The Weekend Lens

Aaron and I adventured up to Tacoma, Washington this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of July with my brother and his family and friends.

It rocked.

Here's a look at our getaway via photos.

All photos taken with an iPhone 5. Text word art from my Glorious Moments and Glorious Moments Travel sets.

Like the look of adding word art to photos? It's totally easy. Check out my tutorial here.

21 thoughts

  1. Kristin

    2014-07-07 20:03:29 -0400

    I love the water pictures! Brings back memories. My husband's grandmother used to have a house on the beach on Marine View Drive. We loved going there and miss it dearly!

  2. lee

    2014-07-07 20:47:24 -0400

    That picture at the bottom - with his hand as a point of reference for how loaded that plate is - is awesome! Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. Jo Eades

    2014-07-07 21:35:49 -0400

    Great shots - but goodness, that is a LOT of food on one plate. What was it supposed to be? And was it all eaten? :)

  4. michelle t

    2014-07-07 21:54:09 -0400

    Beautiful. Must be so peaceful. Thanks for the link for the tutorial. I have the series bookmarked for when I'm ready to learn this. It's such a neat addition to the photos. Michelle t

  5. Sarah

    2014-07-07 21:54:17 -0400

    I thought that was Shake Shake Shake. Yum.

  6. Mary M.

    2014-07-08 03:06:11 -0400

    Love these photos and the word art. I live in Seattle so it's great seeing such gorgeous shots of the Pacific Northwest! =)

  7. Jo-Anne

    2014-07-08 04:54:54 -0400

    Wow.........that is a SERIOUS plate of food that Aaron is eating:-))

    Beautiful photographs Ali and LOVE the word art!! Hope you guys in the US had a MAGICAL 4th of July celebration - but by the looks of things it looks like you did!

    Have a magic week.

  8. J3SS1C4

    2014-07-08 08:00:51 -0400

    That is one HUGE meal there! Looks like you guys had a magical trip celebrating with family :)

  9. heidig

    2014-07-08 08:24:27 -0400

    Looks like you had a blast!

  10. carolynhasacat

    2014-07-08 08:49:32 -0400

    These make me smile. Love that they're all iPhone photos. Good lesson there in not over-complicating things. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Gina

    2014-07-08 09:41:22 -0400

    Ali these are beautiful shots and a great capture of your weekend. I love two things in particular about your photos - the composition is fantastic. You've managed to capture some details and events in such a cool way. Also, you've got some amazing shots here - the lighting is fantastic. In particular, the photos of the evening sitting on the patio with the umbrella, the kids with the snappers in the yard and the firework shots. Do you have any tips on taking photos like this - where the lighting isn't great? I seem to have washed out, dark, shadowy photos. I would LOVE any help you could give on lighting and composition.

  12. Kelsey McEvoy

    2014-07-08 11:09:28 -0400

    Seeing this photos of PNW totally brings me back home (I'm from Portland, living in DC since 2005), although I know it isn't really home for me any longer. So beautiful.

  13. Patti L

    2014-07-08 11:25:27 -0400

    Awesome! I am continually amazed at what the iphone can capture. I didn't take my dslr along on the 4th either. Almost feel guilty, but still got good shots!

  14. COEngrGirl

    2014-07-08 14:41:22 -0400

    Love the photo of the gummi candy! Seriously, Haribo gummi cola bottles are one of my favorite candies! I have to ask.... how were the blue Smurfs? What was the flavor? Looks like a great weekend was had by all! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Leslie S.

    2014-07-08 14:52:44 -0400

    Looks like a great trip. Fantastic photos!

  16. Angie R

    2014-07-08 15:59:36 -0400

    Curious what font you used for the word art or if that is a specific digital set you have for sale?

  17. chris

    2014-07-08 16:23:12 -0400
    Hi Ali, I don't know if you are familiar with the photographer, David Duchemin but his post today reminded me of your story.

  18. Lenore

    2014-07-09 20:28:51 -0400

    wonderful... thank you for your inspiration, in so many ways...

  19. mary -

    2014-07-10 10:05:00 -0400

    wonderful photos. looks like great summer fun.

    totally want to add some word art to my summer photos this year.

    thanks so much for the inspiration.

  20. Josee Gorski

    2014-07-28 17:59:54 -0400

    Hi Ali
    Thank you for the great post and inspiration. This is my very "FIRST" blog post ever. Why this blog site? I feel like I have known you for years thru different events, books and magazines especially Creating Keepsakes with Lisa Bearnson. I share your passion with preserving memories thru creative books and photography. I hope to someday (soon) have a blog to share my creative side and other passions.

  21. Nora Anne

    2014-07-31 01:03:01 -0400

    Looks like a super fun adventure! Would you share how you get such great night shots on your IPhone? Mine never come out very well. Thank you /)

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