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December 27, 2011

December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Four

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Four.

Ah, Christmas Eve. I love this day – the anticipation, the excitement, the magic.

My favorite part of the day is when darkness begins to fall and the twinkle lights seem to glow brighter than any previous day.

I’ve been holding on to that Santa drawing from the paper all month. It was part of an ad for Macy’s – I loved that it was city specific.

December Sentiment Strip right above the jouranling. Journaling font is Garamond (date is Helvetica Neue). The green word sticker is from October Afternoon.

This time I did more of a play by play with my jouranling. I think that’s the kind of thing that will be cool to look back on in future years (and next year when I will have forgotten what we did this year).

Pattern paper along the bottom is My Mind’s Eye Peppermint Patty. Stamp on kraft cardstock is my 25 Moments from Technique Tuesday.


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  • 1.
    Pidgen said…

    What a cute page!!

  • 2.
    Paula G said…


  • 3.
    Carolyn HP said…

    Love the Santa ad Ali, Anna’s pjs are awesome, glad to see another day completed and looking great, still working on mine & trying to figure out my OLW too… Much love to you & your family.

  • 4.
    Estellita said…

    Love the way you take your picture to write the journaling after printing. Love it, make it !
    Kisses from France

  • 5.
    Mallory said…

    Love how Anna’s pjs match the wrapping paper! :) Love Christmas Eve too, always have.

    • ….
      Ilona said…

      :) that was the first thing I thought seeing this photo. Very cute!

  • 6.
    Debbie S. said…


  • 7.
    Kristina in Oz said…

    That picture is so beautiful. I love their PJ’s. Way too cute. In one instance you just captured the magic. Perfect.

  • 8.
    rhonda said…

    Loving your album, hoping to finish mine today!

  • 9.
    Julie L. said…

    Okay, I have to know, where are Anna’s p.j.s from? We always do one present on Christmas eve and it is always p.j.s. I’d love to get these for my girls.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Found those via the Gap online. Ordered them probably in October ;) .

    • ….
      Julie L. said…

      Drat, doesn’t look like they have them any more. I’ll have to keep Gap in mind next year. We usually do Hanna Anderson but I didn’t like the selection this year. Thanks for letting me know so I could look.

    • .
      Ali said…

      That’s why I ended up with that one for Anna. Still loved Simon’s Hannah’s (but they weren’t one of the specific Christmas designs).

  • 10.
    Cathy S said…

    Knowing we had a full day, I recorded Xmas Eve in a day-in-the-life way, taking photos and recording times. Interesting to see how it will compare in future years.

    • ….
      laura g. said…

      what a good idea! will have to try that next year…also thinking about doing a guest sign in our Christmases Eve get togethers change every year: this year one niece is very pregnant and couldn’t come, one daughter and her family didn’t attend, but my son surprised me by bringing a childhood friend and his family! and next year we will have a new granddaughter or grandson join us! (#11!)

  • 11.
    em said…

    Ali, I want to thank you for doing this this year especially. I am in a similar family situation as you and couldn’t bear to do a DD this year for many reasons. It’s therapeutic to read your journaling. I have two kids myself and we did a similar thing on Christmas Eve, right down to the short drive to see lights. Hope your New Year is “up”!

    • ….
      Dara Cohen said…

      Ditto, lots of love, sent your way, both of you! Amazing and strong both of you to keep things going, and making a lovely Christmas for yourselves and your children.

  • 12.
    dawn said…

    LOVE LOVE THIS ALI!! Anna is so sweet in those yummy pj’s!!

  • 13.
    k8 said…

    Oh, Anna’s pj’s are soooooooo cute……she could be a dancer in the land of sweets in Nutcracker in those! That’s immediately what came to mind…….love Christmas jamms……


  • 14.
    Kris F said…

    Love your daily pages.
    Looking forward to one little word again.

  • 15.
    Katie Scott said…

    Yes, seriously cute jammies! I’m working on finishing up my album – it sort of seems like I’ll never finish but I also sort of don’t want it to end (like reading a good long book).

  • 16.
    laura g. said…

    very, very sweet! different but still good, huh? next year will be easier, i promise!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Yes, good :) .

  • 17.
    Claire said…

    Someone wrapped Anna and put her under the tree!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      That totally made me laugh :) . Thank you :) .

  • 18.
    Kylie said…

    loved all the comments re: anna and pjs. Clare – that’s what I thought, she’s been wrapped in xmas paper. Too Cute!!!!

  • 19.
    Kim B. said…

    Of course Anna’s candy-cane-striped pajamas are the cutest, but I also love that Santa illustration from the paper!

  • 20.
    Alida Post said…

    Love all of the above. And the glimpse of snow through the window. Wonderful that you captured all that in one picture.

  • 21.
    Cori J said…

    Hi Ali,
    We also unwrap family gifts on Christmas Eve and Santa on Christmas morning. It was our compromise….my family always opened on Christmas morning (English) and my husbands always opened on Christmas Eve (Danish). Now I love it…..Christmas feels longer and the effort of choosing gifts seems to be more appreciated as everything gets played with.
    From my experience I hope you stick with it.
    Wishing you the best for 2012! Hoping it is a good year for you.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      It felt good – thank you for sharing your traditions :) .

  • 22.
    Kendra said…

    I LOVE Anna’s peppermint stripe jammies!

  • 23.
    Cindy said…

    Love this layout…….it’s so fun! Anna’s jammies are so darned cute too!!! (wonder if they make them in big girl sizes) :)

  • 24.
    Libbi M. said…

    i was wondering if you have a december daily flickr account set up for sharing photos? if you do, can you share a link? i don’t have a blog to share photos of my completed album. thank you.

  • 25.
    Karin Podolski said…

    Loved the journaling on this page. I was stumped for last Thursday’s page, because honestly I didn’t want to remember that day — it started with us having to call the ambulance to pull my elderly father out of the hot tub (he is FINE now, he just spent a little too much time in the hot water). I even took a picture of him in the ER (giving me the “finger” with his pulse oximeter ha ha ha). I ended up putting the picture in a little pocket of the 9-pocket page protector (gotta share the good and bad), but took the page for that day and “doodled” all the things I love about the holidays. I will also go back and add some details to the events of Christmas Eve and Christmas day (I really just ended up with several pictures).

  • 26.
    Jodie said…

    absolutely love the layout, well your whole entire album actually, I have 4 children (under 8) and for 2 years keep saying I am going to make time for a DD album I am planning now fir 2012 this will be the year, anyways Ali I wanted to know the settings for that gorgeous shot of the kids, recently I am very disappointed with my indoor picture. If you have time to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • ….
      Jodie said…

      My kids are under 8 I have no idea how that smiley face got there, this is only my second time commenting ever

  • 27.
    Brooke said…

    Love this layout. And the play by play is a good idea. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are always so jam packed.

  • 28.
    Hannie said…

    I’ve just loaded my blog with my december daily in one go.

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