Project Life® 2014 | Title Page


I'm starting 2014 and working on 2013.

And I'm happy!

This project still has my heart. I love looking back through the albums. Right now as I work my way through the last couple of months of 2013 I'm inspired. It's fun. It fills me up. I want to do it so I'm making time for it.

Here's a look at my title page for 2014 :


Mixing it up a little this year having the photos of each of us in the 4x6 pockets + one photo of my One Little Word.

I'm not using a specific core kit in 2014. I decided that I have so many supplies here - including a bunch of cards left over from the Seafoam kit and products from past and current Studio Calico monthly Project Life® kits that I'm going to just use what I already have.


On each of the photos of us I added a metal-rimmed circle tag + white letter stickers for our initial and age (for most of this year).


On top of the gold foil on navy pattern paper (from the Blue Note Scrapbook Kit) I added three phrases from this sheet great sheet that was included in the Antiquary Scrapbook Kit. I stitched a square around the phrases with my sewing machine.

Hello Life 2014 is a PNG file available here that was traced and cut with the Silhouette. This set is on sale 30% off through the 10th along with all my other brush sets. You can learn how to trace my PNG files using the Silhouette software here.


The "3" is from a wood-veneer set that I painted white and stitched on top of a star pattern transparency and star pattern paper (both from Blue Note). Stars just make me happy.

The "Fly Me To The Moon" overlay was part of the Union Meadows PL add-on kit. I stitched that on top of some wood-grain pattern paper that was included in the Copper Mountain 4x6 paper pad and placed the transparent stars between the overlay and the pattern paper.


And I'm still rounding corners using the Corner Chomper. I like it like that.


I also started Week One last week and wanted to share a look at what I'm doing with my weekly date cards:


Rather than using a pattern paper card for 2014 I'm going to use a photo in that top left pocket. Most weeks I have more than enough photos to select one that can include the date.


I'm using this brush set that includes all the weeks of the year: Messy Weekly Lines Brushes (also on sale 30% off through Jan 10th). The package includes each week with the phrase to both the left and to the right so you can choose the one that best fits with your photo. The font I'm using for the date is Sentinel.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Here's a little walk down memory lane with a look at my past title pages:


Project Life 2013

Project Life 2012

Project Life 2011

Project Life 2010

46 thoughts

  1. Jess

    2014-01-07 15:48:29 -0500

    Look what a difference a year makes - Anna looks so much more grown up in the picture for this year! What a great way to start the year - may it be another awesome one for you :)

  2. J3SS1C4

    2014-01-07 17:00:43 -0500

    I love seeing the comparison of your title pages over the years! Anna and Simon were so little in the early ones! So awesome! And you're weekly cards look great! I'm planning on using your messy week lines as well for my title cards, but I never thought to use them over photos...

    I've decided to start my 2014 album even though I'm still finishing up my 2013 album as well... It shouldn't be too hard to work on both at once when catch up is so easy :)

  3. Monica L.

    2014-01-07 17:38:33 -0500

    My favorite song from Sinatra!!! Love your title page.

  4. Kathy

    2014-01-07 17:52:28 -0500

    I'm using digital project life for 2013 and was working on my pages yesterday. I'm up to week 34 but dragging and dropping is pretty relaxing stuff and going through photos from a few months ago is very therapeutic and funny seeing what the kids were up to. I love the PL books with printed photos but space is an issue and also printing at home is expensive and going to the photo printing centre maybe twice a week, once to drop off and once to pick up I just got too far behind. The digital version is what I feel will work best for me but I love all the embellishments the traditional book can provide. As Karen Russell always says "it's a cake issue" "you can't have your cake and eat it too" I will be getting those weekly title brushes they look good and as you say you always have more photos for the week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Michelle t.

    2014-01-07 17:59:17 -0500

    I feel the same about my scrapbooking. It so has my heart too. I just pick a story/pics and go. Am intrigued by Project Life though. Oh, just received your Technique Tuesday Fun Flair stamp set and just love it! So relevant to my pages and pics and style. Having so much fun with them! Best scrapbook purchase ever! Thanks! Michelle t.

  6. Elle

    2014-01-07 18:02:25 -0500

    Love the new weekly card brushes - I have been using extra photos in that space for most of 2013 as I found the title card stumped me and made me not want to do the whole week, excited to use these brushes!

  7. Kristin

    2014-01-07 18:07:02 -0500

    Lovely Ali!
    I picked up the messy weeks brushes. For 2013 I used a combined title page with week, photo of the weather, via iPhone, and an outdoor photo.

    Am enjoying PL, and this month will help my mom finish her DD album. (Mine is "good enough".)

  8. Nita K.

    2014-01-07 18:58:41 -0500

    Love this title page, especially adding the ages to the photos.

  9. Stacy

    2014-01-07 19:15:08 -0500


  10. Debbie

    2014-01-07 20:07:03 -0500

    Thank you for the inspirational postings this week. Love the idea of using up stuff on hand. It's easy to become over whelmed with the excess of supplies. I lost my favorite uncle this past July, at the time of his death I wasn't able to document that week. One week became two and so on. Life has a way of taking our breathes away and crushes are hearts. I'm not sure how to go back and finish that week. I decided to work backwards and that helped me complete two weeks in December. The hard stuff is tough to document.

  11. Melanie

    2014-01-07 20:15:26 -0500

    I seriously gasped when I saw Anna and Simon's ages. There's no way they can be that old!

  12. Debra

    2014-01-07 21:57:14 -0500

    Thanks for sharing this and all the previous title pages too. I love comparisons. The date over the photo is a good idea. Inspiring as always!

  13. Tonya

    2014-01-07 23:53:53 -0500

    For 2014, my word {even though I'm not doing OLW - something had to give. :( } is Challenge. It's perfect on so many levels and I'm incorporating it into my Project Life. The first challenge is using as much of my stash of supplies. I'm going to include the week dates in some different places and ways. Like everything, my PL's have evolved over the last few years.

    Ali, Thank you for continuing to inspire and encourage. I hope you, Simon, Anna and George the Cat have a wonderful 2014!

  14. Tanya Watson

    2014-01-08 05:04:46 -0500

    what a great idea to use a photo for the date card, and using up your bits you already have, might have to do both of those next year - already started and got project life kit for this week...I love seeing your pages

  15. Jacqueline

    2014-01-08 13:25:51 -0500

    LOVE the Messy Weekly Lines brushes! Would you be willing to design a set for those of us doing monthly PL? Maybe something that uses the name of the month or "month one" or a combination of the two?

  16. Michelle t.

    2014-01-08 14:09:47 -0500

    Can digital things be printed and used on regular scrapbook pages or is it just for digital scrapbooks?

  17. kdanielson

    2014-01-08 21:35:39 -0500

    I absolutely love your word for 2014, I may borrow it. And comparing 2013 to 2014 Project Life I see so much growth in your amazing family! I am loving that you are using what you have, I have worked at this amazing store called Archivers and we are closing, so depressing. Each day at our store is like going to a funeral, the lives we have touched over our 7 years is a bit overwhelming, the connections, the joy, we love these customers. Our store motto, CHOOSE JOY! That one statement can change the world. I know that I can always stop by your blog for that push to take the next leap, thanks for being here!

  18. audra

    2014-01-09 08:02:42 -0500

    Thanks for sharing your awesome title page, I was looking forward to it!
    I'm so happy to hear you will be doing a post about unfinished projects (your comment above). I'll be checking for that, as I have so many as well, and hoping to complete some this year!

  19. Cindy Koning

    2014-01-09 08:18:15 -0500

    Love how everyone is now adopting pictures as Weekly title pages! I have been doing that for a while now, and it makes so much more sense to me then using it for just a week number!

  20. Nicole

    2014-01-09 16:56:39 -0500

    Ali I love your title page! So beautiful. Love the colors too.
    Question for you- so you plan on doing day in the life and week in the life this year?? When's the first one planned?

  21. Michelle

    2014-01-09 22:14:11 -0500

    LOVE that photo of you Ali. You are totally glowing and the happiness is oozing out of you

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  23. kristen

    2014-01-10 22:07:11 -0500

    i know what you mean about this project still having your heart. i've never been so excited to work on a project for 52 weeks, and still look forward to what it will bring next. thanks for sharing your layouts!

  24. Iris Soscia

    2014-01-11 18:13:16 -0500

    Lovely and creative pages.
    [email protected]

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