AE Project Life® | In-Progress Video And A Note About Video Equipment


Happy Thursday!

I took some time on Tuesday to take a quick video of my 2013 and 2014 Project Life® progress.

Fun, fun, fun.

Here's a look at my 2013 and 2014 albums in progress:

A couple things in the video you might have questions about that are mentioned/seen in the video:

And just for fun:


That would be me, not taking myself too seriously, as I set up the tripod.


For recording videos I use my Canon 5DMKII camera and this Promaster Carbon Fiber Tripod (C429W) with a Promaster Accessory Tilt Arm on the top to be able to shoot down on the table. All three legs are fully adjustable, allowing it to hold the heavy weight of this camera and lens combo. The microphone I use is a Sennheiser 400 (attached to the top of the camera).

You can read a post about some of my tips for photographing Project Life here.

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