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September 5, 2005

“One day I thought I’d have some fun.”


Got to play the other night when some friends came over for a visit (hi friends). They were busy with their stuff so I busied myself with mine. Just for fun. Just as play.

I began with the three mini-canvases. I had some black pieces of chipboard that I covered with patterned paper, added a couple acents, and painted around the edges. My original vision was to create a bunch of these little canvases as part of a collection. But then I was handed a piece of cardboard that is used to reinforce 12×12 papers when shipping and my vision changed. Using my scrap box, I dug around finding pieces of this and that, sticking them down with my favorite tool of the moment (glue sticks), looking for little bits of stuff that had some words, painting around the edge. I had some older collage papers that included this man with his coffee cup – like that dude a whole heck of a lot. Her got matched up with the little saying (that looks like part of a song) "one day I thought I'd have some fun." The perfect title, reflecting not only the vision for the piece, but my vision for myself as I created the piece.

Not sure what the heck I will do with this thing. Maybe hang it up in here. Maybe somewhere else around here. But I like it. That old man makes me smile. The "view life" above the rooster makes me smile. "Pack your bags" will be the story of my life for the next few months. And the emphasis on art…hell, yea…that is my life!


  • 1.
    Sara B said…

    Hey Lady!
    I love it!! Love all the stuff you’ve done lately…especially the what is sexy page. Can’t wait to see what you do next.
    Sara B

  • 2.
    Chris said…

    Thanks for the smile today! I think I’ll go play.

  • 3.
    candi said…

    awesome…so fun letting go and playing! :)

  • 4.
    Rachel said…

    Very cool Ali!

  • 5.
    Melanie said…

    So that’s what you were up to? Very cool… love that new collage style you are developing!

  • 6.
    denise said…

    “one day I thought I’d have some fun”……hmmm, sounds GOOD…!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • 7.
    Jen said…

    Holy cow..that’s what you come up with when you are just playing around? You artist, you!
    Love the whole thing. I’m surprised that it’s only 12×12. Looks like it’s a much more sizable piece. It has presence.

  • 8.
    Gina said…

    Beautiful, Ali! I love all of your work.
    What to do with it? Would you think about auctioning it on ebay to benefit the Katrina victims? You have at least one bidder right here.

  • 9.
    Michelle said…

    I love how you can put things together that end up looking so great.

  • 10.
    jenn said…

    wonderful inspiration ali ;) just what i needed as i play in my crafty space today :)

  • 11.
    Angi B said…

    how liberating it is to take some time to just PLAY in the midst of your scrapbbooking projects for “WORK”… i love to see this side of you Ali. Whether it’s work or play, i always adore your stuff!

  • 12.
    Cami said…

    Gotta love art for art’s sake.
    I love your dude too. Makes me want to shuck corn and visit my Grandma and maybe can some plum preserves!

  • 13.
    elizabeth said…

    totally inspiring!! i need to “just play” more – much more. love it!

  • 14.
    Cathy said…

    Love this – that old guy with his coffee just makes me smile – and your choice of scattered words is lovely. I’m off to play now too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 15.
    Stephanie said…

    how fun to play just for the sake of playing! :)

  • 16.
    danielle collins said…

    cool. just plain cool. love it!

  • 17.
    Rhoda said…

    LOVe IT!!
    I can see that hanging on a wall. It’s so fun to look around the house and see things created with your own two hands. :)

  • 18.
    KimP said…

    So cool! I would love that on the wall!

  • 19.
    Lee said…

    Oh Ali totally love it!!! I wish I could create stuff like that by just having a play.

  • 20.
    sara said…

    this is fabulous! i just bought some canvas today to do something similar. i have plans to make a mess of it — an “intentional, articstic mess” if you will. :) i love yours!

  • 21.
    Jeannie said…

    I don’t know if you knew this or were curious, but that guy is from a larger photo collection of steelworkers, taken I believe in the 1930′s or later. Remember that photographer who published all those steelworker photos atop the buildings? I recall that guy in your collage from that series of photos. HTH

  • 22.
    MarilynH said…

    LOL i like the colection of stuff! fun, huh? :)

  • 23.
    katherine said…


  • 24.
    Peggy said…

    I LOVE THIS ALI! Very cool how you built around your focal image and created a flow of thoughts with your elements!! U rock!

  • 25.
    Care said…

    Can I just be you? For one day in my life? LOL You are so cool, calm, collected and drama-free. ;)

  • 26.
    Cass said…

    This is totally cool, I wish I could play like that too…. Love the colour combination, and all the words too.

  • 27.
    donna downey said…

    for a chic with a little ass, you sure do pull some big stuff out of it!!
    you are amazing!
    sorry for the visual, but it made me laugh as i thought it, so i had to run with it!
    love ya

  • 28.
    Kass said…

    why the hell doesn’t my play art come out like that???
    You are way tooooo talented ms Ali. I’m going to sulk some!

  • 29.
    Layle said…

    SO VERY COOL, Ali!

  • 30.
    Cheryl said…

    I do think it would look great hanging on the wall in your studio! Thanks for all the inspiration and good conversation!

  • 31.
    Meg Duffy said…

    I love this. Can you please rub off on me some at CKU this week? Can’t wait for your class Friday in Kansas City.

  • 32.
    Loni said…

    VERY cool, Ali. I love how free-flow & fun all of your “playing” is! You are just so chill. Love it!

  • 33.
    shell-bean said…

    ooh this is lovely! I will have to try something like it to brighten up my room!

  • 34.
    t said…

    you know me, so you know i want to cuss right now. (#@%&(#%& RAD!!!

  • 35.
    beth said…

    Can I get a note from you to give my boss so I can leave early from work to go and have fun too???
    This makes me smile because you’re giving me ideas for how to use up old paper and stuff!
    Thanks for your continuing well of inspiration – just keep it coming!

  • 36.
    jamie said…

    that is plain RAD! :)

  • 37.
    Alette said…

    Love this one Ali, hope to do one myself one day. I just love this one :)
    Have a nice day

  • 38.
    Courtney said…

    Too Cool Ali!!! You never cease to amaze and inspire me…How is Simon doing??? You haven’t said much about him lately??? Has he started school yet???
    Hope things are well!

  • 39.
    tia said…

    MMmmmmm… the whole mini-collage-imagery-as-journaling type of jive!! coolness, ali! =D

  • 40.
    joleen said…

    This is beautiful!

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