Disneyland In Photos

I surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland for Spring Break.

I'll share more of the details on all that another day, today I just want to share some of my favorite images.

So much magic.

We went with my sister & Jeffrey and their daughter Gabrielle and our friend/nanny Katie.

Loved getting the chance to go back to the park at night with Simon and Katie while my sister stayed with the girls at the hotel.

The Bob stroller works for little and big kids.

I'm not going to pretend that the trip was all awesomeness. Three-year-olds, ten-year-olds and adults all get tired and cranky - even (and maybe especially) at the happiest place on earth.

But man oh man was there a lot of joy and magic.

Like Simon getting to do Jedi Training and having a light saber battle with Darth Maul.

Or Anna getting to have a princess makeover.

And then have lunch with the princesses.

Or a three-year-old getting to drive a car and both of us laughing hysterically the whole time.

Really just being together was a big part of the magic.

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  1. susan w

    2012-04-05 20:53:03 -0400

    Awesome :)

  2. Diane M

    2012-04-05 21:10:21 -0400

    Your pictures are awesome. Remember these moments forever.

  3. Stacy

    2012-04-05 22:01:09 -0400

    So much fun!! I love Disneyland as much my kids. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  4. Sara S

    2012-04-05 22:56:48 -0400

    Oh my goodness I loved this post! The photos are gorgeous! (Any tips on the photos?) But seeing you all having so much fun and in so many photos together, that's priceless! I can't wait to see and hear more.

  5. Shelly K

    2012-04-06 01:49:57 -0400

    Awesome Ali! Love it!
    I really need to record my stories of my kiddos melting down at Disney...the disneypolice stopped to say they would ticket my son...AND he missed autopia because of behavior...but oh how we LOVE IT and the magic!

  6. Jakki

    2012-04-06 09:24:56 -0400

    A Princess MakeOver and a Jedi battle....memories to last a lifetime. I hears squeals and belly laughs just looking at the photo's.

  7. abbeyviolet

    2012-04-06 11:14:11 -0400

    So awesome! I love the BOB comment - we often find both of our not so small (2.5 & 5) kids in there together by the end of an outing. That looks like an awesome trip and such a good surprise.

  8. Nelia

    2012-04-06 11:20:53 -0400

    I love the relationship that you all have with your nanny. She must be so much support for you. May I ask how you found her?

  9. Betty

    2012-04-06 11:46:19 -0400

    Ali, you look so happy in these photos and the kids are just glorious. I'm in Australia and have always wanted to go to Disneyland, I've promised my kids I'll take them one day. They may be not so little anymore when we get there but I don't think they'll mind one bit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories and family x

  10. Debbie P

    2012-04-06 11:52:26 -0400

    Ali, I love how you put this post together and your lovely words for each of the photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for keeping it real. I know what you mean when you say it's not all awesome. Thanks for sharing that, it makes us feel that we're not the only ones who have those bumps in the road! What adorable photos. I am a huge lover of Disney, so I absolutely adored today's post!

  11. Kimberlee

    2012-04-06 12:44:50 -0400

    Those smiles are just priceless. :) Love the pics.

  12. PaulaG

    2012-04-06 13:17:47 -0400

    When you write your post in the future with details I would love to know where you got the R2D2 cup and WHERE you get the princess makeover!!!!! :D that is so awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing these. We love Disneyland and have a very special place in our hearts for it. My MIL's father and grandfather both helped build Disneyland. We have pictures of them working on the castle and video of them having a watertight behind Walt as he was speaking about the park! :)

  13. julie H.

    2012-04-06 13:37:21 -0400

    I must say, Ali...you look happy and fantastic! Glad you had a good trip.

  14. Jamie Fisher

    2012-04-06 18:42:29 -0400

    Been waiting for the pics!!!! So awesome to see such happiness!! SIMON LOOKS SO GROWN UP!!!! No way!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  15. Carole Hepburn

    2012-04-06 19:04:41 -0400

    Ali - I took Mackenzie to Disneyland last week ! Just a spur of the moment lets go - Flew out of Seattle Weds and did the park Thurs and Fri and flew home Sat ~~~~~ Just adore Disneyland !!! Hope you had a great time - we sure did :)

  16. Ruth G

    2012-04-07 00:04:36 -0400

    Ali, so glad you got to have this experience with your family! It's so wonderful that Anna got to do the Princess thing and Simon got to do the Jedi training! I'm sure they'll remember those moments for years to come!
    I hope that all went well for Simon, stimulus-wise. I know that for my son (an aspie) the first time we went to Disney he really faired much better (a little meltdown around 4 each day when he was 5 y.o.) whereas last year when he was 9 he was so unhappy about all the people and getting bumped into - other than going when other kids are all in school I'm not sure how to remedy that for him. I was totally unprepared for that, had read all sorts info about other potential sensory challenges but nothing about issues with people in crowds. I hope that wasn't an issue for Simon, but could definitely see it as a real issue for anyone on the spectrum who has challenges with personal space. Anyway have fun with scrapping the pics and I can't wait to hear more of your details!

  17. Ruth G

    2012-04-07 00:06:39 -0400

    P.S. I love the picture of you holding Anna and your niece (?)! What a wonderful happy picture that is!

  18. Alecia A.

    2012-04-07 00:53:32 -0400

    Loved seeing all your smiles!! We are surprising Delaynee in May--just waking her up bright and early on Mothers Day--Craig, D, Mom, AJ's daughter Grace, and me. Can't wait!! Trying to decide whether to do the Princess makeover. Your post pretty much convinced me! Can't wait for more tips from you. Been several times but only once with kiddos-when Grace was Delaynee's age.

  19. Alison B

    2012-04-07 00:56:32 -0400

    We booked a last minute trip to Disneyland for our spring break next week. Can't wait! It's such a magical place and we're meeting my sister there too, with her kids. Nothing better than Disney with family! So glad you shared your pics. Thanks!

  20. Renee

    2012-04-09 11:31:56 -0400

    So happy you and your family had a good time!

  21. jaimee h.

    2012-04-09 14:21:39 -0400

    looks like you guys had a blast, very special memories. I actually choked up a little bit at some of your photos. kids grow up WAY.TOO.FAST!!!!

    my father is sending my sister and I to disneyworld next year with just our two kids - I think it will be a trip we won't soon forget. :)

  22. andrea g.

    2012-04-09 16:06:49 -0400

    so happy you guys had such a good time. :)

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