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PROJECT : A Scrapbook On The Road is simply a small album you put together prior to a trip that allows you to document your travels as you are experiencing them.

DESCRIPTION : Get inspired to create your own Scrapbook On The Road as a way to document your next trip. Whether traveling across town or around the globe, the ideas and concepts in this class can be easily adapted to your personal travel situation. Please note that this class is geared towards creating an album for an upcoming trip vs. telling the stories of past trips.

TECHNIQUES INCLUDED : Album preparation, tips for storytelling while you’re traveling, travel photography ideas, hunting + gathering while traveling, painting chipboard, mod podge/gel medium, creating pages from transparencies + fabric patterns + printable elements, working with what you have, going with the flow.

LEVEL : Beginner to advanced. Although this class does include some technique instruction and a steps for building an album, it’s really more about the process. Emphasis is on what to do before you leave, how to approach documentation while on your trip, and how to finish it up when you get home.

SUPPLY LIST : The supply list (click to download) includes both general and specific product suggestions and contains active links to products at when available. Please note that some of the specific supplies I use may no longer be available.

This self-paced workshop includes:

  • PROCESS + APPROACH PRESENTATION | A 45-minute keynote video that walks you through my approach for documenting my travels (before, during, and after).
  • PROJECT HOW TO | A full-color, 11-page PDF handout. Creating the foundation album is the part you work on BEFORE your trip – getting the album all set up to document your adventure while you are experiencing it. In addition to the how-to handout you will also have access to two additional PDF’s that include all images of my album before my trip and my completed album.
  • TECHNIQUE VIDEOS | Three specific video tutorials that demonstrate techniques included in my album: painting chipboard, creating pages with transparencies and fabric patterns, and creating pages using transparencies and printable elements.
  • BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER | A 40-minute video that walks you through my process for completing my album once the trip was over. Emphasis is on working with and adding photos and getting it done.

A couple of notes:

  • Although this project uses specific materials I definitely encourage you to use what you might have on hand.
  • You need Adobe Reader to open the step by step PDF file. Download Adobe Reader for free here.
  • There are no supplies included with this class and nothing is mailed to you.

HOW IT WORKS : This is a self-paced class. Payments are made via Paypal. After going through the payment process you will receive an email that includes a link to download your Welcome To Class PDF. Depending on your method of payment through Paypal (credit card, bank transfer, etc) you might be able to download the file immediately or you may need to wait a couple of days for the e-check to clear. Access information for the class and video passwords will be listed on the Welcome To Class PDF. All other content will be available for you to download once you are in the classroom.

Your Welcome To Class PDF will be mailed to the address you use for Paypal.

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