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July 25, 2011

Week In The Life 2011 | Monday & Big Picture Classes Community Partnership


Welcome to Week In The Life 2011.

Each day this week I’ll be posting my photos and words for the day (it may just be scans of my Daily Sheets for the words). Because I’m doing this right along with you, I’ll post my Monday photos tomorrow morning and so on throughout the week. Next week I’ll share my process for bringing all the content together into an album.

As you embark today here’s a couple things I encourage you to keep in mind:

  • Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this project. You might be doing in-depth documentation or you might be doing a single photo each day or something in between. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed just take a deep breath and keep moving forward. My goal is less to get every little detail and more to simply create a picture of what seven days in a row of our lives look like right now. Some days I may have a ton of photos and other days just a few – and it all works out.
  • Your story is important. No matter who you are, what you do, your family structure, etc – the story you are living right now is important and worth documenting. I’m one of those people who totally wishes I had this sort of documentation before we had kids, when I was in college, etc. Life situations change so quickly and the things you think are part of your “normal” right now may not be all too soon.
  • Have fun with this project – it’s such a great opportunity to see the basic details of your life through the lens of your camera. Use your camera as your eyes this week – shoot those things you see regularly that you notice (or maybe don’t take the time to notice most of the time).
  • If at all possible just focus on the content gathering this week. I’ve had the most success with this project when I’ve separated the two steps – one week for content gathering and one week for bringing it all together in a completed album.
  • No stress. Take it one day at a time. I tend to start off really strong and taper as the week progresses. I am totally fine with that. I’d much rather have a couple solid days and a few lighter days than nothing at all.


My cool announcement for the day is that I’ve teamed up with Big Picture Classes to offer a FREE Week In The Life Community classroom. The community includes message boards and galleries (daily + completed projects) for sharing your project – all in one place. Click here to join the Week In The Life Community.


Don’t miss the big Week In The Life giveaway happening here.

I also want to take a minute to say thank you to the 2011 Title Sponsors. You’ll see them highlighted in each of my posts this week – I truly appreciate their support of this project and hope you’ll have a chance to click over and show them some support! Title Sponsors for 2011 include

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  • 1.
    dawn said…

    Doing a HAPPY DANCE this morning, so excited to finally start. Thank you for all the words of encouragement. Even this being my second time I’m still a little nervous. The community at BPS is going strong and awesome already, so glad you could do this for us.

    Thank you to all the sponsors helping Ali and to make this week even more fun for us.

    Happy first day Ali and to everyone, enjoy it!!

  • 2.
    Maria said…

    My day begun seven hours ago so I’m halfway through my first day. Haven’t had time to think about to put it all together in the end but I’ll think of something.

  • 3.
    linda said…

    Thanks for reminding me that my story is important – when you are 59 years old no grandkids yet that there is still a story here.

    • ….
      Pam said…

      I can relate, Linda. I didn’t become a grandma until I was 65 years old. She was worth the wait.

  • 4.
    Hannie said…

    I’ve started making notes using my google documents. Not uploading those photos yet, ‘cos no matter what, I still need to go to a photo shop to get them processes.

  • 5.
    Diane said…

    Oh Yea! I’m ready to roll. I am on vacation so this is going to be a fun one! Hard to pick photos.
    Lots of family and friends around.
    Thanks for doing this Ali

  • 6.
    Beth said…

    Thank you for inspiring all of us to document our lives! I’ve only been doing this for 3 hours, but already having tons of fun!!

  • 7.
    MaryAnn said…

    What is awesome about me is I try to make each moment count, by living life to the fullest. I read Kelly’s first book, “The Middle Place” it was fun, full of emotion and I am looking forward to reading “Lift”. Hoping I win this so I can. Looking forward to this year’s “Week in the Life”.

  • 8.
    Ellie A. said…

    I really am looking forward to this week. I actually started on Saturday and its fun to be able to see what we been doing in detail throughout the day.

  • 9.
    Rosalie said…

    Excited to be starting this today. I considered starting yesterday, since it is the first day to the week, but needed a little more inspiration. I’m heading over to BPS to join in the fun.

  • 10.
    Nancy McPeak said…

    So excited to start a week in the life. Should be interesting cause life is kinda hard right now AND I have never done anything like this before. Hope it gets me back into scrapbooking – I have been so engrossed in photography that my scrapbook room is growing cobwebs!

    Over to check out Paper Coterie. Thanks so much for the great give away!

  • 11.
    marlene said…

    i’m looking forward to doing this too. i’ve been doing December Daily for 3 years and never this one so i thought i’d give it a go :)

  • 12.
    Lucy :) said…

    I’m in too – it’s only lunchtime Monday but I’m enjoying this already :)
    Will see how I go by the end of the week!

  • 13.
    Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said…

    I am going already, been up for about 4 hours already. Set alarm on cell phone to snap picture. I am having a hard time getting pictures of DD without her looking right at the camera, the little stinkpot LOL!

  • 14.
    peggy said…

    This is my first time, I’m really nervous but I’m excited too. Thank you Ali for all the inspiration!

  • 15.
    Roberta said…

    I’m a newbie and I also woke up early and got out of bed and grabbed my camers…DH thinks I’m nuts…lol Love all the excitement ;)

  • 16.
    Jacenda G. said…

    Just getting started and I’m so excited to see how the whole week turns out and my perspective on it! Gathered everything, charged everything and listed a bunch of ideas! Have fun everyone!

  • 17.
    Suzanne said…

    So excited to be doing this for the first time! My two beautifl little daughters and I are on vacaion this week so it should be extra special to document our time!!
    thank you Ali you are awesome!!

  • 18.
    borcherding said…

    Awesome stuff already and it’s only Monday!! So excited and I’ve taken a good amount of pictures so far and it’s only 9am. WOOHOO!! Also, thank you BPS for the community! LOVE IT!!

  • 19.
    Jen Demmon said…

    4th year of doing this. Already have my first picture of the day. Excited to make this week happen. I love looking back at our previous weeks.

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! Bring it on!

  • 20.
    Jessica B said…

    At first, I was feeling so overwhelmed by attempting to do this and everything else I have going on this week. Now, I’m excited to document the craziness of the week, even if it only makes it to my blog for documentation.

    Thank you for the encouragement and ideas! I love when my wheels start spinning.

  • 21.
    Cresta Woodruff said…

    This is my first year of doing this. Really excited. My birthday is this week and I am celebrating all week long with different people and fun little events. It will be a fun way to remember all of the things that happen as I start into a new year! Thanks Ali!

  • 22.
    Denise said…

    I’m going to write things in a small notebook. The photos will be printed later. This week is a busy week. I get to go to CKC and generally life is busy, so I’ll have plenty to document. I need to journal more, so here it is.

  • 23.
    Colleen said…

    Going to try and play with this project this week and not put too much stress on myself about it! Love all these posts you’ve had about all this! Thanks for the reminders about making it easy and making it whatever you want as well!

  • 24.
    Sharon in California said…

    Wow – this is incredible….so excited about documenting this week!!
    Let the “everyday” be documented…

  • 25.
    NancyLee said…

    Thanks Ali for such great project. This is my 2nd time and hope to create an album of creative scrapbook on my photos which I didn’t get to do last year.

  • 26.
    Felicia Young said…

    Thanks Ali for coming up with this project! I did it for the first time last year and had a ball. This year I am going to definitely make the most fun of this.

  • 27.
    JC said…

    So excited! Actually, I couldn’t wait so I started yesterday. :)
    I’m so grateful for your encouragement, Ali!

  • 28.
    Gina Crowley said…

    Isn’t this so much fun?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Yes :) .

  • 29.
    carolkola said…

    I love this project! Let the documenting begin! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 30.

    Just clicked on the BPC list and realized that this class has started. Well, off to get my camera!

  • 31.
    jesa said…

    Wow, it’s exciting to have this week begin. You already have great news with the BPC forum now open just for Week in the Life & the author’s book giveaway. Thank you for helping all of us participate in documenting a slice of our lives.

  • 32.
    Mrs. V said…

    Thanks for the tips Ali. I had not heard of Paper Coterie before looking at your site earlier this month. I ordered two journals (one each of my two girls on the covers), as well as a poster of them to put in my new office. What luck that they are already doing another promotion for August. I will definitely be keeping them in mind for fun future projects as well.

  • 33.
    Linda said…

    I decided to start yesterday—my hubby and I only see much of each other on weekends so I decided to start strong instead of waiting 5 days!

  • 34.
    Nancy said…

    YAY! I’m excited to try this for the first time. I started on Sunday so I’m officially half way through Day 2! I love it so far – especially love that the documentation sheets you provided have space for listing what you are grateful for. Loved stopping to think about that last night – it was a great way to end the day.

  • 35.
    Rita Timmons said…

    Here we go… :-)

  • 36.
    abbeyviolet said…

    So ready – very photo happy this morning so trying to capture basics for throughout the week.

  • 37.
    Sesil said…

    Enjoying the day..So far so good!

  • 38.
    Ursula said…

    I haven’t done this before. Haven’t prepared anything at all in advance,but I’m going to give it a go. Thanks Ali, as always.

  • 39.
    Jennifer Larson said…

    I did this last year and enjoyed it. This year it will be tricky–we’re going on vacation! But it’s a week in my life, so I thought I’d see what the week is. I won’t do an album, though, just a two-page LO. Last year I did a lot of hidden pictures.

  • 40.
    Julie H. said…

    I got started this morning with a picture of the rain on my car windshield! A WELCOME break from the heat and lack of rain lately. My day isn’t too exciting thus far, but interesting to document the everyday stuff that happens during summer break and reflect on what has happened so far this summer.

  • 41.
    Nancy said…

    I started with 2 journal entries at 5 and 6 o’clock this morning and then… Nothing until 9pm. And no pictures either.
    We’re decorating and moving into a new home this week and doing this Week in the Life thing week feels like I’m putting too much on my plate. I’m really sad about it, initially I thought it would be cool to document the move, but I think next week will be a better time for me to do this… Good luck to everyone who’s hanging in there so far!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I think it’s totally fine to find a better week – especially if you’re in the middle of a move. Don’t feel bad about it for one second – you can do it another time!

  • 42.
    Tinka said…

    I actually remembered to take photos this morning. Once my work day is over, I will be taking some more. Keeping fingers crossed that I will manage to complete the project.

  • 43.
    kraftykeepsakes said…

    I just saw a link to this this afternoon. It sounds like fun and I am going to give it a try. Thanks

  • 44.
    Sandra said…

    This will be the first time taking part, and I’m really looking forward to it. I was a bit nervous of people thinking I was mad taking photos of the outside of shps but hey, I never see these people again, so …. So what :)

  • 45.
    reyanna said…

    Thank you to Ali’s sponsors!! And thanks for the continued inspiration, Ali! :-)

  • 46.
    Christine said…

    My family and I are enjoying this group activity. I’ve taken over 50 photos and its only 1pm. I’m hoping to get my kids to take pictures as well. Good luck everyone. Enjoy the ride.

  • 47.
    Jill S. said…

    Thank you so much for the BPC community. I’m off to see what’s going on there right now…

  • 48.
    TracieClaiborne said…

    My day has been pretty boring so far – just cleaned out the fridge and sorted laundry but I’m documenting it anyway!

  • 49.
    Barbara said…

    Am so excited about this week. Getting ready to document! Have fun everyone.

  • 50.
    Monica Castro said…

    I started “my week” with some photos …tomorrow I’ll try to post them in my blog …
    thank you, Ali , I love this project …

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