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April 22, 2014

Ah, Yeah | Photo Flips


Every once in awhile I come across a product that makes me go, “ah, yeah.”

Today I want to introduce you to Photo Flips from Simple Stories and if you do Project Life® you are definitely going to want to check these out.

I’m a fan of adding flip-up elements to Project Life. It’s the perfect kind of project to add interactive elements on top of the page protectors and I’ve done it a few times before with either a label sticker or washi tape as the flipping mechanism.

Here’s some other times in the past when I’ve created flip-ups for Project Life:


2013 | Week 34


2012 | Week 35

What I love about this product is that my cards or photos can still be protected inside a page protector and it overall just feels like it’s more likely to last vs. the stickers or washi tape I used in the past.

I put together a short video so you could see these in action:

Pick them up from here:

New Story Prompt Printable 3×4 Cards (seen in the video and in the image above) will be available this Friday at Designer Digitals.

AE DISCLOSURE | Simple Stories sent this product to me without obligation because they thought it would be something I would like. I’m sharing it with you today because I genuinely think it’s cool and am pretty sure some of you guys will think so too. Links to are affiliate links and I do make a small commission if you click through and purchase with them.


  • 1.
    Petra said…

    Oh yay! So glad to see you use these. I have used them in my Project Life for quite a long time but use the CTMH brand who have had them all along too. I have heaps of samples of using them on my blog and find they look neatest when you fold the sticky strip under so it still flips up but under the flip instead if above it.
    Can’t wait to see how else you use these :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  • 2.
    Michelle t. said…

    Very cool. Thanks for the video. Can definitely think of using these on traditional layouts too. Michelle t

    • ….
      Michelle t. said…

      I’m sorry, more thoughts about traditional layouts. What an awesome way to add hidden journaling to a layout or ephemera like an event ticket, etc. Awesome product. I’m always looking for different ways for hidden journaling too. Thanks. Again I apologize for being too chatty. Michelle t

  • 3.
    Cathy L. said…


  • 4.
    cinback said…

    These are great! I, too, have been leery about having ‘unprotected’ flaps in my PL album. They just seem so naked and vulnerable. These seem like the perfect solution! Thanks for pointing them out.

  • 5.
    Teresa L. said…

    I think I am ok with a piece of washi tape to flip up my cards/photos. ;)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Cool. Always nice to have options!

  • 6.
    Jenny B. said…

    Awesome! I have been thinking about ordering some of those, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m glad to see they work well! Thanks for the video! :)

  • 7.
    angelia said…

    Thanks for the demo! I have been eyeing these! So fun!!!

  • 8.
    Jennifer K said…

    “particular” (in the video), LOL! Love it, that’s totally me. Makes me think of Anna on the movie Leap Year, she says “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be precise”. :-)

  • 9.
    Debbie said…

    So fun!!! Love them, ordered them, and can not wait to order the new journaling prompts! Thank you for sharing!

  • 10.
    C.Robin said…

    Very nice, will have to order some. Thank for the video. :)

  • 11.
    Suz said…

    I saw those at CHA and thought they were awesome too! Thanks for reminding me I “need” to order some! ;)
    Take care you.

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