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May 19, 2011

Free Digital Word Art | Love In Action

I received a request a couple week’s ago from a woman in Alabama who has been living through the recent tornado devastation. She’s doing Project Life and wondered if I had any hand-drawn packages that included words related to disaster and devastation. I didn’t.

I emailed her back and asked her if she had a list of words she’d like to see. This set is a compilation of her list and a couple I added. I loved that her list included both words of loss and hope.

I’m offering this set for free in the hopes that it will encourage more people to tell their own real life stories.

Download Love In Action here.


  • 1.
    JeanD said…

    Thanks Ali, these are wonderful words for all sorts of disasters. Our part of the world has had devastating floods and fires over the last few years. You are very generous.

  • 2.
    Linda J said…

    This gift brings me to tears this morning. My mother went into hospice care this week, and just reading your words brings so many feelings to the surface that I have not been able to express. Thank you Ali.

  • 3.
    Dorothy F said…

    Thanks so much, Ali. We suffer hurricanes and fires in South Florida and unfortunately, I have had use for these words. Thanks for your kindness and giving them to us for free.

  • 4.
    Astrea said…

    Many thanks for these words Ali:)

  • 5.
    Sheila Miller said…

    Thank you Ali. Our first home was in Tuscaloosa, AL. This is so sweet of you.

  • 6.
    Lisa W. said…

    You are amazing!

  • 7.
    Paula in Australia said…

    Oh Ali you are too much. Thank you so so very much for this gift. My family and my husband’s family have gone through horrific flooding and a massive cyclone (tropical system bigger then Hurricane Katrina) and these words will for sure be in my PL for these weeks. Thanks again so much and lets hope that we don’t need to use them too often (no offence to your talent and work). Bless you.

  • 8.
    Claire said…

    Thanks Ali.
    I am from Christchurch which currently is recovering from two major earthquakes and happened to be in Japan at the time of the earthquakes and tsunami there. I have lots of images I would like to incorporate into my scrap booking and these words will be a great starting point!

  • 9.
    audra said…

    Ali, how kind you are to do this – THANK YOU!

  • 10.
    Lynne said…

    what a lovely thing for you to do…

  • 11.
    Maureen said…

    Thank you for creating and sharing these Ali. I just completed my PL pages from the week that those tornados came through our area (I am in North GA). I have not uploaded those to my website yet but they will be there soon. I may go back in and re-edit some of the images to include your words… Thank you for sharing these with everyone.

  • 12.
    christen said…

    amazing words – thanks!

  • 13.
    Ellen Coker said…


    Thank you for sharing with the woman from Alabama and for sharing with all of us. This is a lovely story to inspire each reader’s own stories and stories are life!

    Enjoy the day!

  • 14.
    Elaine paullus said…

    Ali-this is so awesome of you! I can’t wait to meet you in person at CE in Aug.

  • 15.
    Immi said…

    Ali, Thanks for your generous spirit! I’m sure this will help bring healing to those who have suffered so much. Telling that story can ease the pain.

  • 16.
    Stacey said…

    Ali this is so generous of you! You continue to amaze me with your creativity and generosity.

  • 17.
    Lynn M said…

    Thank you so much Ali. Many years ago we experienced a devastating tornado here in Illinois and know that helpless feeling. But there is hope and healing.

  • 18.
    ale said…

    thank you so, so much, ali.
    i usually don’t scrapbook about my worst moments, but sad stories are part of our lives and must be documented.

  • 19.
    Ellie A. said…

    Thank you for giving us this very special gift. ((HUGS))

  • 20.
    Dawn said…

    that is a very mice thing to do –
    My prayers.

  • 21.
    Joni said…

    Ali, thank-you so much for the words! April 9, 2011, 17 tornadoes struck NW IA(up to EF4′s). Our acreage was spared with only hail damage, but 11 of our hog confinement buildings/nurseries nearby were completely destroyed. This storm struck after dark, took out towns, hit rural areas with no sirens and yet,amazingly no loss of life in IA that night. With only a couple of minutes to get to the basement after electricity went out, I grabbed our scrapbooks & SD cards. Everything else was replaceable. Oh yeah, of course I grabbed my 4 kiddos & hubby as well.:) I have hundreds of photos of the aftermath to scrapbook and these words will be perfect. Thanks again, Ali!

  • 22.
    Maureen said…

    This is so generous of you Ali. How sad it is that so many people have a need for some of these specific words.

  • 23.
    Suz said…

    My sister just passed away suddenly after beating leukemia. (She died from pneumonia as a result of having no immune system from the chemotherapy) on March 29. She left two kiddos behind; ages 16 and 11. Some of these words will most definitely be used in layouts I create for her kiddos and for myself. Thank you for your generosity.

    • ….
      jan from Canada said…


      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • ….
      Pam S. said…

      Many hugs and prayers for you and the rest of her family!

    • ….
      Suz said…

      Thank you ladies!

  • 24.
    Jen K. said…

    Thank you Ali.

  • 25.
    willimena said…

    Thankyou for your kindness and compassion.

  • 26.
    Judy Webb said…

    thank you, but no thanks. I have become bold enough to use my own expressions. You have taught me so much. My work may look childish but it is all mine. A local teacher told me that everyone is an artist, some are just better than others. I have also embraced Helen Keller’s quote: “Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them. but do not let them master you.” Isn’t that just perfect!!

  • 27.
    Kathy said…

    Thanks Ali this means alot to the people who are going through so much devestation this year. It is amazing the power that words have for helping people heal during these times.

  • 28.
    CanadianKristin said…

    Thank you, Ali.

  • 29.
    jennifer said…

    this is very nice; thank you and good luck to the woman who contacted you (and all those impacted by recent disasters)

  • 30.
    jan from Canada said…

    that you for your generous heart :)


  • 31.
    Lori P. said…

    Ali, Thank you so much!! Your free download is what I needed to use in my album “My New Adventure”. I was diagnosed with Cancer the end of March and have been recording my “road trip” with speed bumps and all. Thank you again!!

    • ….
      Michele H. said…

      Hi Lori – I just wanted to say what amazing strength you have to record your journey. I think it’s wonderful! You’ll be in thoughts & prayers.

    • ….
      Suz said…

      Prayers of strength and healing headed your way Lori.

  • 32.
    Rebecca said…

    Thank you so much for these, Ali! They will definitely be used!

  • 33.
    Chris said…


    Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us, and reminding us to track our adventure whether it’s good or bad. Because life is made up of both.

  • 34.
    Rhadonda said…

    Thank you for your kind consideration of all things. That is so you!

  • 35.
    Barbara said…

    Ali – while I was not personally affected by these recent tornados, they were all around us and many people I know were affected. Thanks so much to your response to this victim of the tornadoes and for the free download.

  • 36.
    jadorepapier said…

    thank you.

  • 37.
    Wendy said…

    How wonderful. Thank you.

  • 38.
    Sierra said…

    Thank you, Ali. We are currently stationed in Japan and have been indirectly impacted by the recent earthquake/tsunami in northern Japan. This word art is perfect for helping me document our story.

  • 39.
    Rhonda Steed said…

    Thank you Ali!!!

  • 40.
    Peg said…

    Lovely and so generous of you. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  • 41.
    Laurel said…

    Thanks, Ali!

  • 42.
    Shauna said…

    Thank you :)

  • 43.
    Cassie said…

    What a kind and generous heart you have!
    Thank you.

  • 44.
    Kristyn G said…

    thanks ali

  • 45.
    Holly S said…

    Thank you for these. Scrapping unpleasant events and tragedies are very hard for me so thank you for putting it out there that they too are part of our stories and need to be included.

  • 46.
    Ginger_79 said…

    Thank you so much Ali! It’s a beautiful thing to do.

  • 47.
    suezeeq12 said…

    you are amazing – thank you Ali!

  • 48.
    Jody said…

    Thank you, Ali. Your thoughtfulness will help many people heal.

  • 49.
    AmyMpls said…

    I love this. I love how you inspire others to create their scrapbook memories of all things good and bad. I think parents like to create rosy memories of life for their children but its equally important to show struggles and challenges as a way to inspire our kids as they grow older. I need to consider this more as I scrapbook for my kids. I have not journaled my husbands 2 years of unemployment and how we worked through it. I only focused on the joy we got from him being able to stay home with our newborn. At the time we didn’t know it was going to be 2 years.

  • 50.
    o-girl said…

    Beautiful – thank you.

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