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Create With Canva

If you have ever struggled to learn Photoshop or the host of other apps and programs to work digital products, this class is for you! Join guest instructor Kim Hurst as she guides you through tutorials for hybrid memory-keeping exclusively using Canva design software.In this recorded, self-paced workshop, Kim will introduce you to the technology of Canva, a free, design anywhere, graphic design platform that is filled with powerful tools for memory keepers. Learn how to organize your digital files, print your photos, and work with all types of digital elements to create hybrid projects that unleash your creativity.Note: The lessons and tutorials in this workshop feature the December Daily® 2021 Collection digital products, however the techniques that Kim demonstrates will work with any of our digital memory-keeping products. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned digital pro, this workshop is packed with information that will have you embracing Canva and changing the way you think about hybrid memory-keeping.


Hybrid All Year Round

Join Jennie Rey in her class Hybrid: All Year Round as she shares her creative process for combining digital & physical memory keeping products together in large variety of ways via her computer.  During the course of this workshop, Jennie will be sharing fun ways to play with your digital memory keeping products as well as how to bring them to life in paper + printed projects. Each lesson will include projects that feature both a seasonal and a non seasonal example of stories created using themed digital products.  All of Jennie's lessons will be rooted in story and the examples she provides will demonstrate how versatile digital products can be in helping you get your stories told. Jennie will showing you a variety of fun and creative ideas spread out over 4 main topics: Go Big!Change it up!Backgrounds & Templates So Much More Please Note: This workshop is not meant as an in depth Photoshop tutorial workshop, but will show the steps that Jennie takes in Photoshop to make physical (6x8) pages using digital memory keeping products.


Hybrid (Self Paced)

Join Ali Edwards for a fun, creative online workshop focused on the basics of hybrid scrapbooking. Hybrid scrapbooking pairs printed digital products such embellishments, brushes + layered templates from your computer with traditional scrapbooking products. Over the four weeks Ali will walk you through her favorite ways to use printed digital products to get more of your stories told. My goal is to walk you through the steps of making digital products a part of your regular memory keeping process. That might mean simply printing a digital embellishment or journal card or it might mean starting your entire layout on the computer and then printing it out and adding physical embellishments on top.  Examples of techniques will include both past projects and new ones centered on showing how to work with specific kinds of digital products. Video tutorials will be all new using Photoshop Elements 14 or Photoshop (depending on the project). When applicable Ali will also show how to use the digital products in Word. Please know that this is NOT a workshop that will teach you all the ins and outs of either Photoshop program. This workshop, as with all of Ali's workshops, will focus on the ways in which she uses her computer and digital products vs. exploring every available technique and option. Included in the cost of the workshop is a full digital package of products, similar to what is offered in my Digital Story Kits™  (journal cards, brushes, and embellishments - valued at $19.99), and a sample layered templates and additional digital items as they make sense for specific lessons (these will be made available later in the class). This workshop will be especially helpful for people who are subscribers to my Digital Story Kit™ and have been wondering how to make the most of their subscription.  As always, even with a focus on working with and printing digital products, Ali's projects and ideas will be rooted in stories and her examples will be showing how the products can best support the stories you want to tell. PLEASE NOTE | This is a self paced class. All lessons will be available to you upon purchase.  Recommended class supplies listed here are not needed for the workshop - they are simply some of Ali's personal favorites.