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October 22, 2013

10 Things Right Now | Anna


1. You are in your first year (Pre-K) at a local Catholic School and you are a sponge for information.

2. You wear a uniform to school and your favorite thing to wear is the jumper/dress in either the plaid or khaki.

3. You like to help pack your daily snack and a couple days ago you let me know not to include anything with peanuts because there’s a girl you like to sit next to who has a peanut allergy and if you have anything with peanuts in your bag you can’t sit by her. For lunch you seem happy to eat the schools hot lunch. I loved the other day when I picked you up and you waved to your friends out the window as we drove away.

4. You would rather not wear socks. Even when it’s cold.

5. Every day when we pick you up you immediately want to unload your backpack and show us anything and everything that might have come home with you that day. We usually have a snack for you as there’s a little bit of waiting time between when you get picked up an when Simon is done with school.

6. You’re taking swimming lessons a couple nights a week. You’d also like to be doing ballet, gymnastics and soccer.

7. You are still so very mighty. You’ve got opinions and thoughts on the way things should go. I’m working on finding positive ways to nurture those strengths.

8. Around the house your favorite things to play with still include barbies and any other dolls/people. You are awesome at pretend play. You like it quite a bit whenever Katie or I can play school with you on the hopscotch rug in the living room. You are social and like it very much when others play with you.

9. Before bed you’ve been wanting to do a little coloring or hear a story or look at books. You often turn off your own light now. You still ask to sleep in my bed just about every night.

10. You keep changing your mind about what you’d like to be for Halloween. I’ve heard mermaid and butterfly most often.

MEMORY KEEPING TIP | This simple exercise of taking 10-15 minutes to jot down a list of what’s happening with your child, your parents, a friend, or yourself is such an easy way to document right now.


  • 1.
    Emma said…

    These are such great details to remember Ali. I am also working on finding ways to be positive and nurturing with my soon to be 5 little Miss. She is so much fun and has a strong personality that is complex as she is so very shy around new people and larger groups but very outspoken with those she has become comfortable. I have a stack of books beside my bed to refer to as I admit to often being overwhelmed and sometimes very distressed about how I can help her grow into the best person I can. When I forget to do my best the guilt is all consuming! Baby steps I keep telling myself! I am off to think of 10 Things Right Now for my kiddos. Best Wishes from here in Oz!

    • ….
      Brooke said…

      Emma my Mr 5 sounds similar. And I hear you on the constant doing your best! They continue to grow and amaze. My boy is in school this year. Youngest in his class but needed it and doing well. I’m from Oz too.

  • 2.
    Brooke said…

    Love these. I have missed these kinds of posts on my blog for a very long time!

  • 3.
    Lisa W. said…

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…again you just MADE my day. LOVE this!!! And honestly miss my kid’s being little!!!

  • 4.
    heidig said…

    What a little sweetie!

  • 5.
    Marti Richards said…

    Cute girl! My little blonde- two weeks shy of 5 year old girl sounds so much like Anna. Thank you for sharing this.

  • 6.
    Lori - near Seattle said…

    As a mom of two kids with life threatening peanut allergies, thank you for mentioning #3. Although my kids have always had very positive interactions with their friends, I know so many others with allergies who get the exact opposite response. I love it when kids are so thoughtful of their peers. Makes my heart happy :-) .

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Made mine happy too :) .

  • 7.
    Traci said…

    Love that shot of a little sheet of Annas! So cute!!

  • 8.
    Juli F. said…

    Ali – You always remind me of how recording the simple things in life can be so important. What a lovely post and I really can’t believe how grown up your little girl has become. Time moves so quickly!

  • 9.
    Nicole said…

    Hi Ali – Love, love,love how you eloquently worded #7. I don’t have that problem with my children (um…yet!!!), but I do have friends who are dealing with the “drama” their girls are giving them. They are so incredibly cute and spunky at this age and say the darndest things. It is so funny to hear about their stories, but I know it is frustrating and challenging at times for the mommies. I love how you noted this stage of growing up and making sense of it–and seeing the positive side of this! I will remember to do this (and be grateful) when that time comes for me.

  • 10.
    Karin said…

    Thank you so much for the inspiration Ali. I received my DD kit today and I will definitely add “10 things about you ” to my DD project! I will try to write the text for every child in advance and then just add a photo taken in December.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      That’s a wonderful idea!

  • 11.
    Kathy P. said…


    What a delight Anna must be. Being an empty nester it brings back so many memories of my own children growing up and discovering their personalities. What a blessing. :)

  • 12.
    Kris said…

    there are so many things I love about this post. I only wish that I had begun to document things like this earlier in my kids lives. Mine are 11 and 7 now, and my how that time has flown. Thank you for the reminder to jot down the details that are quickly forgotten.

  • 13.
    Jo-Anne from ZA said…

    Ahhhh isn’t your little one just too adorable for words!!

    Sounds like she definately has a strong personality and a mind of her own:-) I must say it can be challenging for us as parents especially when it comes to the discipline department but i also think it is a great blessing. let me know if you have found any tips on positively nuturing a strong personality:-) need some tips for my 3 year old!!!!!

  • 14.
    Alicia said…

    I love that you keep these up over time.

  • 15.
    Stacey said…

    I’m trying as soon as I submit this comment. I am definitely going to try doing this for my daughter over time.

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