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August 24, 2009

Simple Celebrations : 5×7 Baby Photo Books


Here's a little something new I have been working on for Designer Digitals



This is
the first of a new series of small books I am developing called SIMPLE CELEBRATIONS that work with the 5×7 soft-cover photo books available at Shutterfly.

This past weekend a baby pink version, a blue version, and a brown/neutral version became available.

You can view my pink book in the Shutterfly gallery here.

Each package includes 11 .jpg simple sentiment files that are ready to upload to Shutterfly and be added to one of their 5×7 soft-cover photo books (upload just like you would your photos).




Each package also includes the word art as separate .png files and three journal blocks (see below) so you could easily add more text if you wanted (or a space for notes to be written directly into the book after it is printed).

EDITED TO CLARIFY : The journal blocks and the separate word files (.png) can be added to the sentiment pages in a photo-editing program (such a Photoshop Elements), saved as .jpg's and then uploaded to Shutterfly to add to the book/print. 

AE_SimpleCelebrationsBabyBookINCLUDES_PREV AE_SimpleCelebrationsBabyBookINCLUDESjournal_PREV

PLEASE NOTE : Make sure that you turn off vivid pics before printing through Shutterfly otherwise you will get less than desirable results with the colors.

In addition, Shutterfly is currently running a promotion on photo books: End of Summer Photo Book Sale: 20% Off Photo Books. See site for more details. Offer Valid from August 08.13.09 to 09.01.09.

These books make lovely, simple gifts for grandparents, friends, and family.


  • 1.

    Sweet ideas in book!!
    Great ideas for gift too..
    Lil A so sweet!!

  • 2.
    jakki said…

    These are really cute! I’ve got a couple of newborn nieces to plan some books with using these themes….
    I love Shutterfly also…you reminded me I have a freebie that I need to use before the 26th!

  • 3.
    Vicky said…

    Ali: These books are so sweet. You are a constant reminder that photos + words are all we really need.
    Hugs to Anna & Simon

  • 4.
    Sara M said…

    Awesome as usual. Keep the great ideas coming.

  • 5.
    Melissa Deakin said…

    just incredible, ali!
    love it!
    can i just ask you the cost of one of these books from shutterfly?
    love everything you do!

  • 6.
    Jeanne Pellerin said…

    These are gorgeous!!! Could I print and bind myself?

  • 7.
    Ali Edwards said…


  • 8.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Just checked and they are $12.99

  • 9.
    Melissa Deakin said…

    thanks ali!
    off to purchase!

  • 10.
    Linn said…

    Those are so cute! My baby books are all done, but I love how you used the brown one for your own childhood. And thanks for the tip on the shutterfly discount. I’m sure I’ll take advantage of it for our upcoming camping trip photos.

  • 11.
    Rebekah said…

    What a wonderful idea! Beautiful!

  • 12.
    Andrea Mette said…

    Which category did you make your book from and what design? I’m wondering how I get to the pink or the blue design.

  • 13.
    Emily said…

    As always, you have outdone yourself. Love the books!

  • 14.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hey Andrea – they are a product that you buy through Designer Digitals and then upload to Shutterfly. Click here:

  • 15.
    Jaime Benavides said…

    Adorable Ali. Love the simplicity! What a beautiful little girl you have. ;)

  • 16.
    Michelle said…

    Oh my gosh, Ali, I am in love with your beautiful little books! What a great idea. Instant gratification for all of us who have tons of kid photos but little time to make something that looks really “finished” with them. I’ll be ordering/making one each for my son and daughter.
    I’d love to see a Simple Celebrations book for weddings/couples…any chance you have one of those in the works, too? :)

  • 17.
    Kelly H said…

    Love the books and have many of your designs from DesignerDigitals, i used your netural colours to make a family book using your idea from your mini album book and your family brushes. Just need to get more information from my family to finish it off. Can i ask if you make another family brushes to add nanny and poppy to the list as my children have one side of the family they call grandma and the other is nanny etc. I love using you brushes on many of my projects. Thank you for all your products and your inspiration website.

  • 18.
    katie said…

    Love the book!! Quick question—if I buy the blue one today….could I make one for my sister and then make another one for my son, once he is born next month?? Or would I need to buy the template again?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us,

  • 19.
    Valerie said…

    Easy and beautiful…so you can spend more time making more memories. Gotta love that!!

  • 20.
    Kristyn G said…

    Beautifully done!
    Just downloaded the blue book and am working on it now for grandparent’s day gifts (Sept. 13th).

  • 21.
    Ali Edwards said…

    You only need to buy one + then you can use it multiple times for personal use (making one as a gift is personal use) :) .

  • 22.
    Jo said…

    Outstanding! Off to explore whether I can use this with my software, Jo x

  • 23.
    Judy Grubbs said…

    Ali, the book is great. I always love your designs. Are you going to be designing more for other subjects?

  • 24.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Yes – happy to take requests too. I saw someone mentioned wedding in the comments above. Will be adding that to my list.

  • 25.
    terriwc said…

    I just purchased these for an album for my granddaughter. How do you upload the separate word and journal files to shutterfly to include in the book? I am not familiar with that file. I can see the words and the journal pages in My Pictures file where I downloaded from Designer Digitals but I can’t upload them as they are not jpeg. Clarification, please!

  • 26.
    xerxia said…

    Oh so lovely, I’m thinking what a spectacular gift that would be…

  • 27.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hey Terri – to work with the journal block files + separate word .png files you will need to use a photo-editing program (like Photoshop Elements). You would set up the page how you want it (adding journal block + text, etc), save it as a .jpg and then upload to Shutterfly.

  • 28.
    Andrea Mette said…

    I noticed your book had black pages at the beginning and at the end.. How do you get it to be that way? Even though I picked the “Classic Black” those pages for me are saying they will end up being white…?
    And how do I get my spine to be the same pink color as the front and back of the cover? Did you use the blank pink page for the back?

  • 29.
    Katya said…

    Very pleased, lovely Anna.
    My English is weak. I want to know better, thanks to your blog and beautiful photos, always inspired

  • 30.
    Heidi Y said…

    Love this idea!! Thanks! And Anna is so beautiful! Ali, do you know if this can upload to other online photo companies (like snapfish)?

  • 31.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Andrea – the black pages just show up on the slide show not in the printed version. When creating my book I chose “print your digital” from the drop-down menu of style choices (vs. classic black, baby, birthday, etc). For the spine I just used the same page as the cover and moved it over so the word is hidden. I used the blank page for the back.

  • 32.
    Ali Edwards said…

    I would guess it would work if they have a 5×7 book – these pages are a bit bigger (designed for the shutterfly page size). Always worth a try :) .

  • 33.
    Andrea Mette said…

    Ali, can you please elaborate on getting the spine the same as everything else – I’m having troubles!

  • 34.
    Liz Ness said…

    Sweet, simple, and beautiful! =)

  • 35.
    Ali said…

    For the spine select the same file as the cover (you may need to add it to your photobook again to be able to select it – click “get more pictures” to add it again). Once you have selected an image for the spine, click on the spine and a new window will pop up. From there you can move the image to the left or the right so that the word is not on the spine.

  • 36.
    Andrea Mette said…

    Thank you Thank you!!!
    Now, I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly: the front and the back of the covers are different colors, right?

  • 37.
    Andrea Mette said…

    If they are different colors, is there a way to make the back of the cover the same as the front?

  • 38.
    Tonya F said…


  • 39.
    Judith said…

    I love your ideas Ali and that you continued to be inspired. I am thinking these would be great for my nieces and nephew. Now to find the time!

  • 40.
    Carrie said…

    LOVE this concept. Look forward to seeing other themes.

  • 41.
    Lizzi said…

    The baby photo books are great! I love it! Thanks for sharing… =)

  • 42.
    Susan W said…

    Ali I hope you read this. I really want to say Thank You to you. I bought some of those American Crafts page protectors a few months ago. You mentioned them in one of your posts. The 6×12 & 12×12. I normally scrap 8.5×11. I haven’t really done anything with them except for the past few days. I have been in a bit of a scrapping slump. I have been purging and cleaning out my little space tho from time to time. But, not really doing much of anything else. Anyways, I actually scrapped within the past few days using some different sized layouts. I had to purchase a new album to store them of course :-) I love how they all look together.
    Thanks for giving me the sense it is okay to mix sizes and for a sense of more freedom with my scrapping. it is fun telling the story’s I want to tell without being committed to just one size of paper. I feel much more inspired now.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 43.
    kelli crowe said…

    this is a fantastic idea. and i know this because i have already figured out like 4 vesions…wait, 5….i want to make with this!

  • 44.
    Tim Pannell said…

    Hi Ali,
    I loved the books and the products at DesignerDigitals were great too! I’ve been a commercial photographer for decades and I just started teaching an online photography class for moms on how to take better pictures of their kids and found that everybody is scrapbooking so I’m educating myself about all the opportunities out there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 45.
    Tara M said…

    Ali these are perfect! Just bought the blue one to make an album for my lil guy to hand out as gifts to his grand parents and of course for us too.

  • 46.
    Miss B. said…

    Gosh I am CRAZY, COO, IN LOVE with your penmanship! This is so simple and sweet, just lovely!

  • 47.
    Janice said…

    Hi there-
    I love this…I am finally going to scan my first son’s baby photos (pre-digital) so I can make one of these! I have bought the blue book kit and have got the jpegs imported into iphoto.I have used Shutterfly a lot so am comofortable with that part but I really would like to use a journalling block or two but have never used png files or Photoshop. I have downloaded a free 30-day trial version to try this out!
    Can you refer me to somewhere that will explain how to create the png pages? (your explanation above to someone just wasn’t quite enough info for this digital rookie).
    Thanks so much.

  • 48.
    Shannon D said…

    I too would love to know how it would work, Heidi did you try it out? I am in Australia too and have used Snapfish a bit. Ali do you know what size the pages are in shutterfly, you said they were a little bigger? Thanks off to have a fiddle.

  • 49.

    Your baby album works perfect with adopted kids too. Thanks for keeping it simple.

  • 50.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Janice – I recommend starting with this link to Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking at Designer Digitals:
    From there, here’s a quick how to:
    1. In Photoshop Elements open up the .jpg file that is all pink (no words).
    2. Also open up one of the .png journaling block files.
    3. Using the black pointer (“move” tool) drag the journaling block onto the blank pink .jpg image.
    4. Use the “T” tool to add text to the journal block.
    5. When you are finished adding the text, save the file as a .jpg (it will have become a .psd file when you added the journal block) and then you can upload it to Shutterfly to add to the book.

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