from this photo is another large tub that holds our exterior lights and the three or so boxes for my fake trees (I just put them back in their original packaging boxes). Everything holiday goes into these tubs at the end of December: movies, ornaments, December Daily albums, Christmas books and other decorations – it all comes back out again the following December.

I don’t have any lists to go along with these tubs – just a label on the outside that says “xmas.”

In addition to putting it all away, I’m also a big fan of only having things that we really love. Over the years we’ve collected things that are just extra – extra decorations, etc that I’m not choosing to pull out of the tubs for one reason or another. This year one of my goals as I pull stuff out of the tubs is to have a box on hand for donations. I’ve attempted to do that at the end of the season before but usually by then I’m so over the stuff that I just end up putting it all away in the tubs (even the things that we might not really love and enjoy).

Last year I ordered the Ornament Storage Boxes from Amazon (one stacked on top of the other on the right side of the photo). They were pricey but they are really nice and secure and sturdy. My plan is that one will be for Anna and one for Simon. Right now neither of them have enough ornaments to fit in one box, but as they gather them over the years this will be their home. I’m currently storing generic ornaments in addition to the what the kids have in these boxes. My personal ornaments are stored in an awesome fabric box my Grandma Cathy made when I was a child.

I really don’t want any more than this amount of tubs (4 tubs + the 2 ornament boxes).

This is really a transition year for us in terms of decorations. I’m taking it slowly as I pull out each thing and thinking more about where (and if) I want to have it here in our new place.

I love it when it comes inside from the garage in late November/early December and I love it when it goes back out!

Do you have a holiday storage system? Any favorite tips to share?


  • 1.
    dawn said…

    Thanks for sharing. I have been more careful and picky about what we put out too. I can’t believe all your stuff fits in these, awesome.

  • 2.
    susan w said…

    We use tubs too. My husband and son pulled them all down from the attic the other day. I was thinking about making a donation box as well. There are just some things that we never use anymore. I am hoping to stream line what we have this year. I also have a special box for my son’s ornaments. He looks forward to bringing his box down every November.

  • 3.
    Brooke said…

    We have an ornament storage box that fits almost all of our tree decorations (we are just starting out). I love how it’s segmented and keeps things organised. I’ve even made an insert to go into one of the compartments to further segment it for our tiny nutcracker ornaments. Putting things away is so much easier when everything has it’s own little space.

    Ali your ornament box from your Grandma is one of my all time favourite gift ideas. We are onto year 3 of giving ornaments to my son. I hope by the time he’s 21 I’ll be able to quilt and make him a box similar to yours!

  • 4.
    Diane said…

    Although I love your ornament boxes, I’ve found a more practical way to store ours. The plastic containers that Costco apples are packed in are perfect for storing ornaments and several then fit neatly inside our tubs.

  • 5.
    Lisa W. said…

    Well how nice to here how others “store”. My system is EXACTLY the same as yours. Tubs “all” Christmas things. AND yes for the third year in a row. Everthing got put back. This year I am making a commitment to donate things I am no longer putting up. And hoping a cut back on a storage tub or two. Thanks for sharing. Just curious though…when you say you put all in tubs in your garage (as I do) even all your phote albums like December Daily. Do they stay ok with all the change of seasons in your garage.??

  • 6.
    Ria Dixon said…

    Well… I am completely in love with the personalized ornament box from your Aunt… how sweet! I am also a big fan of giving away things that I don’t seem to put up these past few years… I’m hoping to get a day this week to go through the Christmas tubs and make a box to give to my sons school… they always find a good home for little treasures.

  • 7.
    Marit said…

    We have tubs and boxes for the ornaments and decoration things. And we have 2 baskets for the holiday books.
    In my basket there are my december dailys from the last two years, a collection of old christian advent calendars, some of my martha stewart holiday books, some favourite recipe magazines and the holiday issues of my favorite magazines.

    The basket sits on the window bench in our kitchen/family room, and everyone who sits down for a cup of tea or coffee takes one of the books or magazines and starts browsing. i love that, and putting the baskets together starts bringing me in christmas mood.

    In may sons basket there are all of his favourite holiday books from yesterday and today. The basket sits next to his bed, so he can reach everything everytime.

    here is mine:
    here is my son’s:

    sorry for my horrible english!

    Greetings from Marit from Germay

  • 8.
    Jude said…

    I have 6 large tubs that I keep my ornaments in. I have a clean out every year when I take them out and put them away. I keep some of the really treasured pieces in their original packaging – especially if they have shaped foam inserts and the contents are breakable. I have been eyeing off the ornament storage at the shops and I am hoping to pick some new storage up in the after Christmas sales.

  • 9.
    nerdgrl said…

    I have one huge tub for the tree, and two smaller tubs for the ornaments/lights/table decorations. There’s a fourth original packing box for the tabletop “Santa Scene.” The main ornament box has many boxes inside of it to hold all my “non-ball” ornaments, of which I have a ton.

    Like you, Ali, my Mom started giving us ornaments when we were very young so “that when you go out on your own you will have enough ornaments and memories for your own tree.” I so totally love this idea. Every year when I put the ornaments on the tree, I remember the times with my Mom (gone 9.5 years now), decorating the tree.

  • 10.
    christen said…

    i thought i should share with everyone something i learned this weekend! we live in an area that flooded this summer. i always assumed that the tubs were waterproof, but my sister pulled her stuff out of her basement this weekend and most of her holiday decorations were ruined. so make sure they are up off the ground!

  • 11.
    hannahk said…

    Ali thanks for a great tip on donating as you UNPACK rather than when it is time to pack things up again. I’m so going to try to do it this year.

    I love your grandma’s ornament box. so pretty. Currently I use an assortment of pretty packaging boxes from shops like Tiffany and Godiva (their round chocolate boxes work a treat) ~ I have been known to go into stores and beg for unwanted boxes ~ I don’t mind that they might be slightly damaged ~ it all adds to the worn and loved look. These are then stacked in a clear stacking tub and stored under the stairs.

  • 12.
    RobynS said…

    We use tubs for everything. My husband calls me “The Queen of Plastic Tubs”. Our issue is heat in the Georgia summer (lots of 100+ days) and insects. I did not have this problem in Wisconsin. As a result I have had to upgrade tubs over the years. I have to have tubs withour any holes. This year I am trying to weed out. I am a big collector of Hallmark Ornaments and I decided to release myself from all of the boxes. It brings the value down but I have decided my children will have to deal with that after I am gone. It was a big relief to get rid of them. My other issue that I have not resolved is artwork and crafts that my children have made. I still have those in the boxes.

    • ….
      Carol said…

      I had to laugh about you getting rid of the Hallmark ornament boxes … my in-laws gave my 3 kids Hallmark ornaments for years and I got tired of the boxes and threw them away. When I mention this people will say “but they aren’t worth as much now”. I just laugh as we’ll never get rid of them, so who cares how much other people think they are “worth” as they are worth the world to my kids.

    • ….
      Heather said…

      I have a bunch of the Hallmark ornaments too but have kept all the boxes. For me it’s not a value consideration, I just think the plastic inserts can protect the ornaments better than if they were loose in a box.

  • 13.
    Michelle M said…

    I store all my Christmas decorations in tubs all in the same place too. But I label the boxes with the general location that most of the stuff usually goes in…for example, Christmas–Living Room, Christmas–Kitchen, and so on. Then I stick everything Christmas related from that area into that box. With the kitchen, that includes any towels, runners, books, pictures, knick-knacks, etc. When we bring up the boxes, we can take them directly to the right room and go from there. It cuts down on having to think too much and makes things move faster when decorating. Plus it allows me to systematically go at each room, complete it, and then take those boxes back down before bringing others up. It keeps our house less torn apart, and makes the job of decorating quick and fun…and less overwhelming.

    I also started a box for donations of the things I no longer love or never knew what to do with in the first place :o ) We have a mission in Detroit who has a Christmas present room for kids and husbands to pick out a nice gift for their mom or spouse. They are happy to receive even gently-used items so long as they still look nice. Knowing this makes it is easier to part with items I am no longer using even when there is some sentimental value :O)

    I really like the idea of a kid’s box of ornaments! I was unpacking our family tree when I realized I was slowly forgetting where some of my son’s bulbs had come from. I am thinking of not only getting a box, but maybe sticking a little note in each spot identifying who, why, when and where the bulb came from. Thanks for the great idea!

  • 14.
    Monika Wright said…

    This year, I am carefully examining each thing we display. Basically, if it doesn’t have a story it doesn’t make the cut. Several items can be gifted with yummy holiday treats packaged inside. Several things will be donated. And only the most treasured items will remain.

    We also make ornaments each year. The kids each make one, and I label them with their names and the year. We also make a few extra for our family tree. This way, each of the kiddos will have a collection of family memories to place on their own trees when they have families of their own. How cool for them to be off in their first apartment and have a little box of “home” right there with them.

  • 15.
    Susan Raihala said…

    Great minds think alike, LOL! I do exactly the same thing with our decorations and books, though I do leave the scrapbooks on the bookshelf in our library year-round. We also have ornament boxes for the children. Last year, I started purging our “extra” decorations, too. We had so much stuff that wasn’t “us” and it needed to go. Some more will go away this year as well.

  • 16.
    Laura Deutsch said…

    I am a big believer in tubs too! However, I keep one Christmas tub within reach all year. I fill it with wrapping paper, gift bags and misc. holiday items. That way when I find things on clearance during the year I just drop it in the Christmas box! Another thing I do is keep all my handmade stockings in my bedroom closet. We had a big fire in town 2 years ago and as I was packing my car to evacuate I really wanted my children’s stockings but had no time to go in the attic. Now I know in an emergency I can grab my photos and stockings and leave!

  • 17.
    Janell said…

    I just took that exact photo a few weeks ago when I got my Christmas stuff out!

    My sister taught me a great method for decorating. You buy one (or more if needed) big bin for EACH room, and ONLY put the decorations from THAT room in it.

    When it’s time to decorate, or put away, it’s so simple to tackle one room at a time and cuts your set-up/clean-up time in half!

    • ….
      Karin Podolski said…

      I love the idea of one tub per room. We have several tubs,and some lunatic must have packed the stuff up, because each tub has stuff in it from EVERY room of the house!

    • ….
      Renee Richins said…

      That is a great idea! I’m so overwhelmed trying to figure out where everything should go, so this tip should really help out next year.

  • 18.
    jackie said…

    i keep all of our christmas decor in green and red plastic bins. our christmas movies get put in the back of our collection…and in early november we start bringing them back up to the front. my christmas scrapbooks stay out year round. i love to pick up new christmas books to read throughout the season…and then, they get put away in the back of my bookshelf after the season.

  • 19.
    Gina Crowley said…

    Mine looks almost the same, except I store them in red bins in our crawlspace. I should put the movies/books in there too!

  • 20.
    pidge said…

    As I still live at home, my mom keeps all of our stuff in totes. And we also have a few atificial tress.
    We have a special tradition where my dad makes or paints us an ornament every year. He and my mom also have a “together” ornament. AND my mother has three types of decorations — red/green, burgandy/gold, and the homemades. So every year we have a choice of the three styles (which is fun and keeps things different.) It is a lot of totes! But yestday my mother divided up the homemades (because my sister is planning to be married by this time next year) and I have to admit — I’m glad my mother has kept all this stuff! We have homemade decorations from the grandmas and little gifts and such from friends. Its all special and it’s amazing what we fight over even 20+ years later!

  • 21.
    JulieinAustralia said…

    Mmmm….this topic gives me an idea…every year I pull out a couple of boxes of collected decorations from the Xmas cupboard that will never be used because they just arent my style…they are just ‘wrong’. So I just close the lids and put them back again…why…well I never really thought about it…I just do it!
    But…my niece is having a Scouts garage sale/fund raiser next March…I think I know now where all those ‘wrong’ decorations will be going. Dont know why I didnt think of this before…pass them on…someone will think they are ‘just right’. perfect…

  • 22.
    brandy messer said…

    i also do the tub thing and just write with a sharpie about which room it belongs in…but i am a little cautious to put my scrapbooks up with the rest of the decorations…we store all of ours in an attic and the temp. took it’s toll on some of my halloween decorations…they actually melteed and stuck together…wondering if it might have the same effect on my scrapbooks and cd’s???

    • ….
      Karin said…

      Absolutely! The temperatures in an attic and even a garage can damage ornaments and scrapbooks. Plastic tubs are also not good for any treasured pieces because the chemicals from the plastic can damage items. Acid free tissue and acid free boxes are best.

  • 23.
    Amanda D said…

    We do it similar to how you do. We have three big bins that all the Christmas stuff goes in. I don’t want more than three so once we start getting a little full, I’ll have to get rid of the stuff I don’t really love. It seems like each year, I put a few less things out so it might be time get rid of the things that I haven’t put out in the last year or two.

    One of the box has everything that we need for the tree – ornaments, lights, tree skirt; and the other two have the decorations for the rest of the house as well as the huge stack of Christmas books. We also have a cardboard box of outdoor Christmas lights in the garage.

    Great post!

  • 24.
    Rhonda Coombs said…

    Love the idea of preparing the donation box early. I feel the same way about wanted to thin out the decorations but I am too exhausted post Christmas. Thanks for a great idea.

  • 25.
    noell said…

    I love the green non-plastic boxes! I’m avoiding plastic whenever possible and definitely prefer quality and long-lasting over cheap.

    I think I have 3-4 plastic tubs plus the artificial tree plus the outdoor lights. I can’t keep my albums with the other xmas stuff because it will heat up beyond 115 degrees here. Your garage doesn’t get too moist for the albums, Ali?

    In terms of organization — I keep my tree decorations in two boxes, my “mantel” (ahem, tv cabinet) in another box, etc. That way, I can just grab one box and spend an hour that day with just that one box. The next day we can pull out the tree and spend a few hours on the tree. After that the long cabinet in the back of the living room, etc.

    I like working on one box at a time.

    And I did donate one or two boxes worth of very nice decorations that just never really resonated with me a couple years ago. I loved doing that.

  • 26.
    TracyBzz said…

    I have a Holiday Closet downstairs. The top shelf is for Easter, Birthday, Halloween. The rest is for Christmas. If I want to buy something new I need to get rid of something old since the closet is 95% full! I have the small box of cds, dvds, books in the front becuase we pull them out first and put them away last.

  • 27.
    Candace said…

    We too use colored tubs. Red / Green for Xmas and Orange / Black ones for Halloween. We donated a lot of misc items last year and it felt good! Spreading xmas cheer to others is a great feeling! I hadn’t thought of putting the holiday books and such in the bins! That will make them so much more special next season! Like we got new storybooks! haha

  • 28.
    Di said…

    As always great ideas. We too use tubs, ours are clear which helps know what is inside with out digging through it. For smaller decorations, or extra fragile ones egg cartons work great. They are a little out of control in the Qty department, and this year I will be sorting them all and sending alot to the local thrift store… time to pass along a few good things that we have outloved and let someone else love them.

  • 29.

    Same here with the tubs and ornament boxes! And when the floods hit a few years ago – I was SO GRATEFUL for this storage!

  • 30.
    jendcnguyen said…

    I’ve had my christmas tree up since November 1st!! I was just too eager to get started for the holidays. =)

    It’s only my 4th christmas having my own home so I don’t have too much decorations…yet. I just usually store my fake pre-lit tree in it’s original box. For my ornaments, I make one each year for my son (and now daughter this year). My question to everyone is, how do you store your ornaments safely and into a nice little system? Last year, I just stored them in between the christmas tree skirt in a little underbed bin and wrapped each with newspaper. I don’t know where to find an inexpensive ornaments container. Does anyone have suggestions? As well as for wrapping paper! How do you store it so it doesn’t get bent or crinkled? I always end up buying MORE wrapping paper the following year.


  • 31.
    liz kartchner said…

    that is so awesome–I didn’t know you stored your dec daily albums with the decor. I love that ideas so much! so you can pull them out every year.

  • 32.
    Sheri Twing said…

    Oh how I love this topic! I have over 50 totes and tubs of Christmas decorations so I have to be organized. Each tub is numbered and then I have an Excel spreadsheet that lists each tub and what is inside. When it’s time to decorate, I print out the spreadsheet and go to the exact tote that has what I’m looking for! It’s worked for me for several years now. I have a post about it on my blog today if you want to see more!

  • 33.
    Nancy L said…

    I use tubs also but since we have been married 30 years I have a collection of several tubs. Thus I have a binder with a list of what is in each tub (this makes it easier to repack the tubs after Christmas and if something is missing I go look for it. That cuts down the finding of Christmas items days after you thought you had packed everything away and then having to find a place to store the ‘found’ item). Also before I take down the decorations each year, I take a picture of where everything was so I don’t have to spend time figuring out where I put things the previous year or remember that I had changed some arrangement and liked it better. These pictures are also stored in the binder. The list also has little notations such as this item will eventually be given to one daughter or son or future grandchild. I store the binder in a specific place until the next holiday season arrives. The binder is actually a ringed photo album from Target so it is easy to slip in and out new pictures each year. If I have bought new or additional decorations I add them to the list.

  • 34.

    We use tubs too – some big and some not as big – and each is labeled with Christmas -and the room the contents decorate ['Christmas - Boys' hall" or Christmas - kitchen", etc.] I’m blessed to have a walk-in attic but because of the storage space I can tend to collect a little too much holiday spirit so every couple of years I pull it all out into the playroom and sort / discard. [My husband says it looks like Santa has sneezed during those days - ha] Less is more, for sure -

  • 35.
    Gretta said…

    Ali, I love to read your blog on a daily basis and learn so much. I have one question though….have you ever thought of making the text font black? For some reason, I find it so difficult to read (NO, I don’t need glasses:). It just seems like black would be a little easier on the eyes. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • 36.
    Heather said…

    I have a couple of tubs, one for ornaments and one for everything else tree-related (skirt, topper, garlands, etc). I have not done much decorating around the house but this year I seem to be more inclined to do so, so I may need to add a tub for whatever things I buy. For our prelit tree I have one of those tree storage bags. We love it! The first year we tried to get it back in the box it came in for storage but it was just NOT HAPPENING. LOL

    The tree and the tubs go up in the attic, but since I live in Houston, TX I have to store the more delicate things inside the house. (The attic gets super-hot almost year-round and the garage is both too hot and too humid.) I have a Sterilite cart with 4 big drawers in my master bedroom closet that I use to organize the “special” holiday items – like the handmade felt stockings my dad made, candles, scrapbooks, etc. I have 2 drawers for Christmas, 1 for Easter and 1 for Halloween. The drawers are also handy for if I buy something during the year, I just toss it in there until the season rolls around.

    I hadn’t thought about our books and movies, maybe this year would be a good time to address that! Until now they just live on the shelves with our “regular” books and movies, the kids just know not to read/watch them unless it’s December! lol

    I need to do some purging too. My husband’s grandmother has been cleaning out her extensive collection of generic ornaments and decorations, and somehow most of it seems to have made its way into our house, though it’s nothing that any of us really love.

  • 37.
    Sue TR said…

    ooooohhh…as I write this I am fearing going into the attic part of the 3rd floor and starting to retrieve Christmas things…Electrician moved stuff around when he was re-wiring this summer (God bless ‘em on July 4th no less!) and I haven’t had the stomach to deal.

    I have tubs, sturdy cardboard boxes, more cardboard boxes, and plastic garbage bags (for wreaths etc…they stuff well into the low parts of the eves of the attic) I’d love a better ornament storage system…right now they’re all in their original boxes in 3 huge tubs, for a number of the really odd shaped ones-which is mostly what i have- this is the best solution as they wouldn’t fit well into a partitioned box. I do want better storage for special and antique ornaments.

    My best tip is to cut “slabs” of cardboard to fit standing up into a carton and wrap your lights around the cardboard, then you can slide them into the box on end. I tape a cutout of the box on the cardboard so I know how big the strand is. That has been working great although this year am going to re-do when I put away as I’m dumping most of my old, crummy worn out lights in favor of new led ones.

    Ali-I’m with you, I have to weed out too…I have enough to decorate two houses !! Maybe when I’m done with DD :-)

  • 38.
    Franziska said…

    thanks so much for answering my questions. I got so much to think about. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you!

  • 39.
    Dawn said…

    I do the box for each kids’ ornaments too…and sadly, at age 4 and 8, my kids have plenty of ornaments for their own boxes! One thing extra I do is to keep a journal in the box (one for each kid) that explains the significance of each ornament. Most of the ornaments my kids have have very meaningful stuff attached to them, either whom they were received from or where we bought them (on vacation, etc). I think it will make a great record one day when they are decorating their first tree as a newly wed or first time parent.

  • 40.
    Diane said…

    More or less the same way I do our Christmas things but we put them in our loft space. Thanks for sharing about the bauble boxes. Those are lovely and a great idea. I love that you love it when you get everything out but also when it’s time to put everything back! I think it must be true for us all ;)

  • 41.
    Rhonda Z said…

    I, too, like to store my decorations in totes. I have green and red totes for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween/Fall and pastel totes for Spring/Easter. It’s easy to find what I am looking for when I enter the shed.

  • 42.
    Tanya Watson said…

    for mums grand kids (so my kids and my brother and sisters kids) mum would buy them a stocking each for there first xmas and a decoration an a decoration every following year, so my kids both have a small collection of decorations each for when they leave home in many years to come, but its nice to get them each year and such a great idea…now ive got the two kids i take photos each year and add that into daily december so i have a record of whos is whos and what year they got them….i love this time of year

  • 43.
    Leora Henkin said…

    I have two big orange tubs (kind of like yours) for Halloween. One has costume stuff and the other has decorations, ribbons, goody bags, placemats etc. OUr tubs live in the garage, too!

  • 44.
    Nancy said…

    Ali I also use tubs. I kept my kids ornaments as they grew up and they both enjoy putting them out now on their own trees. I am now saving a box for my grandson. He’s 6 and loves to look at “his” ornaments, lol. I make most of my ornaments and am finding it hard to find the right box to store them in. I got some clearenced boxes last year but I’m really not liking them. So the search continues. I love Christmas!!

  • 45.
    Ali said…

    I also love tubs. As mine are stored in a storage unit 5 miles from home I have to be really clear about labelling so my husband can find and retrieve what I want easily, otherwise he will get irritated and not bother looking further! I store Advent things in one box as they come out end Nov. We do our tree around 18/20 Dec as we now use a real one and being in the Southern Hemisphere we don’t have a long time before the needles fall off in the heat! I have another box for wreaths, and then last year I sorted my decorations by colour and so I only retrieve the colours I need each year. Last year it was red and gold and this year my colours are silver, white and hot pink. This colour sorting has meant some half full boxes, but I figure that over time they will gradually get filled as I buy ornaments that I like in the sales in January. I also have a tub for misc Christmas things such as specific cookbooks, cds, the nativity set etc – the stuff I get out every year.

  • 46.
    Lalia H said…

    3 years ago I decorated and then purged nearly everything that didn’t get set out. It was LIBERATING. I also gave the entire box to some friends who didn’t have a lot to spend on decorations and it was wonderful to BLESS them too!

  • 47.
    Kim Ward said…

    Hi Ali,

    I have recenlty purchased some templates from “Designer Digital” and I am having some problems being able to open them to my Adobe photoshop. Is there something you can recommend? I am anxious to use them…especially the 25 days of Christmas.

    Thank you for your time.

    p.s. when is the deadline for your online workshop registration?

  • 48.
    Cristiane said…

    Hi Ali,
    I do get boxes that looks alike, like yours, and label only the outside with “Christmas decor” Christmas lights” Christmas Ornaments. I’m a label person. I don’t have a list of what I have inside of these boxes as I have for my books and other storage boxes.
    I got a wreath case this year and two wrapping paper boxes. One for paper, of course, and the other one for my scarecrow (from Michaels’)that I used during October/November. It fits perfectly.
    I like the idea of starting a ornament box for both of my girls. That’s interesting. I’ll try to do it this year.
    I don’t want to have more than four medium size plastic containers for Christmas stuff, so I may be donating stuff this year. Hopefully!
    My Christmas Tree and train that goes at the bottom of it stay in the storage we rent (this house we are right now is too small).
    Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and happy holidays.

  • 49.
    Amy said…

    This is an extra tip for all those with ornaments you buy and keep for your kids. Consider taking a fine tip Sharpie and discreetly writing your child’s first name and the year they received the ornament on it. My mother did this for me and my brothers from the day we were born – buying at least one special ornament per year. It is so fun for me (and for my children) when we decorate the tree and I can say my mom got me this ornament the year I was 2 or 12 or 28.

    I’ve been doing that for my children since each of their births. I try to find them at least one ornament per year that relates to some significant thing in their life that year. It adds layers to the memories as the ornaments are hung and displayed on the tree.

  • 50.
    Michele Mc said…

    I use a similar system with plastic bins. I put up three trees so I try to keep the ornaments for each in their own labeled bins. I do keep the original boxes for some of the more delicate and special ornaments. The tree we put in our basement is Disney themed so it contains all of the ornaments that we have collected on our trips to Disney World. Some of those ornaments come in their own perfect “storybook” storage so those go into a larger box to keep them protected.

    I just bought a replacement for one of my artificial trees so I will be putting the old one out for the veterans collection tomorrow. If time permits, I would love to add some decorations to that because I know there are some that I consistently set aside each year and don’t know what to do with them.

    I enjoyed reading the entry and all of the comments. Fun topic!

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