AE | Supply Replenishment No.1

As we get back in gear around here (meaning I'm making more traditional layouts & completing Project Life® 2013) one of the things I thought would be fun is to share what products I'm purchasing from time to time.

Memory keeping products come my way from a combination of sources. Sometimes companies send me samples of their new products. Sometimes I will request specific products from companies when I have a particular use in mind (such as for a workshop). And other times I order supplies from companies because I like the simplicity of picking and choosing and supporting both the online retailers and the manufacturers with my own money.

When I buy items from online retailers I don't always have a project in mind. Most of the time I just see something I like (cool pattern, color, etc) or I'm restocking something I use regularly (adhesive, pens, etc).

Here's my recent order from Two Peas that I'm showing in the video above:

Watch for these products to be appearing on layouts & projects in the near future.

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  1. Beth P

    2014-03-05 18:28:43 -0500

    Loving the goodies in your stash. They look divine xx

  2. Madeline St Onge

    2014-03-05 18:50:44 -0500

    Thanks Ali

  3. orange gearle

    2014-03-05 18:53:59 -0500

    I have that Maggie Holmes vellum. I will admit that I am hoarding it. Ugh. Just can't seem to use it, it's so beautiful!!

  4. Michelle t.

    2014-03-05 19:14:18 -0500

    Cool! Those albums are cute. Love that vellum too. Michelle t

  5. Brooke

    2014-03-05 20:06:11 -0500

    Great products. My rule of thumb for supplies is if ideas start popping into my head when I see a product then I buy it, budget willing.

  6. Debbie

    2014-03-05 20:06:57 -0500

    So much fun to see what your using from new products! If a subscriber to your feed changes email addresses how does one go about changing it with your site?

  7. Eri7

    2014-03-05 20:35:25 -0500

    Thank you for sharing this and I'd like you to do it more often! I can only buy products online and they have pictures of them but not photos, most of the time. So this is very helpful!

    Also, I'm looking forward to your projects with those little tiny 4x4 albums!!

  8. Vicki

    2014-03-05 22:33:26 -0500

    That was fun! Thanks for sharing. I feel like you had a peek at my 2peas wishlist - haha - I have all of that on there except for the plain chipboard thickers, but now that I've seen them I'm heading over to add them too! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the albums.

  9. Marilyn Hillam

    2014-03-05 23:51:09 -0500

    I am always fascinated by the process, and I'm looking forward to see how you use these products. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sharyl

    2014-03-06 03:17:47 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I would love to keep seeing your purchased products in video!
    Thank you

  11. Maureen

    2014-03-06 08:11:28 -0500

    Thank you for doing this video! I always like your posts because you link to the products you use and it opens my eyes to the different products available. I don't do alot of shopping but it's nice to find new stuff now and then!

  12. Teal

    2014-03-06 09:26:53 -0500

    LOVE when you share videos - thanks!

    Also, how do you store your project life cards? Could you show some pictures of them, do you mix up your stuff or keep separate, what did you do with cards from last year's kit, etc?

  13. Gina

    2014-03-06 09:33:38 -0500

    I enjoyed seeing what you ordered & will be interested to see them turn up in projects. Interestingly most of this stuff is out of stock now - guess you've got a good eye for what's popular! I think it's interesting that you haven't really got any paper here.

    Love the puffer jacket arm... :)

  14. Sherry

    2014-03-06 10:57:58 -0500

    I loved seeing the products you purchased through the video. Keep them coming. I can't wait to see them used on your projects. Also would like to see how you organize your project life cards & embellishments you use for PL. Do you keep cards in the original box? Thanks Ali & have a fabulous day.

  15. fancyscrapper

    2014-03-06 11:35:28 -0500

    I'm not seeing the link to the alphabet stamp set, but I'm looking for it on 2peas. I'm a sucker for a good alpha stamp set, and have always gravitated towards the lower case. Love that the numbers are included in it too. Do you have a link to purchase them by chance? Thanks!

  16. Kendra

    2014-03-06 13:54:09 -0500

    I love that you actually picked things up and handled them. TOo often I DON'T buy online becasue I can't really picture how big things actually are. For example I thought the stamp set was a lot smaller until you picked them up. Keep the videos coming:)

  17. Tenika

    2014-03-06 14:25:47 -0500

    Yes, please keep us updated on what you think of the Project Life corner have been pretty mixed & I still haven't bought...still holding out!

  18. kelly libby

    2014-03-07 09:45:34 -0500

    Love the videos!! Keep 'em coming. It was nice to see...

    Happy FRIDAY!!! : )

  19. Kathy

    2014-03-09 07:54:50 -0400

    Hi Ali, I think thats a brilliant idea. Whenever you put on a class, all the items sell out everywhere very quickly! I was perusing your classes and it was super helpful to have supply lists all ready to go. Quick question here that I am hoping you can answer. If I buy your digi stamps (sentiments in your handwriting), can I in theory print them out on the 3M Transparency Film for Ink Jet Printers in white to create a photo overlay or should I just put the digi-stamp on top of the photo in white inside of Photoshop and print out the photo that way?

    Thanks so much in advance if you get the chance to reply.



  20. Diana F.

    2014-03-09 09:35:05 -0400

    Hello Ali:) I am so excited about this series. I love knowing what the pro's are buying and using. So I am really interested in these types of posts. Already I am making notes of products you talked about in this video and interesed to see how you use them. Already I am seeing products I did not know existed and I think that is what happens in this hobby sometimes. Thank you Ali for your awesome blog, videos, you always inspire me.

  21. Tracy

    2014-03-09 20:07:57 -0400

    Have you posted how you organize
    your project life kits, including
    Studio Calico? A lot of mine is outta
    sight and I forget about it.

  22. keely

    2014-03-10 14:54:09 -0400

    I love a good haul video!! It's been fun to see some of the winter release products starting to show up at my LSS!!

  23. Beatrice

    2014-03-17 02:48:05 -0400

    Please keep your supply videos coming! I also only have the option of buying online and your showing, handling and observations about the items help me a lot in deciding what items to buy and of course, I love seeing how you use them as well. Can I just say again how excited I am at seeing more traditional layouts from you? I have and treasure your books. They never fail to inspire me visually. I am also planning to do a form of PL, but i think traditional layouts are extra special :)

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