Where You Invest Your Love

Just working on my newsletter for this week and remembered that I'd drawn this up for last week's article on Creative Investment. Sign up to receive my free weekly Creative Lifts newsletter here or view the archives here.

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  1. Suz

    2012-08-02 16:49:29 -0400

    love this Ali! SO TRUE.

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  2. Marina D-K

    2012-08-02 17:16:38 -0400

    After you shared this song a few days ago I immediately listened to them on Spotify then purchased the CD. LOVING! Thank you so much for sharing. This is a line that really stood out for me as well. =)

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  3. Tere (Marie)

    2012-08-02 17:37:43 -0400

    love this...

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  4. Kelly S.

    2012-08-02 17:38:15 -0400

    Mumford and Sons is my fav. Thanks for posting this.

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  5. Colleen

    2012-08-02 18:01:36 -0400

    That is my favorite song off their album. They are a FANTASTIC live show if you ever get the chance.

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  6. Sugarnuggets

    2012-08-02 18:50:25 -0400

    How amazing to be standing at a crossroads today and find the answer here in black and white.....

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  7. Carolyn HP

    2012-08-02 22:36:33 -0400

    Love this, thanks for the inspiration, as always :)

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  8. Krys72599

    2012-08-03 09:45:54 -0400

    Funny you should quote them today - they were just playing outside my office on Wednesday night - they gave a concert here in Hoboken, NJ, and my window looked right out on the stage. They were doing sound checks for four hours, while I was working!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:50AM
  9. Jenny

    2012-08-03 10:06:30 -0400

    Ali, love this quote! I've been following your blog for a long time and find you and your words very inspirational. I even got to take a class with you in virginia and it was awesome. Thank you! On your old site there was a link to posts when you highlighted quotes or maybe just to the quotes themselves...is there any way to still access that? I should have wrote them down at the time. All the best! Jenny

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  10. Susan O

    2012-08-12 20:58:54 -0400

    Just signed up for the newsletter. Kinda excited..really like your words to inspire...thanks for all you do:)

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  11. Ann Marie Martin

    2012-08-19 13:53:31 -0400

    I finally had the courage to write my first blog post after reading this post. I put on this song and played it over and over and finally wrote my first post. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  12. gladdie

    2012-08-19 18:08:20 -0400

    Wonderful! Thanks Ali

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    2012-10-21 17:30:03 -0400

    [...] I found this beautiful description on Ali Edwards Blog. [...]

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    2013-01-14 00:02:53 -0500

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  15. becca

    2013-03-19 18:21:24 -0400

    I just found this image on google and am dying to have it converted to canvas so I can display it in my home. Could you tell me how you created the image or if you have any problem with me attempting to make this dream a reality?

    * edited 08/11/14 07:50AM
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