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Hello Project Life 2013. So excited to be embarking on this project again.

I'm a couple weeks behind so if you haven't started yet and you're still thinking about it there's definitely time. In reality you can begin anytime, but I get the desire to start at the beginning of the year. I'll be sharing the spreads for my first couple of weeks throughout this week.

I love putting together the intro page.

Here's a look at my last three years (click on the photo to go to the actual post for supplies and my thoughts on the process at each of the different points in time):

Project Life 2010

Project Life 2011

Project Life 2012

And here's my intro page for 2013:

This year I'm using the Seafoam kit as the base of my project. As I've done in past years, I combine a lot of different elements - some from the kit, some that are my own digital/printable designs available from Designer Digitals, some from the Studio Calico Project Life kit, and other goodies from my stash.

I use Design A page protectors as the base spread for each week.

For my 2013 intro page I included three photo: one of me, one of Simon, and one of Anna. I added one wood veneer star to each photo.

For printing at home I use the Epson PictureMate Show for the vast majority of my Project Life photos and Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. Highly recommended.

The "Hello Life 2013" design is available here and was cut with the Silhouette. Learn how to trace my digital PNG files in the Silhouette Studio software here.

In addition to the photos I create four, 4x6 cards.

Here's a closer look at the design formula for each card:

Seafoam Kit 4x6 Card + gold American Crafts Hardcover Chipboard alphabet + October Afternoon Make It Merry chipboard #3 + gold Zing glitter embossing + Orange Stitching.

I use a Brother XL2600 sewing machine. Love it.

Gold Dot Paper (from JoAnn's) + My Mind's Eye Be Amazing Chipboard Banner + Heidi Swapp Sentiment Sticker + Tiny Attacher Staple

Heidi Swapp Disco Stars + Teresa Collins Word Labels Pattern Paper + Gold Stitching

KI Memories Blackboard 12X12 Flashback Paper (available in the Studio Calico Penn Station Kit) + Celebrate Circle from Seafoam Kit (punched out from a journal card with a Marvy 3-inch Circle Punch) + gold glitter embossing Zing + Technique Tuesday Good Day stamp (punched with a 2-inch punch)

Using the 3-inch Circle Punch to cut the circle from the Seafoam 3x4 Card.

Bring on 2013!


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

47 thoughts

  1. Megan Smith

    2013-01-21 21:44:06 -0500

    Love it! So fun looking in the past at your other years title pages!

  2. Debbie

    2013-01-21 22:26:46 -0500

    What option do I have with the hello life 2013 if I do not own a silhouette? Thank you.

  3. Jonnelle

    2013-01-22 00:40:12 -0500

    So pretty, very inspirational! I really want some Studio Calico veneer stars, need to put them on the top of my wish list.

  4. Peggy

    2013-01-22 01:23:57 -0500

    Was SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing your intro pages to your 2013 PL!! So amazing!! LOVE! I just have a quick question. Do you use your Brother sewing machine for just scrapbooking or do you also use it for actually sewing as well. I only have one machine and I am a quilter, so just wonder how you are doing that. Should I just save a needle for paper sewing only?!

  5. Marie

    2013-01-22 04:03:05 -0500

    Love your first page. And looking forward to seeing the first weeks layouts. Thanks for sharing Ali.

  6. Alida

    2013-01-22 05:22:59 -0500

    Hi Ali, I've been wAIting for this post:) asd all I can say is Awesome! All stars, indeed! Love the confidence that is shining through in the 2013 page.

  7. Cheryl

    2013-01-22 07:20:29 -0500

    Love the spreads!!! I only just found out about this project but I love the idea of it and am itching to get started :)

    I have one quick question, I hope that's ok...I love the looping scripts on the brushes and stamps - but I don't understand what they are or how to use them. Could you help a novice out?

    Looking forward to watching how the year unfolds for you! xxx

  8. Bethany

    2013-01-22 08:51:38 -0500

    Your intro page is beautiful! What albums do you currently prefer to hold your PL in? Is it big enough for the whole year?

    Happy New Year!

  9. JenW

    2013-01-22 08:54:42 -0500

    Ali it is fun to see your approach to this project.I have done PL for a few years now and I typically start the last week in January. I feel like coming out of December Daily/Holiday season high in general - I need a mental break and the beginning of January I am not taking as many photos and just trying to regroup us back to normal but by starting at the end of January I am still capturing a bit of what goes on in that month and the winter activities and I feel mentally more energized and engaged to start a new project. I love this project and would encourage others to try it!!

  10. Amber

    2013-01-22 10:21:30 -0500

    I'm drooling over the pile of washi tape in the background of the photo showing the punch. Definitely one of favorite products right now. Love your cover page for 2013 and am looking forward to following progress through the year. This year will be my second attempt at project life (a printer issue put me too far behind to catch up last year) and now that I've built my stash up a bit more I think I will make a real go at it! Thanks for the inspiration, Ali!

  11. Nicole

    2013-01-22 10:30:38 -0500

    Your intro pages are always a fave of mine! And thank you for the sewing machine link/recommendation. I'm about to toss mine out the window I've been so frustrated with it... ;)

  12. Mamasue123

    2013-01-22 10:48:39 -0500

    Hi Ali, just a quick hello and just want to say thank you for the product reviews you do on the products you use. It is so helpful to me as I see what you can do with it through your projects and realize they must be worthwhile as you use most of them so frequently.
    So again just wanted to say thanks! Oh and it looks like you had a fabulous time at CHA. So very jealous. On my bucket list to go and drool there sometime. Have a wonderful day. Sue.

  13. Nita

    2013-01-22 11:32:57 -0500

    I am so glad to see this. I am diving into PL myself this year. I find so much inspiration from your pages. Hope it helps me find my way.

  14. Felicia Young

    2013-01-22 11:54:30 -0500

    I really like your first page! You are always awesome and I have been waiting for this post because your Project Life is sweet. I also signed up the SC's kit and class for Project Life and love it. Thanks Ali for all you do.

  15. Stacey

    2013-01-22 17:43:58 -0500

    So glad you are continuing this project, you are a constant source of inspiration.

  16. pam

    2013-01-22 18:58:39 -0500

    Thanks so much for the link to the video on how to cut out your png files on the Silhouette. Can't wait to try it.
    I do appreciate how willing you are to share your PL spreads. Thanks.

  17. Suz

    2013-01-22 19:51:32 -0500

    So neat to see the 3 layouts from three consecutive years Ali. The changes in products, the changes in the kiddos growth, the changes in your life. Period.
    Documenting the real.
    The authentic.
    The good.
    The happy.
    The difficult.
    The heartbreaking.

    As you may remember, 2011 was the most difficult year in my life to date, losing my older sister, Linda. Your honesty in approaching ALL of life within the pages of your album and here on your blog has sincerely helped me to work through the grief in the pages of my album too. So thank you Ali!!
    Take care you,

  18. libbywilko

    2013-01-22 21:29:17 -0500

    It looks so gorgeous! I the photos of the three of you , they are stunning !

  19. Bee Rozatti

    2013-01-22 22:37:59 -0500

    Hello Ali, I was wondering when you do your Hello Life Boxes are you using card stock or vinyl? Do you glue them on your photos? I saw on your December Daily tutorial for your words that you do do that. . .

  20. Jill

    2013-01-23 15:35:57 -0500


    Regarding printing your own photos, I am wondering at their longevity. I would love to print at home, and used to, but after a few years, the quality of the photos drastically went down, they seemed to age or fade or get darker. I'm not sure if it was an ink quality issue or printer quality issue, but I'm just wondering what your thoughts on that are. It seems like I'd be able to keep up much better if I wasn't constantly uploading photos to get printed and waiting to have them mailed back.

  21. Susanne

    2013-01-24 03:43:26 -0500

    Love to see all your intro-pages together! So beautiful.

  22. Mrsci

    2013-01-25 12:26:27 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    Considering purchasing a new photo printer. Have you ever made a video or tutorial on your photo printing process? I often add your digital art to my photos prior to printing and I assume that would be the same except I would print to the Picturemate instead of my regular printer. The Picturemate looks like it might fit the bill.

  23. Tiffany

    2013-01-25 14:32:36 -0500

    Another printer question: you previously used an epson stylus R2000. I am now noticing you are using and recommending the picture mate. I have the R2000 and have decided to start printing my PL photos at home...just curious why you switched. Also, any tips on color management or profiles with this far my photos seem a little dark. Always inspired by your work. Thanks!

  24. Jill Price

    2013-02-08 16:39:41 -0500

    Hi Ali - I just started Project Life in 2013, and just recently found your website while I was looking for ideas. Of course, I had heard and seen your name and ideas before, but I never had folowed your blog. What struck me as I was looking at this post was the 3 for you and your kids. There is now 3 in my family too- my kids and I - as I am going thru a divorce. In fact, it was very important to me to start PL this year because I am ready to focus on the good things that I still have in my life, and my memories with my kids are the most important! I just wanted to thank you for sharing yourself on this blog, and let you know that it made me feel more of a kinship with you, and gave me inspiration and hope. Thank you!

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