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April 27, 2012

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday Words + Photos

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday


One of the things I wanted to do today was go around the house and take some shots of stuff.

Why? Because those are some of the sorts of photos I’d like to see from when I was a kid. How cool would it be to have a shot of my whole bedroom, or a shot of what I had on my own bookshelf or be able to see what was in my own closet or chest of drawers (Simon actually uses the same chest of drawers in his closet that held my clothes as a kid). This peripheral stuff from our everyday (like closets and dishes) are the kind of content that can be added to any day this week where you might have a few less photos (and are also great for Project Life too). I’ve always loved seeing a combination of up-close and far away shots that showcase the environments in which we spend so much of our time.

Follow up from Wednesday: Anna was feeling better today and we’ve got a make-up appointment for Simon with the neurologist today.

Here’s a look at some of my images for Thursday:

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Katie took the next couple of shots while I was out to dinner with friends.

The fact that Simon shows himself to her through the lens tells a lot about their relationship.

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday


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  • 1.
    Sarah said…

    Gorgeous photos Ali. Great idea taking pictures of the ordinary stuff. Thanks so much for the inspiration for Week in the Life. I love what it has made me do this week and love that my children will have this to look back on.

  • 2.
    Ilona said…

    :) the last two pictures made me smile!!
    Thank you Ali for sharing your photos and stories!
    Great idea to take some photos around the house, how it looks like today, esp. as we are going to have new furniture in a few weeks and it will look completely different next year when doing WITL 2013.

  • 3.
    EE K said…

    Another great idea for photos. I have been having a hard time picking up my camera this week but I definitely want to take photos around the house today!

  • 4.
    Marie said…

    Nice pictures. Your house seems to be a very nice place where to live, I really like the way things are organised in the closets (again very inspiring for me!). Your kids are beautiful.

  • 5.
    Kathy said…

    Loving your daily photos….I enlisted 2 friends to do WITL this year with me and they are getting so much enjoyment out of it so it makes me thrilled so I’m sure you are thrilled with the wonderful participation of all these people. Thanks for coming up with such meaningful interesting projects (ie WITL and DD). Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  • 6.
    dawn said…

    These are great photos and shows how lovely your home is also. Love the colors and the brightness of your rooms. So glad Anna is feeling better and Simon has appt today, thanks for the update. Love that the kids played so well and Katie got pictures of BOTH the kids.

    Have you been working on your PL during this week? I’m looking thru photos today and deciding which ones to use for PL.

    Have a great weekend!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Haven’t been working on it but have been thinking about an approach…not sure yet.

    • ….
      Pidgen said…

      Ali, this is completely random, but you mentioned a few weeks ago, wanting to do a PL spread that included nothing but “stuff”. I’m not sure if you’re going to do a digital-only book, but PL would be an awesome catch-all for the ephemera. :)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Totally right – and I’ve done “stuff-only” weeks before in there. I was thinking about doing a couple enlarged photos or something else more “playful” as a representation of the week. Actually feeling excited by the challenge of what to add in there.

    • ….
      dawn said…

      Thanks for answering my question Ali, I noticed you haven’t posted anything about in your daily photos this week so was wondering if you did anything.

      I’m thinking of doing a paper only week soon, especially after this week full of photos.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I have last week all ready to go (wk 16 I think) for a post – was just waiting to get through the week in the life posts this week.

  • 7.
    Mari K said…

    Your photos are great. I love the idea of taking pictures of your “stuff”. You’re right, it would be nice to have pictures of my things when I was younger. My son is always asking me about what toys I had and stuff, it would be nice to be able to show him. I’ll take some pictures like this and someday when his kids ask him what his toys were like he CAN show them :) I am having a great time working on this project! Have a wonderful day.

  • 8.

    Call me weird: I just looove the shot of the white dishes stacked neatly :-) This time – 4th time – WITL feels kinda easy for me. Don’t know why. I don’t take a load of pictures, just going with the flow. Planning the same thing for the digital album, just clean and simple! :-) Thanks for the inspiration, Ali!

    • ….
      Carolyn K said…

      you are not weird- or if you are, then I am too… that shot, that mood- the feeling of the photo of dishes stacked- white on white is just 100% pure… reminds me of Ali’s word of the year last year… which was LIGHT. :-)

  • 9.
    CathyJean said…

    Love your pictures-great ideas and inspiration. Have enjoyed the week. I haven’t taken as many pictures as I would have liked. I feel like I need another week! Thank you for helping me to examine my everyday life.

  • 10.
    Karen said…

    Wonderful photos, I too wish I had shots like this from when I was a child! I know I have been ensuring that in my PL now I have LOTS for my two children to look back on in the future :-)

  • 11.
    mel said…

    Great stuff photos. Great photos as always and inspiration. Didn’t get chance to upload yesterday’s pictures but I’m going with it….. Life sometimes just happens right? Tell me I’m right.

    : )

    • ….
      Ali said…


  • 12.
    Kim S (nerdgrl) said…

    I’m finding I’m taking a lot more pics of my “stuff” since I’m concentrating on me this week, rather than us (which suits my husband just fine). Pics of what I’m reading, listening to, the messiness of my desk, my SBing stuff, etc. Love the last two pics of the kids.

  • 13.
    Marya said…

    Amazing photos for the day. Love the combination of stuff and people. Thanks for all the inspiration – it’s my first year and I’m doing this with a friend as well. I seriously already looking forward to next year!

  • 14.
    Carla G. said…

    Great giveaways! We loved Kidding Around in past summers . . . it’s neat to go back and see the scrapbook pages the kids and I made during this and remember the fun stuff we did (even clean rooms!). Loving the Elle’s Studio pieces! Thanks for sharing your life, Ali!

  • 15.
    kristen said…

    love the everyday-ness of your work, as ever, ali – & got a little catch in my throat at the shot of chris’ unadorned hand holding the coffee cup . . . it must be weird to have virtual strangers feeling fairly deeply for you during such a personal challenge, but we do. & you inspire me all the more for being brave enough to share pieces of it with us. thank you for your courage + your art. amazing, you. :)

    • ….
      Elizabeth H. said…

      Ditto to this…

    • ….
      Sarah R said…

      Same here…

    • ….
      dawn said…

      I agree, well said.

    • ….
      Alexandra said…

      that photo tugged at my heart too.
      sending hugs and love to you, Ali.
      always so inspired by you – on so many levels.

    • ….

      I was very struck by that image as well. Also LOVED the shot of Simon laughing for Katie behind the camera, and that you explained about the significance of that.

    • ….
      Julie MacManus said…

      what a really nice way to let ali know we are all thinking of her at this time and sending good positive thoughts :> we admire you for sharing , thanks

  • 16.
    Jennifer Levin said…

    Ali, I’ve SO enjoyed seeing all your photos this week. I love the way you capture your home, the children and yourself. Your photos truly speak volumes! I especially love today photos.

    Thank you so much for always sharing your life here with us! You are such an inspiration to me. Have a great weekend! ~Jennifer

  • 17.
    lee said…

    I love the picture of the chalkboard…that you can just kind of see the kitty cat stretching out on the back of the couch makes it even more charming. =)

  • 18.
    Dana said…

    Great photos Ali! And the shot of Chris’ hand without his wedding ring is so subtle in its everydayness but also so clear in its statement. I’m inspired by the way you are sharing this personal challenge…even though I know it is only a glimpse. It has me wondering if I would be able to handle a similar situation with such courage and grace.

  • 19.
    Helen said…

    i am endlessly amazed and inspired by your grace through all of the process you are living.

  • 20.
    KathE said…

    Thanks for the idea of documenting the here and now. Just took pics of laundry room and refrigerator contents.

  • 21.
    Lalia H said…

    That very first picture makes me really smile. We had those exact two metal barstools while I was her age. (And they were vintage back then!)

  • 22.
    Dette said…

    You’re pics always look great! You’re family and home look great!

    I just realized how much Simon has grown! I remember seeing his pictures when he was still very young from scrapbook pages you’ve made of him in Creating Keepsakes.

  • 23.
    Suzanne said…

    I really like the picture of Anna washing her hands. I have a 2 year old and 5 year old and they both love to wash their hands and play in the sink. My 2 year old always wants to do it by herself. I never thought to take a picture of them washing their hands, going to have to do that!

  • 24.
    Alison j said…

    I love the greenness of your area, it seems so refreshing.

  • 25.
    Becky said…

    Love these pictures. I often think of the house I grew up in and would love to have pictures of the wall paper in the kitchen and things. Great idea!

  • 26.
    Molly said…

    It says so much. xo

  • 27.
    Jennifer Kellogg said…

    You take the most amazing photos! I wish my son’s bedroom closet looked like that! My son is a pack rat! He says he knows where everything is. Thanks for sharing!

  • 28.
    Annette Green said…

    Glad to hear that Anna is feeling better and the appointment is back on for Simon. I am thoroughly enjoying your photos and participating in this project alongside you. Thanks!

  • 29.
    Paula said…

    Looks like an overall nice “everyday” kind of day, and you’ve captured some wonderful “stuff.” Great idea!

  • 30.
    Naomi said…

    GREAT idea of capturing the everyday STUFF — the bedrooms and memories they hold! We are moving soon and while I am not doing Week in the Life, I am challenged to take pics of their bedrooms tomorrow! Thanks for the encouragement.

  • 31.
    Jacque said…

    Ali, do you even realize all the hearts and lives you touch? As I look at all the posts shared this week, I have noticed each day that your grace and dignity and your honesty has made a difference all over the world. I feel that you have had some very difficult times in the last months, but each one has been represented with deep love and respect for all concerned. I, like so many others, wonder if I could have shown the wisdom in any unwantede situation that you have. I pray that the good Lord will wrap his loving arms around you and your family and that you will feel the love and concern felt for you by all of us that are fortunate enough to follow you and your talent each week! God bless!!

  • 32.
    Elaine Allen said…

    Great photos Ali. I love the one with all of Simon’s leggos!

    Elaine Allen

  • 33.
    Megan Anderson said…

    I love the photos of the kids today! So much joy.

  • 34.
    Carolyn K said…

    I can’t believe I almost didn’t do this this year- of all years- new house, new town, new life… what was I thinking!? The printouts really did it for me- I printed them out at the last minute and have been doing it here and there- the photo taking has helped me “see” things in a new light- and I just wanted to APPRECIATE THE HECK OUT OF YOU ALI!!! you are a light in the world!

  • 35.
    Nicole Hurley said…

    This is sort of ridiculous but the shot of Chris’ hand holding the Starbucks cup with no wedding ring on makes me tear up. Hang in there Ali.

  • 36.
    Rinda said…

    I posted a video today. Today is my last day (I started last Saturday), so plan to get a few more “stuff” shots myself.

  • 37.
    cindy said…

    awww, they are so happy, love!

  • 38.
    michele h. said…

    you are a wonderful and amazing person. xoxo

  • 39.
    Angela said…

    Ali—This is completely unrelated to WITL…but I thought of you. They have this #3 pillow at Target right now that is super cute. I noticed that you use 3′s in your house alot and this has your name written all over it! I couldn’t find it online, but it was near the seasonal home decor stuff in my super target!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      So love that – might have to make a stop later today ;) . Thank you.

  • 41.
    Mallory said…

    Oooo more pictures of your office please?? :)

  • 42.
    Cathy Doerr said…

    Im really enjoying seeing all your photos Ali.

  • 43.
    Ruth G said…

    Yippee! I’m so glad that Anna’s better and Simon’s appointment is going to happen today.
    It is so interesting how our kids behave with others (regarding Simon’s pics taken by Katie.) It’s great when you’ve got those others on your side and willing to help you out!!!

  • 44.
    Autumn said…

    Love the photos of stuff. Your photos makes me happy!
    I plan to take photos of my stuff this weekend when I’m home! So fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the constant inspiration!

  • 45.
    KSW said…

    For me, that hand shot was surely the bravest shot of the bunch.

  • 46.
    Megan Smith said…

    More wonderful photos!

  • 47.
    Deb J said…

    What a great idea. I need to do that. I sure wish we had pictures of things when I was growing up.

  • 48.
    Laura B said…

    It’s really funny how you mention taking pictures of stuff in your house, like the kids’ closets because I took a picture of my daughter’s closet to represent getting ready for bed on Sunday night, and I made sure that I got a shot of my son’s closet for getting ready this morning. It’s a great idea to take pictures of stuff and your general environment, whether it’s home, work or your city.

  • 49.
    madeline St onge said…

    Love this idea, going to do this tomorrow ;)

  • 50.
    Queen Mary said…

    Ali, Anna has such big feet!! Want to know how I can tell? I love the photo of her sitting on her legs on the red ladder chair step stool thingy — and I love that you have TWO of them! My grandmother had one and I’d kneel on it and help her do the dishes! I used to watch my mom and her sisters do the dishes at Grandma’s house and laugh and have fun — I’ve always thought doing dishes by hand is more fun — for those reasons! Anyway, the feet — I wear a size 4 in grown ups and a size 2 in children’s, sometimes a 4.5 and a 3, but never a 5 or 3.5. When Sarah got big and we’d go to the shoe store, she’d go to women’s and I’d go to children’s. I’ve always just wanted normal sized feet. Anna is lucky! And I love Simon seeing the neurologist! Because that’s what Charlie’s doing and I’m so proud of him! Hopefully his work will help Simon’s doctor and teachers! XOXO, Mary

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