Project Life® In Progress (For The Love Of Post It Notes)


So what does my Project Life album look like when it's been neglected while I've been busy with other things?

See above and below.

I thought I'd take some photos to share with you guys so you could see what it actually looks like when it's not up to date. As always, this documentation can be anything you want it to be - for now I'm sticking with using it as a home for weekly documentation.

You'll see lots of yellow sticky notes to label the weeks and where I've jotted down journaling, papers from school, 4x6 journal cards from Week In The Life, and some photos here and there.

This includes weeks 37 through 41 (two weeks ago). I've got Week 36 ready to share next week.



For Week In The Life I've got the 4x6 journal cards printed and inserted into the pockets. Right now I'm planning to add photos to each of the 3x4 pockets and maybe add a photo into the content area for each day as well.


I printed #monday (from my #Everyday Life Brushes & Stamps set) with my photo of Simon checking out books at Target.


These sticky notes actually make me really happy. They are great for simply reminding me of something that happened that day or for jotting down words I don't want to forget.



A trip to Houston to film my segment for Brene's e-course and Katie's wedding. That was a big week.


This week actually has most of the photos printed and included already. Printing the photos is what I almost always do first - they tend to be what guides me through the stories especially when I'm working on weeks that happened in the past (vs. documenting during the actual week).



The week above really just needs some journaling and a few embellishments added to the photos.


Looking through this doesn't stress me out (I hope it doesn't do that to you either). In fact it gets me excited to get my photos printed and words added.

Let the printing begin!

(But first I'm getting started on my December Daily™ foundation pages. Look for a post about that next week.)

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