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You guys are awesome.

Thanks for throwing your wonderfully varied opinions on my search for some new glasses (check out the original post here).

I ended up with two pairs from David Kind.


As you can see I went with number 5 and number 6.

The darker, thicker pair and the fun green cat-eye pair. Those two will work in conjunction with the super light-weight pair I've been wearing most recently. Number 2 and 3 were similar to pairs I've worn in the past and I was just ready for something different.

This is the first time in my life that I've had more than one pair at a time and I love that I can wake up and choose which one I feel like wearing depending on mood, activity, etc.

Big thanks to David Kind for reaching out to me and giving me the chance to share about this process! It was a simple, easy experience working with them and it went off without a hitch. Great service and I love my new glasses!

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  1. Alison

    2014-03-11 20:27:32 -0400

    Yep. Both pairs look great. Where did you get your sweater? It looks nice and soft and cozy.

  2. Kathleen

    2014-03-11 20:27:58 -0400

    Change is fun! I love your choices! I still remember when I was in seventh grade and trying to decide which new pair of frames I would choose. I knew I should probably pick the black frames, but I was so drawn to the red ones. I could only have one and I expected my mom to lead me to the black ones...but she didn't. She said, "It's your choice. Pick something you like." I took the red ones and I loved wearing them every day!

  3. Kathryn

    2014-03-11 20:44:58 -0400

    #6 was my pick! Smart/confident/playful - my favorite look on anyone. :)

  4. Marilyn

    2014-03-11 20:55:40 -0400

    You look marvelous! I think I will try David's later this year when I will be selecting new frames. My doctor's office does not carry "cool" frames. It goes along with my OLW - create. Creating a new me! And I like the idea of being able to have some time to make the decision. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Amy MC

    2014-03-11 21:20:04 -0400

    Glasses = A
    Glasses + Red Lipstick = A+

  6. Krista

    2014-03-11 22:34:28 -0400

    They look great. Not my choices originally, but these are very hip and make you look younger (not that you look old) so awesome choices!

  7. Mary-Kay Tilden

    2014-03-11 23:56:50 -0400

    Ok, Miss Ali,
    Please, PLEASE, please answer this question...
    What is the brand and color name of the lipstick?
    Also, #6 was my choice and I'm so happy you got those. I'm happy you also got #5. Those are amazing as well!

    Mary-Kay Tilden

  8. Luciana

    2014-03-12 00:26:24 -0400

    Rá! Number six!!! My bet!!! :)
    You look so nice wearing those ones!
    Loved it!

  9. Alida

    2014-03-12 01:30:52 -0400

    Both look great. May I also say that whenever you wear make up, you share a lot of resemblances with the current/recent Miss South Africa, Melissa Bam. Noticed it on your photo at Katie's wedding too.

  10. Brooke

    2014-03-12 02:07:30 -0400

    They look great!! And you continue to make me want to paint my walls white!

  11. renee

    2014-03-12 08:22:49 -0400

    Please check out Warby Parker warbyparker.com the next time you need a pair of lenses. They also offer try before you buy with their free home try on program. Frames at around $95.The best part: Warby Parker partners with non-profits to provide glasses for those in need. So for every pair you buy, you're helping someone less fortunate be able to see. It's a good feeling. I'm not affiliated with them in any way other than purchasing glasses and feeling good about being part of their mission. You look swell in #5, Ali.

  12. Mary Sara P.

    2014-03-12 09:59:35 -0400

    You look amazing! Yay, those were my picks. ;) I will definitely check them out when I need new glasses. Enjoy the new glasses and the fun update to your look.

  13. Karen

    2014-03-12 10:27:55 -0400

    So glad you took my advice and went with #6! ;-)

  14. Patti L

    2014-03-12 11:22:46 -0400

    cute! i like them both

  15. karen c

    2014-03-12 12:05:13 -0400

    They look great!! And what a nice splurge to get 2 pairs, one dark and one light should cover any mood you're in! ENjoy!

  16. Jewel

    2014-03-12 12:18:08 -0400

    They look great! What a nice way to purchase glasses. Often when I first buy new glasses, they need some tightening or adjustments. What do you do for adjustments needed on the glasses when you buy them through this company?

  17. Tiffany

    2014-03-12 16:48:37 -0400

    Love BOTH your choices! And I am so happy you shared the color and brand of lipstick... I was going to ask the same question! You look GORGEOUS with a red lip!

  18. beverly

    2014-03-12 17:57:04 -0400

    YAY! Awesome choices Ali! You look mahvelous! A daring new look that fits you and your adventurous spirit!

  19. Lorna S.

    2014-03-12 19:07:29 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    Both look great on you. I am interested in the buying process - how did they fit the rx to the glasses without checking for the pupil placement - or do you go into an optometrist and have them mark the glass?

  20. Izzy

    2014-03-12 22:30:09 -0400

    YaY!!!!!! I love #6 on you. So much fun. I'm kind of warming up to #5 too. Love the idea of two different styles that you can wear depending on your mood. I always end up picking sunglasses as my second pair...so predictable. I thinking I need to get some new glasses. :)

    You ROCK.

  21. Lisa W.

    2014-03-12 23:07:52 -0400

    Hi Ali~

    Loving number#6...you look awesome!!! I am needing to get eye exam AND then new glasses...Oh to how I hate the process. Such decisions! AND my script is SO expensive so you want to make a good decision on style. So I was wondering if you could answer a question.
    I usually go to Costco as with our insurance they are by far cheaper than the lab right by my eye doctor. BUT Costco does not deal with insurance AT all. So you simply have to pay up front and then they give you a itemized statement which I can then send in to our ins. Co. and they then will only give you out of network benefits...again still cheaper than eye center thats in with my Dr. So...I was wondering how that would work with this company. Not sure if you had to pay as you kinda advertised for them but do you know if they work with ins. companies AND give you a itemized billing to then send into insurance. i know I whould check with them. But I just read your post again while I had more time and this comes to mind. Thank you:)
    P.S. OH yea...the lipstick rocks!!!

  22. Verbena

    2014-03-13 08:42:41 -0400

    #6 was my choice, and you look great in them, especially with the red lipstick!! You look young and perky!!

  23. Cindy Welch

    2014-03-13 09:40:22 -0400

    Love them, I tried the service as well and my new glasses are on the way. Love it. I tried to go a little out of my comfort zone, but after showing many people the frames, they all disagreed, so went more conservative....

  24. Shannon

    2014-03-14 00:50:42 -0400

    Nice glasses! How did your kids like them?

  25. Sheila

    2014-03-26 20:58:05 -0400

    Excellent choices! You picked my favorite, too. ;)

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