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Say hello to the Epson PictureMate Show. A few weeks ago I received an email from Epson's PR firm asking me if I was interested in reviewing one of their new Artisan printers. Since I already use (and love) one of their over-sized printers (the R2000) I asked them if I could try one of their small-format portable printers instead.

Some of you might remember when I started Project Life again in 2011 I also purchased a Canon Selphy printer. I ended up giving it to a friend because the size of the photos was not a true 4x6 (it was a bit smaller) and that mattered to me. My friend has been completely happy with it. At that time people recommended that I try an Epson PictureMate but I just got used to using my larger printer to print the smaller photos and that was that.

Even though I'm super happy with my current process (printing 4x6 via the R2000) I was excited to test out the PictureMate Show and see how it worked. I love the idea of being able to have a printer downstairs or one that could potentially travel with us (portability).

Out of the box there were simple directions to follow.

I pulled the memory card from my camera and placed it in the slot on the printer. It's totally not part of my routine to take my memory card out of my camera. Usually I just connect my camera to my computer via USB cord, upload to Aperture, and then delete the images off my camera.

With this printer you use a remote control to scroll through the settings.

I printed two photos from my card:

I was impressed with the prints and excited. I love the idea of a small printer.

As you can see this printer has a really big screen. The idea is that you can also use this little printer to showcase your photos with a slide-show feature. I don't have enough photos on there yet to use that feature (it does come with some photos already loaded but I wasn't really interested in seeing a slide show of random stock photos).

As part of the test I also took it upstairs and connected it to my main computer with a USB cord. The cord doesn't come in the box but you might already have one around you can use. It took a bit of time for me to get the driver/software installed. I was having some issues getting it to load (running Mac OS 10.7.3) and finally just re-started my computer and the printer popped right up in my system preferences. When in doubt always restart.

From that point I was able to print from any of my programs directly to the PictureMate. Almost all my photos for Project Life this week were printed with this printer via Photoshop.

The paper is a bit thinner than the Epson paper I've been using with my larger printer and one thing I noticed is that the black and white has a much warmer tone than when printing off my big printer (I tried selecting both "color" and "black and white" in the print settings but they came out looking the same - the photo was adjusted to black and white in Photoshop).

My overall impression so far is very positive. Easy to use, prints 4x6 and smaller prints (has the ability to crop and do some smaller custom sizes - I didn't play with that enough yet to really comment on it but I did print out three wallets - three different photos on two sheets and that worked well) and connects to my main computer.

As I was reading through the manual tonight I also saw that you can connect a Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter and print wirelessly. Might have to try that too - would be cool to print from my phone that way.

I'll give you another update down the road and let you know if my initial impressions are holding strong. So far, so good.

NOTE | If you end up ordering this printer you'll want to pick up a Epson T5846 Picturemate 200-series print pack (includes ink & paper) because the initial ink cartridge only works for about 10-20 prints.

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  1. Mae

    2012-03-13 09:29:55 -0400

    Very much interested in finding out if it really works with the iphone.

  2. Judy Webb

    2012-03-13 10:33:23 -0400

    Ali, I still have issues using a home printer. I want my photos to last!! not fade. I know things change, but I have been told that professional printing is so much better. I think professional photo printing is much cheaper also. What is you take??

  3. anya

    2012-03-13 10:58:26 -0400

    Thank you for the fantastic review, Ali. Printing photos outside of my home hasn't been the easy stop I've hoped it would be, so a printer is something I'm considering. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts of this one. As an aside - do you prefer glossy prints vs. matte prints and stick with one all the time, or do you mix it up? Thanks again!

  4. Nicky from Canada

    2012-03-13 11:15:29 -0400

    It really seems the perfect soluction for project life!! Think I may have to save my pennies!! thanks for the review

  5. megan

    2012-03-13 11:38:59 -0400

    I DO have the Artisan 730...had to give my son back his printer I had been borrowing...I missed my Epson! The 730 has stunning photo quality, and I love that I can send photos to the printer right from my wires needed! Instagram photos come out so perfect...a little crop on the 6 in side and they're done. Paper tray makes it so easy to load paper, and no reaching behind the printer! I love Epson products!

  6. Amanda

    2012-03-13 11:52:23 -0400

    I have the picturemate dash and print most of my pictures in Yhe jumbo wallet size (2 x 3). I love putting different size photos on pages.

  7. Niki Estes

    2012-03-13 12:08:09 -0400

    Great review, Ali! I'll be interested to hear what you think of it down the road. I have the Picturemate Charm. I loved it in the beginning. Now, it is barely a year old and constantly needs the heads cleaned to get a decent print, wastes a bunch of ink, and is not cost effective. I no longer recommend it. It's too bad because I usually love Epson printers and did love this one in the beginning, but it should last over a year if it's a decent printer. Please keep us updated on this model. I love the idea of a small format printer, but I'm uploading my photos to shutterfly now instead.

  8. Jackie Baker

    2012-03-13 12:11:37 -0400

    Several of my friends have this and love it. But I also want to print 5 x 7. Think you could ask Epson for a new model?

  9. Cindy P

    2012-03-13 14:34:20 -0400

    Great always! Thanks for the headsup on the printer. Always interested in what works well.

    P.S. When do we get a sneak peek around the office since you painted it white? :)

  10. Brenda DellaVecchia

    2012-03-13 15:21:22 -0400

    Diane - if you check back - what brand ink/paper did you use that faded? Wilhelm Research is a good resource for researching print life. I would like to look it up and see how it's rated.

  11. Lina Fo

    2012-03-13 16:57:36 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I know this is off topic but since I don't have a facebook account, wondered if you could include alpine skiing and waterskiing in your list of sports.

  12. Kelly

    2012-03-13 16:57:43 -0400

    I have one of the older Epson PictureMates and it was really nice but did not travel well at all. Every time I took it to a crop on on vacation I would need to clean the print heads and re-align. It would be nice to see if this version travels better. Thanks for the review and look forward to seeing more.

  13. Tara

    2012-03-13 17:03:07 -0400

    I wonder of these are available in Australia yet. Would love one of these it looks fabulous. Thanks so much for the review. Will look further into it.

  14. Jessica Poelma

    2012-03-13 17:13:56 -0400

    Thanks Ali for the review! I am looking for a small printer, just have got to take the plunge. Please do give a follow-up!

    Right now I have to go to wal-greens to print and it makes me a little behind on project life!

  15. Liz

    2012-03-13 22:40:07 -0400

    Would like to see the same black and white picture printed from both printers side by side to see the difference.

  16. Melissa H

    2012-03-14 00:57:52 -0400

    The only home photo printer I've ever seen in use is a really old one so maybe this is old news but are the prints slightly....sticky/gritty feeling? The ones off the old printer my parents own have a very odd texture/feeling that I can't stand. If these newer ones print with a smooth/sturdy texture more like a photo from Costco or whatever I'd be interested!

  17. Lida

    2012-03-14 09:32:31 -0400

    I have this printer! I replaced my original PM240 printer because of a paper jam and there is no place to get the old printer repaired. It cost just as much to repair it than to buy a new one. So I HAD to buy the PictureShow. I do like the printer, however, yes, I always run the print head cleaner 3 times before I do a print run which is about every 3-4 weeks. If you print every day you don't need to clean the heads.

    Yes, it travels with me because I like to print to get some instant gratification. It's fun. You just need to be careful how to transport it.

    The ink cartridge are very expensive because epson combines the paper with the ink cartridge. I have more paper than ink. I would like to use matte paper but can't. The company needs to start selling the ink cartridge alone at a more affordable price.

    As far as the slide show feature, it is fun to see your photos you took on that day especially the vacation photos.

    I'm glad you are testing this product. I like someone's idea of doing 5x7 printer with the 4x6 sizes.

    I really like hearing about the other tips too. Hopes my input helps.

  18. Mary Rogers

    2012-03-14 14:24:06 -0400

    we have one of the first PictureMates and love it, but if you don't use it often the print head does need cleaning.

    this one looks fun! I still use my 2200 the most, and then the Artisan 810 which is wireless.

  19. Jessy

    2012-03-16 16:04:01 -0400

    I have the PictureMate Charm and LOVE IT!! Using that and my Silhouette has completely helped me keep up with Project Life. I had my Picture Mate in the box for 10 months before using it and every phote was still fantastic when I began to use it again. No printer head issues with mine but maybe the constant printing has helped that. It also makes it easy for me to give my friends photos that they want copies of.
    The Charm is compatible with Bluetooth as well but I have not been able to get it to work with my Mac. It will send the picture to it but somehow it never prints even though my Mac thinks it did. I finally gave up on Bluetooth.
    With the Charm you can only print from a memory card however so that has been an adjustment. I adjust the photo on my computer and then save it to a memory card that I use just for the Charm.
    The screen is very small on the Charm but since I have already adjusted all of the photos I don't really need to see it.
    I will have to try printing in different sizes with it so it can go into the journaling card slots.
    The Silhouette is a big help because I have been using it to put words or embellishments right onto photos or journaling cards with it. LOVED your tutorial on cutting out your digital words with it Ali and now I am constantly doing that. It adds a special flair and personal touch to my Project Life album.

  20. brandy m.

    2012-03-16 23:10:32 -0400

    hey ali, i love this review...but i am wondering who you would recommend as a professional printer?? since shutdown, i am at a loss...was considering snapfish, shutterfly, or walmart but just dont know where to has put a damper on my scrapbooking b/c i dont know where to get my pictures printed...any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

  21. Nat

    2012-03-17 13:52:08 -0400

    Thanks for the review Ali! Do you happen to have a contact for Epson or know other bloggers that are reviewing the Artisan series for them? I'm trying to find out more information about that line and can't get my questions answered on the Epson site. I was looking at the Stylus line like you have, but I got spoiled with wireless printing :)

  22. Addie Recoy

    2012-03-17 14:04:05 -0400

    As much as I'm on the road lately, this looks very interesting. I haven't had great luck with Epson printers in the past, but might have to give this one a try.

  23. judy robinson

    2012-03-17 20:41:11 -0400

    Can you recommend a small printer where I can print 4 x 6's that include up to 4 different pictures?

  24. Cecile C.

    2012-04-15 13:00:29 -0400

    Would love to find out if you can eventually print from your iPhone! Would love that feature!

  25. rebecca a

    2012-05-14 11:17:36 -0400

    Guess what I got for Mother's Day? Yep, the PictureMate Show! I can't wait for it to arrive and start playing with my new toy! Any further tips you have come to discover?


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