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I received a request a couple week's ago from a woman in Alabama who has been living through the recent tornado devastation. She's doing Project Life and wondered if I had any hand-drawn packages that included words related to disaster and devastation. I didn't.

I emailed her back and asked her if she had a list of words she'd like to see. This set is a compilation of her list and a couple I added. I loved that her list included both words of loss and hope.

I'm offering this set for free in the hopes that it will encourage more people to tell their own real life stories.

Download Love In Action here.

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  1. yanina

    2011-05-20 23:28:56 -0400

    Thanks Ali!

  2. Debbie in AZ

    2011-05-21 01:38:11 -0400

    Thank you very much Ali!

  3. pidge

    2011-05-21 15:30:40 -0400

    Ali this is such a beautiful gift. Thank you ever so much! You have been such an inspiration to me = just so generous with your classes, art, and time. Thanks a million.

  4. Barbara

    2011-05-21 23:38:38 -0400

    Thank you for the freebie. I always love your handwriting. I lived in Alabama for 4 years and am thankful that I never had to live through a disaster. I am still praying for the people in Alabama and I'm greatful that my friends are all ok. I will use these to journal my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Terry D

    2011-05-21 23:50:49 -0400

    Thank You Ali!

  6. mrshobbes

    2011-05-22 01:42:48 -0400

    Hi Ali, thank you very much! This wordart set got me thinking about "LOVE IN ACTION"--how it manifests. Am going to brainstorm and see if I can't scrap about it :) Thank you again!

  7. AshleyM

    2011-05-22 08:47:37 -0400

    Ali, thanks for making these. My Grandmother died two and a half years ago literally in the middle of Hurricane Ike. We planned her funeral without electricity and with the rawest emotions I have ever seen. I did document my feelings and thoughts then about her death and my feelings, and how my family dealt with it. I would like to go back though, and document how I feel now. How I still ache when I see someone die suddenly in a movie or see that a hurricane has struck tragedy in someone's life, or when I think about how different our family is without her- it is broken. How my Grandfather still cannot talk about her without his voice breaking. I think people hear about rebuilding after hurricanes/tornadoes/earthquakes/etc, and they seem to think things are getting a lot better for those families, but it is so much harder than our family could have ever imagined. We are getting there though.

  8. Vera

    2011-05-22 20:11:54 -0400

    Although I hope to never have to use some of the words in this set, i appreciate why it is out there and thank you for the download. We've had our share of disasters and understand that it too, deserves to be remembered and documented.

  9. Mickey Gray

    2011-05-22 20:28:17 -0400

    Oh Ali - you have to be one of the most thoughtful people in the world - sorry we have many these words in our lives, but thank you for giving us a beautiful way to express them

  10. Erica Hettwer

    2011-05-22 22:21:12 -0400

    Thank you so very much for this. We haven't experienced a large disaster but we had a near tragedy in our own backyard a few weeks ago and we nearly lost our son. I've been blogging the accident and our stay at Doernbecher's as a kind of therapy as well as for our family record. When I'm up to scrapping it, some of these words will help so much. Thank you.

  11. Paprika65

    2011-05-23 03:57:14 -0400

    Hi Ali!

    Thank you so much for these words!!

  12. darlene

    2011-05-24 01:27:10 -0400

    oh how generous of you ali. God bless your kind heart.

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  15. Stephanie Medley-Rath

    2011-05-26 10:37:25 -0400

    Thanks for the download. It is really great to see product that reflects tragedy. There is a perception among non-scrapbookers that scrapbookers sugarcoat our lives in our scrapbooks, but we don't. We do scrapbook the negative. We do scrapbook tragedies. We do scrapbook the crap that everyone else deals with. Thanks for acknowledging that we don't just scrapbook the positive aspects of our lives.

  16. Sandi

    2011-05-28 15:32:52 -0400

    Thank you very much for being so kind and generous.

  17. Kelly

    2011-06-10 22:41:42 -0400

    Thanks ali - my family is living in Chch after the earthquakes we've had there. it will be good to have something like this to include in the layouts we're putting together. thanks for your generosity.

  18. tiffany h.

    2011-06-11 18:12:35 -0400

    Thank you for this word art set. You are so very generous.

  19. P.J.

    2011-06-12 19:58:53 -0400

    Ali, I wanted to thank you for these words. While it doesn't include "flood", it makes me realize I can, should, and will include the flooding along the Missouri River. It took us 37 hours this week to evacuate our home and leave it still dry in preparation of flooding in our neighborhood.
    Standing high on a bluff next to the river today and seeing all the farmland and homes that are already underwater was awesome (not in a good feeling way). While we are blessed to be out, it is still scaring to watch the water creep closer and closer.

  20. Erika

    2011-06-15 08:22:02 -0400

    thank you Ali - so powerful. I am deeply touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness!

  21. Jennifer

    2011-06-20 12:05:42 -0400

    Hi Ali...i wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful word art, I have thankfully not had to experience any weather devastation but i was looking for word art to remember my daughter who passed away at only 35 weeks. It is really hard for me to put into words all my feelings and your words have prompted me to journal this traumatic event. Thanks again Ali!

  22. Heather Hare

    2011-06-26 21:39:11 -0400

    Hi Ali, I know this comment is coming very late after your post, but I just wanted to add my thanks as well. Since moving to Houston, TX in 2000 we have lived through 2 hurricanes (Rita in 2005 and Ike in 2008). These are definitely major events in our lives that I think deserve a place in our family's scrapbook. Your word art will help me tell the stories with style... Thank you so much, as always, for sharing your time and talents with the world. :)

  23. Marsha

    2011-08-05 22:18:27 -0400

    I was home when the tornadoes went through Madison, AL. I was without electricity for 9 days. I was very lucky. My home was still standing and only one tree in the front yard fell. The ones in the back did not matter, because they were in the woods. Thank you for your generosity.

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