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February 27, 2014

The Search For Glasses | Say Hello To David Kind


Last month I received an email with an invitation to try a different way to purchase eyeglasses from a new company called David Kind.

Here’s the deal: I don’t love that I need to wear glasses and I don’t particularly like the process of picking out new glasses. I find I’m usually in a hurry – get in, get out. I also tend to wear my glasses for a long time until they are riddled with scratches or I need a new prescription. I rarely have more than one pair at once.

When this invite came through I thought it sounded like a fun way to test out some new frames and they have a super classy website and I like the idea of this kind of service and let’s be honest, I can almost always use a style update.


David Kind is set up a bit like Stitch Fix.

After you sign up you upload a photo of yourself and any information you want them to know and enter your credit card information and then a stylist chooses six different pairs of glasses for you and mails them to your home. Free styling and free shipping.

And I loved their mission statement: Our mission is to provide the highest quality frames and lenses, hand selected to match your facial features and personal style by a friendly, qualified, real person. We provide people with glasses they look great in, lenses they see better through, all via unparalleled customer service.



They arrive in a beautiful box (felt like Christmas) and then the fun of trying them on begins.

Now here’s where I’d like some help from you guys. Which one do you like on me?


After trying them on and writing a couple notes on each pair on the cards provided you can pick one (or more) pairs to purchase.

You send the box and the glasses back and include your prescription and they will send you back your new glasses.


Trying them on was super fun. Having them here in my house for a few days was a much better experience than the pressure of being in the glasses store and feeling like I needed to make a quick decision.

So what do you think? I’ve got my personal favorite and so does Katie. I’ll share the final result after I hear from you guys.



  • 1.
    Shayne said…

    What an awesome idea! I LOVE pair no 1 on you x

    • ….
      Cyndi said…

      I like #1 because they are very different from the ones you’ve had in the past. Some of them seem so similar to ones you’ve had. Go for different.

    • ….
      amy said…

      Yes, I’m on Team No. 1 because they are almost not there and you’re so pretty it’s a shame to notice glasses first instead of you first.

  • 2.
    Nancy Gill said…

    What a great idea. I hold on to may glasses for too long also. I recently went to have my eyes examined and started looking for a new pair. Since it was late and my eyes were dilated, i wanted to come back another day with a friend to pick out frames. I was told that if I didn’t purchase them at the time of the exam I would loose my discount. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper and felt rushed to buy something. This company is great to have some time to sit and really think about what you want. I like 5 and 6. Curious to see what you will pick.

  • 3.
    Amy Pilkington said…

    I like glasses 2 and 3 on you….so these first few comments haven’t really helped have they? Haha! :)

  • 4.
    Monica said…

    I totally understand your relasionship with glasses. I am glad Im able to use contactlenses. But glasses may also be a fashionstatement. I like nr 2 the best, or nr. 1 if you like the more invisible frames. Looking good as always, Ali, and I love that you`re not afraid to make silly faces on photos :)

  • 5.
    P.J. said…

    2 probably, 3 would be next choice. I’ve scheduled an eye appointment for March. I’ll be thinking about this option. Can’t wait to see which you ordered.

  • 6.
    Anne Marie said…

    I like nr. 2 & nr. 3 the most on you, and the ones I like the least on you are nr. 1 & nr. 4

    Good luck choosing!

    • ….
      CarlaM said…

      I agree with Anne Marie completely! and there is a tad of funky-ness to #6 that I kinda like on you too! That looks like SO much fun to do — I’ll be on the hunt for new glasses next month, sooooo hard to find the perfect ones!

  • 7.
    celine said…

    I like 2,3 and 5! :)

  • 8.
    Tanya said…

    3 is my fave, but I’ve always thought you look great in that style of glasses! 1 is cool too, but I’m never sure how I feel about frame less glasses!

    3 !!

    • ….
      Emma said…

      3 from me too! Great idea! I always wish that I was the one to come up with these great ideas but a much as I try, nope!!!

  • 9.

    This just looks like a whole heap of fun, l would love to buy my glasses like that!
    My favourite is 3, least favourite is 1. I can’t but think that number 1 makes you look older than you are.;)

    • ….
      Sheila said…

      Ditto! And I vote for #6 if you decide on a second pair – they look just plain fun. :)

  • 10.
    Brooke said…

    Such a cool way to try on glasses. Love the idea of taking photos and looking back at yourself. I have been horrible at choosing glasses (sunnies) for as long as I can remember. I will need reading glasses soon and appreciate the tips.

    Number 2 is my fave.

  • 11.
    Carole said…

    I like #3 the best. The shape is good for your face and the color seems right, too. What a great service!

  • 12.
    SusanB said…


  • 13.
    Joana said…

    I love this idea! Would be a great way to buy sunglasses too.
    As for my picks: 3 or 5.

  • 14.
    Arlene said…

    I like #5 on you.

  • 15.
    Jen said…

    How fun is that? #3 is my fave.

  • 16.
    Ilona said…

    2,3,5 :-)
    I don’t like 4 and 6 ;-)

  • 17.
    Lindsey said…


  • 18.
    Kristen said…

    Definitely 2 or 3. They look the same to me, just different colors. The ones on the right side are too big for you face IMO. Good luck!!

  • 19.
    Theresa Grdina said…

    #6!!! They look fabulous!!!

  • 20.
    Jen said…

    2 and 3 look great on you.

  • 21.
    Karen d. said…

    5 and 6.

  • 22.
    Cindy McDannold said…

    I choose #3. When they are in place your eyes are in the middle of the lenses. The others ones have your eyes placed to the far top or almost looking over the glasses.

  • 23.
    Maureen said…

    I can completely relate! I have had the same frames for at least 10 years and when my prescription has changed, I just have them put new lenses into the same old frames. I’ve been lucky so far because they have not discontinued the frame style (they say once the frame style has been discontinued they can’t make lenses for them any longer). All that said, I like # 1 because they will go with anything and aren’t a distraction on your face like colored frames can be (personal preference – I want to notice a persons face first, not their glasses).

  • 24.
    michelle t said…

    I originally thought 1 from the first look at the photos. Then I liked 3. Then I read the comments. Still really like 1 the best, followed by 3. But I’m not good at this sort of thing, I always need help with mine, and it’s usually the optician who has to. Cool option. Michelle t

  • 25.
    Joan said…

    cool idea…may have to try it. especially useful when you live on an island like I do!

    I like #2

  • 26.
    April said…

    2, 3, or 5.

  • 27.
    Tiiu said…

    I’m torn between 2 and 3 :)

  • 28.
    Thinkie said…

    2 or 3

  • 29.
    Samantha said…

    I like 4 and 6!

  • 30.
    Kris said…

    I love 2 then 3 on you

  • 31.
    Marnie said…

    If you’re going for an update then go for frame number 1.

    If you’re going for a style update then go for frame number 5.

  • 32.
    Silvia said…

    Great idea! I love no 4 & 6 on you :)

  • 33.
    Jamie De Luna said…


  • 34.
    JulieP said…

    # 2 !!!!

  • 35.
    Mandy said…

    #1 loooks similar to the glasses you wear now (to me), and #5 looks like a hip new you! =)

  • 36.
    Crystal said…

    Glasses 1 & 3

  • 37.
    Elizabeth said…

    I like #3! I also need new glasses for the same reasons… Though I bet mine are older—at least since we lived in VA, possibly before (5? 6? years old). Will have to check them out, curious about cost. Now that there are three glasses-wearing people in this house, that optical shop bill hurts.

  • 38.
    KellyO said…

    #6 followed closely by #4. What a fun way to choose new frames shopping for them in a store is always confusing for me. Too many choices.

  • 39.
    Kim Hogarth said…

    Buy ‘em all!

    As someone who wears glasses all the time, I get 2-3 pairs at a time. I wear them everyday, so I should have a couple different “looks” to go with different outfits and such.

    They all look good. Like 2&3 the best but they are similiar. Pick one of those and then go for something the green pair. :)

  • 40.
    Christen said…

    1 or 3!

  • 41.
    Linda trace said…

    I like number two!!

  • 42.
    andrea said…

    Hm, I wouldn’t take number 2 and 3 because they cut your eye a little bit. (I have a similar one and I’m always frustrated at how I look on photos with the glasses cutting my eyes)

    I love number 5.

  • 43.
    Kaysie said…

    #6….I’m sure asking us is giving you a good laugh since there seems to be no clear cut ‘winner’…that just means any one of them is a good fit for you ! ! !

  • 44.
    Angies said…

    Personally, I think number 3 suits you best, both the colour and the style.

  • 45.
    Eri7 said…

    3 the best!! The color matches you. 4 and 5 look good on you, too!

  • 46.
    Shirley said…

    I like #2 and #3 the best…but #6 is kinda cute, too! Good Luck picking a pair! :-)

  • 47.
    Ines said…

    #5 – fresh and modern, absolute love

  • 48.
    Alba said…

    I really like pairs number 3 or number 5!!! On the glasses shop they told me that “big” glasses are better for our eyes because the eye is not stressed, so with that explanation… I would say number 5 :-)

  • 49.
    Susan Mc said…

    2 & 3 look like the same frame, just a different color, but I like the black #2 best – it frames your face well. #1 is the very worst, looks very 1970s.

  • 50.
    Janet said…

    #1–because they are so open, and you try so hard to be open.
    #2–because they complement the oval of your face, and I like the contrast with your blonde hair and fair skin better than #3.
    Aren’t you sorry you asked? :)

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