Organizing Scrapbook Albums : An Update


Two things happened yesterday that spurred today's post.

First I received a box of layouts back from Creating Keepsakes (all my layouts from the October issue - I think there were 14 total) that needed to go into albums. Second I received an email from a reader with some questions about organizing albums and pages for people with multiple children:

I was just wondering if you make double layouts for your kids' albums. For ex., the page about Simon reading to you make one for each of their albums? If not, whose album are you putting that in?

I have three kids and not much time to scrapbook so the thought of making multiple albums is not too appealing. I'm just not sure which layout to put in whose album so your thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

A very good & timely question.

I don't make duplicate pages. This is actually one of the benefits of creating digital pages in that you could just have more than one printed to add to each child's album. 

But as you know, I'm not all digital.

[ Albums currently in my office that I am using for inspiration for my upcoming workshop. Spinner project is an instant download class called Family Gratitude Spinner available through Big Picture Scrapbooking. ]

Since my big album organization last year I have been working within the following framework of 12x12 albums:

  1. Simon: albums by year

  2. Chris + Ali: stories about the two of us together

  3. Family: layouts about our extended families (including some childhood stories for both Chris and I)

  4. Ali: about me pages

  5. Chris: mostly political content

This has been working really well. Pages that I have made since getting all the albums organized have all found a home quickly and easily. 

Now with baby Anna in the mix my plan is the following:

  1. Layouts that are about either Anna or Simon will go in their individual albums (organized by year). I view these pages as essentially love notes to each child and want each of them to have their own collection with pages where they are the subject. The one about Simon reading to Anna (CK, October) will go into Simon's album because the journaling is talking directly to him

  2. Layouts that are about both of them/our family (and not journaled specifically to one or the other) will go into the Family category that will now be dated E:2009, E:2010, etc. Right now I'm not really worrying about who gets what down the road and how it will all be split up. I am more interested in focusing on documenting & celebrating the stories our of lives. 

There's definitely no right or wrong way to go about this. There are so many different ways it can be done depending on your family situation, space, time, etc. 

I would love to hear about other's systems if you are willing to share. 

You can read more about my Adventures in Album Organization series here

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