AE | Supply Replenishment No.1

As we get back in gear around here (meaning I'm making more traditional layouts & completing Project Life® 2013) one of the things I thought would be fun is to share what products I'm purchasing from time to time.

Memory keeping products come my way from a combination of sources. Sometimes companies send me samples of their new products. Sometimes I will request specific products from companies when I have a particular use in mind (such as for a workshop). And other times I order supplies from companies because I like the simplicity of picking and choosing and supporting both the online retailers and the manufacturers with my own money.

When I buy items from online retailers I don't always have a project in mind. Most of the time I just see something I like (cool pattern, color, etc) or I'm restocking something I use regularly (adhesive, pens, etc).

Here's my recent order from Two Peas that I'm showing in the video above:

Watch for these products to be appearing on layouts & projects in the near future.

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