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January 9, 2012

Say Hello To George Washington Edwards

Can we get a cat?

This has been a discussion around here for quite some time around here and you know the story of the reason why the answer has usually been no. When your Dad and I were first married we had two cats (Jack and Everest) until we learned, right after you were born, that he had an allergy to them (along with dust mites & molds) which required surgery to remove polyps in his sinuses. Our beloved cats found new homes (it was tremendously sad but the right thing at the time considering your Dad’s health) and we went on with our new life with you.

Fast forward just about 10 years. With the change in our family situation the possibility of getting a cat became a reality. You’ve always loved cats and you’ve always disliked dogs (you’re definitely okay with Lily as our family dog, but you’re not much of a dog fan in general). Over the last few months you and Anna and I went on a couple outings to Greenhill Humane Society and Petsmart (rescues) to visit the cats. The way you interacted with the cats each time was a great indication that you would be a really wonderful cat owner.

As the calendar turned to 2012 I felt like it was a good time to make this real.

Anna, Katie, you, Daddy, and I ventured out to Greenhill on Monday, January 2nd with the intent of letting you choose a new family member. The experience was magic. Watching you interact with the cats & kittens was magic. You were beaming and smiling and giggling and singing lullabies to the kittens as they fell asleep on your lap. You played with a bunch of different cats before narrowing it down to 9-month old “Chance” (George’s name before you changed it). He was playful but would also sit happily with you in your lap. You walked up to me and said, “Can we adopt Chance?”

It was so cool to have Katie and Daddy there too. The three of us loved watching you interact with all the cats – there were many teared-up-eye moments as we saw you begin to narrow down the choices and chat with the cats and just shine in that space.

We talked with the volunteers about “Chance” and read about him in their book. I wanted to make sure that whoever came home with us could be both a fun, playful cat and a really good lounger. He sure seemed to be the one.

So we said yes. Let’s do it. And one more time, “Simon, is this who you want to bring home.” It was a very big yes all around.

The whole experience was just awesome. We had stopped at Petsmart on the way out to Greenhill and picked up all the necessities so we’d be ready if we found the right cat. Once you decided on Chance your Dad went out to the car to bring in the carrier and I started on the paperwork for the adoption. You were so, so excited.

On the way home from Greenhill you held Chance in your lap in his carrier and talked to him. He was amazing in the car – almost no meowing.

It was in the car that you decided on his new name. You had been thinking about it previously (you’d told us so) and at first you said you wanted to name him “Furry.” Katie and Daddy and I all laughed and you laughed and then we suggested some other names saying that we like to name our pets with “people” names. Daddy suggested a few and one of them was George. A few seconds later you said, “I know! I know! His name is George.” Later that night you would call Dad and tell him that his full name is now “George Washington Edwards.”

When we arrived home we took George up to your room in his carrier and gave the two of you some private time to get acquainted while we made lunch. When lunch was ready I came up to you room and you had him out of his carrier and he was sniffing around you are were just plain giddy.

We did a gentle introduction to the rest of the house and to Lily. Lily pretty much went the other way when she saw him. It’s now a week later and they seem to be just fine (I’m pretty sure they will be cuddling up together soon).

George is an amazing cat. He is a people cat. He wants to hang out with you while you play legos and sit with you while you watch tv. When you are at school he follows me around as I work and go from room to room (just like Lily – the two of them are never far from me). He slept on your bed that first night (and took a nap with you on my bed) and the second night you got a little nervous when he was being really playful under your bed (he gets playful right before bed – kinda like your sister). He slept with me the second night and since then has gone back and forth between our rooms.

He fits right in. I’m so happy that he’s a part of our family and love that you have a new special friend. This is just the beginning of a whole new story.

TELL THE STORY | See how I added this story to my Project Life 2012 (Week One) using my new 6×12 Words & Photos Layered Templates in a post later this week.


  • 1.
    Anita said…

    Simon will always treasure this story, told so beautifully by you.

  • 2.
    dawn said…

    I love this story and am soooo happy for Simon. The name is a perfect one also. Looking forward to hearing more about George and how great that he will be in the Project Life this year. Great way to capture the whole years journey with him.

    Hope Lily warms up with George and they become friends. We’ve had Lucky for over and year now and still chases the cat.


  • 3.
    Kim said…

    Awesome; so happy for Simon! My 10 year old son has been asking for a cat also and he is a huge lover of Legos. I think he and Simon would be friends if they ever met.

  • 4.
    Ilona said…

    A big hello to George Washington Edwards!!! What a lovely story to remember! It’s so nice to read how Simon an George interact! Thank you very much for sharing! I’m happy for Simon! :)

  • 5.
    Linda L said…

    Oh how wonderful for Simon Ali….that’s just beautiful.

  • 6.
    Toni From said…

    So excited for Simon. Great story telling Ali, what a wonderful keepsake for many years to come. btw, I just started digital scrapbooking and had so much fun playing with your digital brushes last night, the brushes and you are simply AMAZING! Thank you!

  • 7.
    Susie Leggett said…

    What an awesome experience for Simon and your family. So happy for him. I’m pretty sure that George is going to love being a part of your warm and loving family.

  • 8.
    Fiona said…

    So beautiful Ali … it’s funny how sometimes separation actually allows for some “different/great” changes too (well that was the way it was with my kids anyway!). George Washington Edwards looks like a fine fellow indeed and it’s so wonderful that Simon gets his heart’s desire. :-)

  • 9.

    Wonderful story. I’m so happy for Simon to have picked such a great pet.
    My cat died 2 years ago and I miss her, she was 14 years old. We have a big dog but I’m not a dog person either. I would love to have a new cat.

  • 10.
    christen said…

    we are cat lovers at our house! so happy for you.

  • 11.
    Neelu said…

    your stories warm me up :) )

  • 12.
    char said…

    Cat lovers here too! Beautifully told ALi. This is a story to treasure.

  • 13.
    Diana said…

    We took in a little kitten that was left at our home when we moved in. It was amazing at how short amount of time it took for her to adapt to the house, find her bed and make friends with our 2 dogs! George will be cuddled up with Lily in no time!

  • 14.
    nerdgrl said…

    Love that George has an historic name (since I am a history teacher). It’s a great story; one that Simon will treasure through the years. May he and the rest of your family have many many happy years with George Washington Edwards!

  • 15.
    Lisa W. said…

    Go Simon Go!! Nothing like a new pet…they are SO much part of your family:) Congradulations and good luck with your new venture!!!

  • 16.
    Juli said…

    Great story Ali! It’s so wonderful that the changes in your life are leading to some happy things. I’m sure Simon is over the moon. He’s so lucky to have you as his mom!

  • 17.
    Jennifer M said…

    Love this so much. Wonderful story to start my day.

  • 18.
    Helen said…

    Gorgeous story Ali …. My kids have always had their own pets – I think it teaches responsibility in such a great way … Cats are the best :)
    Good luck with George W !

  • 19.
    Janet K said…

    ooh Ali, I just love this story! I am so happy for you all, I think George is just great for you. We got a new kitten the week before Christmas, and he has been so wonderful and fun!

  • 20.
    A. Sanborn said…

    Congratulations on your new Edwards family member, Simon! How fitting his name was “Chance”… I’d say that’s precisely what your doing… giving George a new chance at a wonderful life!

    Male tuxedo cats are very lovey! Awesome choice on both yours and George’s parts!

    We have Manx {less than 3″ tail to NO tail} cats. Our female, Moxie is almost five and our male, Mortimer will be two on Cinco de Mayo Day! {my apologies if mispelled}


  • 21.
    jamie said…

    Your story telling…amazing. A lovely memory indeed. And how I adore that name.

  • 22.
    Viv Halliwell said…

    Fabulous memory he will be telling George all his stories

  • 23.
    Diana said…

    Ali, when you post about using your 6×12 templates, can you mention what size paper you use? I just bought the new wide format Epson, but I am hesitant to purchase the big 13×19 paper to cut down. Its so expensive. Would like to know when you print on photo paper vs cardstock? Its a big price difference. I also saw that Epson now sells a 12×12 photo paper, but its $2 a sheet!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Diana – yes, I’ll include that info. When printing out this one I used the 13×19 because there is a front and a back (so essentially a 12×12). I use photo paper for photos (vs. cardstock).

    • ….
      Raylene said…

      I have had my large format printer for years and I LOVE It! You can print any size paper. You just go into properties and paper sizes. You can customize any size you like! I love it! I like the 13×19 size for printing a LOT of photos, just move them together . . . I think I can get (16) 6×4 or (18) 3×4 on one sheet.
      Look for sales. Recently our Staples was discontinuing the 13×19 matte photo paper. I bought them all for 75% off!

  • 24.
    Jule said…

    This is so sweet. I am sure, that in times like these, George will be helpful in many ways. Welcome George!

  • 25.
    Elaine Bieman said…

    even the cats photogenic too. very cute.

  • 26.
    Robin said…

    Great memories! We have a Clementine and she loves all of us and follows us around everywhere!

  • 27.
    patty said…

    your STORYTELLING is amazing!
    simon is too sweet…
    loving the story of your new family member!

  • 28.
    Jill said…

    So cool, Ali! Happy to hear Simon is thrilled with his choice and he and George are pals. . . and I’m thinking Chance might have been a lucky name for you – that was the name of the family dog my parents had to put down before Thanksgiving. He was a great lounger and playful spirit, too :)

  • 29.
    Sue Treiber said…

    I love GWE! What a great story. Love that Simon has a new friend to share secrets and laughs with. We got a new kitten at the same time.They are just so much fun!

  • 30.
    Carol E said…

    What a wonderful story, you told it so well. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • 31.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    what a wonderful story. thinking of simon singing lullabys to all the cats is just too precious. love that george is part of your family now!

  • 32.
    Meghan said…

    Love this story, Ali… I have tears right now! My little girl who has Asperber’s really comes alive when the kitten we got her for Christmas last year is with her (she picked “Chloe” and Chloe picked her!). Animals and children are wonderful together… thanks for sharing!

  • 33.
    Teri H. said…

    Such a sweet story! It’s wonderful that you rescued a cat! I also like people names for pets. George Washington Edwards is an AWESOME name. Congratulations on your new addition!

  • 34.
    ale said…

    congrats on your new family member, ali!
    like simon, i can say i’m totally a cat person. i use to say i own two dogs, but i’m owned by two cats :) the four of them don’t get along very well, but they respect each other.
    love the way you tell your stories. definitely need to improve my storytelling skills, i think i need to sign up for your storyology class…

  • 35.
    laura g. said…

    very sweet! one story you will remember for a long time! so happy Chris braved his allergies to go with you. i have heard that if you wipe a cat down with a damp cloth that helps with the allergies too? my grandson has a kitty named Oliver…although he can’t say it plainly…it comes out Olif-fer..i love hearing him say it…

  • 36.
    Molly said…

    I smiled the entire time reading this. We’re at this point with the dog question.

    • ….
      Ginger said…

      Go for it, Molly! You will never look back.

  • 37.
    Alida said…

    Wonderful story & photo! I’m sure George has a great life waiting for him.

  • 38.
    Peg said…

    What a wonderful, detailed record of a special day/time that Simon will surely remember but not with all those details I’m sure! George is beautiful!

  • 39.
    jenn shurkus said…

    what an awesome story ali :) so so so happy for simon and the whole family!

  • 40.
    LindaHAZ said…

    Love this story. We are cat people too. And my son has 2 cats and would love a 3rd one. He always says I have a cat, Mom has a cat and now Dad needs a cat. Thank you for this delightful story. Look forward to more George updates throughout the year.

  • 41.
    Marilyn Nimmo said…

    LOVE this story! So glad Simon now has George!

  • 42.
    Deb J said…

    What a great story and told in such detail. I think it is great that Simon has found a cat that is such a person cat. You are so good at telling the story and putting all the neat details in. It’s great that Katie and Chris were there to see it all.

  • 43.
    Angie Menegay said…

    What a wonderful story and how awesome it is that Simon loves cats! Glad you were able to find one that fits your family perfectly! Look forward to more photos and stories of your children and their new friend!

  • 44.
    Sheila said…

    Yay Simon! What a special story about you and Mr. George Washington Edwards. You are a very special boy!

  • 45.

    that’s awesome, ali. congratulations to your family!

  • 46.
    yin said…

    Just so wonderful!! SO happy for Simon! Made me smile all the way through, so beautifully told.

  • 47.
    sandysewin said…

    How wonderful that George has a new home and family! Simon looks utterly delighted with his new friend.

    Cats are the bestest, imo. :-)

  • 48.
    Jeanne said…

    Cats are such wonderful additions to family and letting Simon pick just the right one was amazing. Life long buddies!

  • 49.
    Paula G said…

    Fabulous! So happy for each of you, especially Simon, who I know will be a wonderful friend to George!

  • 50.
    Carolyn said…

    LOVE the look on Simon’s face! His eyes are sparkling with joy!

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