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May 22, 2012

Stories Are Being Told | Last Call For 31 Things Workshop

Daily prompts are being delivered, voices are being found, challenges are being embarked upon, and stories are getting told in my 31 Things workshop.

Do it for you. You are the only one who can tell these stories in your own unique voice with your own perspective on your life.

Today and tomorrow are the last days to register for 31 Things (registration closes at 10PM PST on May 23rd). All the details are available here.

It’s not too late to start.


  • 1.
    Ilona said…

    I love this class!! Hope there will be another one like this soon :-)
    Thank you so much Ali!

  • 2.
    Jennifer Kolakowski said…

    I ABSOLUTELY love this class!!! Everything about it! Thank you Ali!! There is not a class out there of yours that I have not loved, loved, loved!!
    Jen K.

  • 3.
    Anya said…

    Over the NSD I was looking through sites and was trying to make up my mind on what to by – more paper, more fun stuff… but then I asked myself what do I really need and instead bought your Storyology class. I should say it was definately the best purchase! Loved that class with all the prompts and video presentation! Thanks for doing what you are so good at. Oh, how I wish I could join you for 31 Things class too!!!

  • 4.
    Marsaille said…

    Loving 31 Things. Although I haven’t braved sharing yet. After reading today’s email, I think I will. You have a gift Ali! Thanks for sharing it!

  • 5.
    Sarah Jane said…

    I am enjoying the PUSH to pick up my pen again. THANK YOU! (Picked a busy week of life to start writing so, I’m fitting it in – a few minutes at a time – but PROMISE that I will catch up and eventually, share!)

  • 6.
    sue said…

    Just bought 31 Things and now finding my way around the class.
    I definitaley needed a kick up the proverbial to get my creative writing juices flowing.
    Really looking forward to the prompts and making my mind up how to present my work.
    Thanks Ali xx

  • 7.
    Teri M said…

    I love this class. It is challenging me to get my thinking cap on and actually make time to do a little journaling. I am a couple days behind (busy weekend) but I am catching up with the journaling today and hopefully I will get them printed out tonight too. But even though I fall behind it is not too much work that I can’t still catch up. And my ultimate hope is that I continue to journal even after the 31 days is over! Thanks Ali, you are an inspiration!!

  • 8.
    Suz said…

    I just signed up! Can’t wait to see what gets created and documented as a result of this class! :)

  • 9.
    Susan said…

    Anyone ready this: if you can swing it take this class!!!! It is amazing! I’m planning on continuing beyond 31 things (or Ali would you consider a 31 Things Class Two? With all new prompts – I’m game!)

  • 10.
    Shaela said…

    I haven’t shared many stories on the board, but so far I’m loving the class. Thanks for helping me get some of my untold stories down in print! :)

  • 11.
    McAmy said…

    Loving documenting my story in a way I’ve never done before. A great class!!!

  • 12.
    Bev W. said…

    I really wanted to take the class and hope that you offer it again but I had to be realistic about how much I could do. I have started classes to get my Autism Spectrum Disorder endorsement and between One Little Word, Project Life, Grad Classes, finishing up the school year and look for a job, I’m spent.

  • 13.
    cinback said…

    Would love to be taking this class but alas, my life is just too full to attack it right now. I do hope that you offer this class again in the future…

  • 14.
    PattiP said…

    I’ll add my voice to those praising 31 Things. It’s a great class. I’m loving focusing on writing the story first, and the prompts really help the stories come out. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve had to say once I get going. Loving it.

  • 15.
    Laurie said…

    I would like to take this class, but I will not have access to the internet for about 10 days of the class. Is there any advantage to taking the class on 31 consecutive days? Would taking a fairly large break in the middle cause a loss of momentum or hinder the wish to make journal writing a habit?

    Is there any way I could get the prompts in advance before I leave my internet connection?

    I want to incorporate this into an art journal, and I will have plenty of time to work on it while I am away from the internet.

    I’m sorry I have so many questions…

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Laurie – the prompts are all individual (meaning you really don’t need to do them in a specific order). I’m not sure about getting them in advance – you’d need to contact for an answer to that one -

  • 16.
    Patti L said…

    Adding to the “i love this class” sentiment! Its the first time I’ve ever done an online class like this and really like this format. Its challenging me to think & write & create, and I need that, want that, love that. Thanks!

  • 17.
    Daniele said…

    Ditto and ditto. I have never embarked on a class of any nature and I am finding this one encompasses all that I want and more to spport my process of documenting every day life. Thanks for all the handholding along the way Ali.

  • 18.
    KayLynne said…

    Loving this, my first AE class. I started late and am still playing catch up. Hoping to share some of my stories soon.

  • 19.
    Lara said…

    Thanks Ali! Even after just a few days I have written soooo much more than I usually do. My scrapbook pages have been missing the detail of the journalling, only using titles and perhaps a little sentence. I have been wondering how to get more depth to my albums and I am just so pleased to have enrolled for 31 Things! I can see already that I have more to tell and can’t wait to use this in my albums. Thanks again!

  • 20.
    Michele M. said…

    I really want to sign up, but I am a full-time teacher and the school year is wrapping up in the next two weeks. I probably won’t have time to work on it until after that. Also, I’ve missed a few days–will those prompts be mailed to me if I register today? Is it OK to start late? (The perfectionist, Type-A in me must know!). :)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I’m pretty sure that the emails begin on the day you sign up. The emails are archived in the classroom for easy access (and will be there for the duration). Totally fine to start late!

    • ….
      shannon j said…

      It’s easy to check for the emails on the class website (email archive). I’ve had to do this because I am not receiving the emails in my Hotmail inbox…or junk mail box, for that matter.

    • .
      Ali said…

      Shannon – did you send an email to

    • ….
      Katie said…

      I’m a teacher too, and I totally get the type A, perfectionist, don’t want to be behind in the class thing.

      That being said, I had to start late also and I don’t think its a problem at all! I’m a few days behind, so I just save the emails as “unread” when they get to my mailbox and read them as I get to that day on my schedule. Its been working out really well for me so far!

  • 21.
    Carolyn HP said…

    I am loving this class, thank you so much Ali!

  • 22.
    Jennifer Johnson said…

    just signed up & am watching the welcome video! I am SO glad I did & so excited to begin! Thanks!

  • 23.
    J3SS1C4 said…

    Anyone not signed up for this class already, really should! Ali is an amazing teacher, and the prompts so far have been awesome! Come join us!!

  • 24.
    dawn said…

    Sadly I couldn’t get the money saved up for this class in time, wish it was open all year so we could have another chance. Too many end of the school year things came up, I had to prepay now for the activities my kids will be in next fall on top of the end of the year activities they are in also. Hope this will get offered another time in the future. I’m sure it is a great class!!

  • 25.
    Angie Hamill said…

    IF YOU HAVEN’T SIGNED UP… GO Do it now. I got caught up on mine. Life happened so I was late getting started. really makes you stop and think on somethings. I have posted one, going back to the other to … Tell MORE! LOL… Hopefully this weekend I can put what I have into Photoshop with a kicking picture for each one. =O) So come join us!!!!!

  • 26.
    amanda gibson said…

    I just signed up – I’m SO excited to get started!!

  • 27.
    Kimberly said…

    I am really enjoying savoring each word and delving deeper into how it relates to me, my life, what it means to me – or how it effects me in the present, the past, or possibly the future.

    My stories are ready to be told.

    So are yours.

    I hope that you are able to join the class before it is too late.

    All of my 31 Things will be found here. I am a little behind, but there are a few to see!

    Keep checking back on this link as I post about every other day and will definitely update all of my 31 Things here. Once I have complete all of them, I think then I will post to the Big Picture Gallery.

    Looking forward to the “Chat.”

    Will we get an e-mail prompt for this, or is there a specific day and time already assigned?

    Thanks Ali.

    • ….
      Kimberly said…

      —- I now have my answer on the chat, thanks!

  • 28.
    Patricia said…

    I just signed up today & I am so excited to begin!! I have to catch up though! Will be working on this at the playground today as my daughter plays! ;)

  • 29.
    Juliann said…

    I am just getting started but I am loving the ideas and know that this will really spark my writing

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