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December 29, 2011

December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Five

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Five.

Another 25 days wrapped up with a bow.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have shared your projects, stories, photos and comments throughout the month. I know many of you are still working on your album and will continue throughout the coming months. My hope for you is that you make it happen.

You can do it.

Here’s Day Twenty-Five:

Christmas Day was very low-key which was what I wanted for us this year.

When I looked through my photos from Christmas Day I think this one of Simon giving me a hug was my favorite. It’s such a great capture of his joy and love and excitement. He has the BEST Christmas spirit and he was so, so happy on Christmas morning (and not in a totally selfish, “I’m getting lots of good stuff” – but in a more “I’m beaming with joy from the inside” way).

Three rows of “love” were stitched using my Brother sewing machine.

For the second page I did a collage of photos and added digital labels to identify some of the things in the photos (an older product no longer available from Katie Pertiet).

Pattern paper along the bottom is from My Mind’s Eye.

This day also had an insert:

Santa from Jenni Bowlin’s Christmas Accessory Sheet. I added a photo (with a photo on the back) to the top right pocket.

On the back I did a little bit of journaling (used my Love Always Wins stamp at the top of the journal card).

Here’s a look at it all together in the album:

And a final look at the album all closed up with a ribbon:

Awesome. Feels good to wrap it up and be on to 2012.


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  • 1.
    dawn said…

    This was beautiful Ali, love seeing it all tied up with a ribbon. How sweet to see Anna go from stripe PJ’s to stripe dress. My favorite is of you and Simon also, what a great memory to have.Thank you for all the work and inspiring you shared with us this month. So wonderful to share your family and this journey with us.

    I see that Anna got nailpolish but what about the LIPSTICK??? Did she get some and love it??

    • ….
      NatalieSpring said…

      I want to know if Anna got her lipstick, too. Maybe it was Lip Smackers chapstick??

  • 2.
    dnobles said…

    “love always wins”…so true…looks like you found a way to make the new family status a loving and winning one for the kids…well done.

    • ….
      denise sanner said…

      this tugged at my heart too. i’ve been there…many, many years ago. your december daily is one of my favorite times of the year. someday, i too will participate. someday. looking forward to 2012 myself…new directions…new experiences.

  • 3.
    MichelleGB said…

    Your album is beautiful…as always! I love this year’s design and learned some cool new things to try. Thanks for sharing the album and the process!

  • 4.
    telisj said…

    Gorgeous! <3

  • 5.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    so wonderful ali– that pic of you and simon is heartwarming. thanks for all your DD inspiration!!!!

  • 6.
    Tammy Eberhard said…

    Such a beautiful project Ali! I love this, so inspiring. This year I too will finish my album. All the best to you Ali – Happy New Year – Happy 2012!

  • 7.
    Lorette C said…

    I will miss this month when it’s all done and we’re into 2012! It’s been a great journey watching your DD and all the others who linked their pages. Such inspiration wonderful fuel for the soul!

    Happy NEW YEAR! and Thank YOU Ali! Great job!

  • 8.
    Laura said…

    It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us, Ali. Will you be showing us what you did for your cover page? Thanks again. You and your posts have been a highlight for me all December.

  • 9.
    Suzanne said…

    Dawn beat me to it but I have to ask too. Did Anna get her lipstick?

  • 10.
    Mallory said…

    Absolutely beautiful Ali! I’ve enjoyed your entire album so much! And I’ve enjoyed working on my very first, but definitely not last, December Daily album. It does feel so good to be done and move on to bigger, better things. For me that’s my very first Project Life. :) Take care Ali. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • 11.
    jennifer said…

    Beautifully done…and done!? I’m waiting on new ink and paper to arrive so I can finish. I’m pleased with the amount that I’ve done – the most I’ve ever managed to do so far (compared to previous years and skipped last year). Anyway, your book looks fabulous and I just keep thinking how amazing it would have been to have my childhood captured like this. How awesome. All the best to you especially, and to your family in the new year!

  • 12.
    Heather P. said…

    Gorgeous! So inspirational!

  • 13.
    Lisa W. said…

    Always so beautiful…the pictures of you and Simon…Anna getting those new ballet slippers…priceless!!! Thanks for sharing, thanks for ALL your so awesome ideas…inspiration…and spirit!! You are truly an amazing woman!!!

  • 14.
    christen said…

    thanks for sharing the christmas season with us. i’ve looked forward to seeing your pages everyday. i love your finished album!

  • 15.
    Tracy said…

    That picture of you and Simon is awesome!! You can see pure joy in his face. And the ballet outfit for Anna was perfect. I love it all! Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration. May the new year bring you peace and many blessings.

  • 16.
    Denise KC said…

    Great pics of some happy kids :) Did you do a cover page like last year?

  • 17.
    Mary Beth said…

    Looks beautiful! In the midst of everything that is going on in your life, I bet it felt good to keep the tradition going, and it feels good to say, “I did this for me.”

    Happiest of NEW years to you, Ali. xo.

  • 18.
    laura g. said…

    awesome album and wonderful pics of your Christmas Day! i am on Day 10, but i will finish this album! i have my journaling and pictures for most days..and for the few days i don’t i will fill in stories about the ornaments i have collected over the years etc last year i only made did Day 1! when i talked to my daughter last week she laughed and said ‘i gave you until Day 3 this year!’ HA! i will show her!! LOL!!

  • 19.
    Deb J said…

    What a great album. That picture ofyou and Simon brings tears to my eyes. You are so good at this. My album is done except for a couple of pictures friends took and I’m waiting on being delivered and the journaling. I want to do a lot of journaling this time so I am gathering it all on my computer before printing it out and putting it in the album. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

  • 20.
    Debby said…

    This was my first December Daily. The most difficult part of the journey was stopping. My family enjoyed seeing what I would capture next. When I forgot to take photos of me and Jim wrapping gifts we re-staged it the next day and my husband got a kick out of it. This will always be a family treasure. I think this coming year I’m going to try and design my book on paper, then put it together before it get tough time wise, and start all over again next December. Thanks for the challenge and for sharing.

  • 21.
    Kate Burroughs said…

    Thanks Ali. This year I finally am making my own December Daily after 5 years of reading about yours. It is not that hard. Picking up my prints today and hopefully finishing it on Saturday.
    Aloha, Kate

  • 22.
    Christine said…

    I love that Chris was there. So many of my friends have one party so bitter that family celebrations have to be split, and one parent–and the kids–lose out big time on holidays. You are handling a very difficult situation with such grace and really keeping your kids’ needs first. It will be so worth it later! You are awesome!

  • 23.
    Jenny Meyerson said…

    What an amazing amount of love and grace wrapped up with a gorgeous bow. Blessings Ali.

  • 24.
    Jacque said…

    What a wonderful DD! Thank you for being the “light” of inspiration for so many of us. You have shown us so many techniques and ways of doing things during the year and with this great album. Your journaling is beautiful as is the way you always bring it all together. Your genuineness constantly shines through. You are the epitome of love and grace even during difficult times. Thank you for being such a positive role model. You and your talent are so appreciated!! Happy New Year to you and those you love!!

  • 25.
    Robyn said…

    Love it Ali! As always. This is my third DD – not done yet,but almost! I will miss going to your site first thing every morning to see your newest page (although I always go to your site every morning!) I’ve said this before, I’ve read this before – but it bears repeating – you really are SUCH an inspiration to so many. Thank you. Happy New Year to you and your family! Here’s to 2012!

  • 26.
    Alida Post said…

    Nr23 & 24 (above) says it so well. Ali, you are in a class of your own and it was once again a very special part of my December to follow your album. I’ve learnt so much more that scrapbooking from you. Your disposition towards life is what inspires me the most. All the best for the new things that awaits in 2011.

    • ….
      Alida Post said…

      I mean 2012!

  • 27.
    Katie said…

    Love that picture of you and Simon! 100% frame worthy :)

  • 28.
    Peg said…

    Ali, your album this year was beautiful and inspiring as always but maybe this year more than any other will be a gift to the kids in the long haul. None of you will ever forget that this year was different but no matter what the future holds, you will have shown that this Christmas wasn’t ‘spoiled’ and that you all were working hard to make sure it wasn’t. Congratulations on another very successful DD. That picture with Simon in your arms is priceless. I imagine that Chris caught it and that is a huge gift. Happy New Year and Up, Up and Away! :)

    • ….
      Pidgen said…

      I was thinking the same thing … what a gift to be a “family” and show love and respect, no matter the situation. You’ve done so much more than “just make a scrapbook” … you’ve made an invaluable impression on your children and on Chris … and you’ve encouraged us all. Thank you.

  • 29.
    Andrea A said…

    Beautiful, Ali. I finished mine last night, except for the last page. My brother’s family is coming in on Friday night, and I am waiting for a big group picture to close the album with. We will all be together at DeAun’s house. I’m still working on capturing the candids- I have teenagers, and that makes it a little more difficult. I am great at portraits, but your everyday photos are absolutely wonderful. Happy New Year!

  • 30.
    Michelle said…

    The picture of you and Simon hugging is just precious. I love it.

  • 31.
    Wendy said…

    It’s a beautiful album. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • 32.
    Michell said…

    It’s so beautiful! I’m working on finishing mine right now and am so in love with this year’s album. Thank you soooo much for sharing.

  • 33.
    rhonda said…

    Ali I love the picture of you and Simon, thank you for sharing your daily life with us!

  • 34.
    Paula G said…

    Love your style Ali – you will continue to rise UP with grace and style! Love Simon and Ana’s Christmas morning photos, so heartwarming. I too feel very blessed to have felt the love of family on Christmas morning – makes all the hustle & bustle so worth it! I do have a question – for those of us who will be finishing up the Dec Daily as we can….is it typical to come back to this link and post our pages? Do you think your many blog followers will keep checking? I’m asking not only so I can post my pages late, but also because I would definitely keep checking today’s post in the future if that is what happens!

    Thank you for how you have enriched my month and my whole year :)

  • 35.
    Carolyn HP said…

    Wow Ali, I must say this is a beautiful finish to your completed project! My DD is still being worked on, but I was less stressed about it this year as my focus has been more on starting my Project Life for the first time in 2012 because I want to document the year getting ready to be married in August 2012. I love the joy your family shares no matter what you’ve been through this past year. Much Love to you in celebrating the coming New Year!

  • 36.
    Sue M said…

    Great job in all ways, Ali. The new year is looking UP for you!

  • 37.
    Christine said…

    Photo of Simon giving you a hug…..PRICELESS.

  • 38.
    Debbie McIntyre said…

    Your book is simply beautiful! I have mine in progress, and thank you for motivating me to do this each year. Happy New Year, Ali.

  • 39.
    Tania said…

    Beautiful. As a couple people have said, kudos to you and Chris for finding a way to share this day with the kids. I so admire how you two are handling the changes in your lives.

  • 40.
    Andy Friberg said…

    Loved all your pages! Simon must have been very good this year to get the LEGO death star! Way to go Simon!! :) My 8 yr old boys have wanted that for two yrs now! I hope you will post a picture of him with it finished, I’d love to show it to my boys. They like seeing the pictures you post of Simon with his LEGO creations. :)

  • 41.
    Maureen said…

    So many people have said it. You four will always be a family – in some way, and I had hoped that it was Chris who took that photo of you and Simon. Seeing him in the photos tells me how big your heart is and how great your love for your children is. Love and admiration!

  • 42.
    Kelly said…

    beautiful album ali. i have all my photos still to print and the work to do – but that was always the plan as part of the time we were away on holiday…. i’m looking forward to getting mine done before i go back to work on the 9th :)

    the things i loved the most about your album was the sentiment of chirstmas… the joy and the love. you captured that just perfectly this december

  • 43.
    Deiga said…

    Beautiful album! I worked on my album all day today. I’m finished up through Dec. 26 (I do all 31 days of December), and have started (finally) putting my 2012 Project Life together. You continue to inspire me… Have a great New Year and thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • 44.
    Michelle said…

    Hi Ali,

    Your album is exquisite and so stylish! I think I finally have the courage to try this myself next year! I just love the gorgous ribbon on the cover – I don’t suppose you remember where you got it from?

  • 45.
    Jodie said…

    gorgeous album Ali, absolutely gorgeous, could you possible share what settings you are using to take your indoor photos, I am becoming increasingly disappointed with mine and would love some pointers as yours are always so breath taking. Thanks

  • 46.
    RebeccaHoot said…

    Ali~ Thanks again for an awesome year. I really love this project. Yes the picture of you and Simon brought tears to my eyes. So sweet, totally captured the moment.

  • 47.
    jan from Canada (living in Oz) said…


  • 48.
    Melissa said…

    Every day that I read/saw a new post was like opening a new gift, working my way toward Christmas. Just when I thought you couldn’t create a lovelier layout, you did. Bravo… another amazing year. Thanks so much!

  • 49.
    Solgunn said…

    Love that all four of you were together on Christmas Day.
    Happy New Year!

  • 50.
    Miranda said…

    That picture of you and Simone is so precious and brought tears to my eyes. Thinking that Chris would have been the one taking it. I so hope you guys can keep this up between the two of you just for the kids. Hope your new year will be so much better. And the only way you can go from here is UP!!!

    Will be following you in the new year too!!!

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