Quietly present.

Aretjournalspark_beSometimes it is really tough to just be. Attempting to identify where I like to simply be...to me this has something to do with being present. Quietly present. I crave the quiet component in there.

"Does it exist...Can you take me there?"

I need quiet. Noise can easily bother me. Push me over the edge. Sometimes music is great, but often it is just noise. The older I get the more I love the quiet. Peaceful. And a lot of times it is just me being quiet...

Maybe that is why I love traveling these days. It is quiet - besides the exterior noises - I can be inside myself, watching the world around me. Stepping back if it gets to loud. A bit tougher to step back here at home. Sometimes I retreat to the bathroom simply for a moment of peace. A moment where I am not needed or wanted by anyone. Quiet.

It is another aspect of balance when you get right down to it. Figuring out how to exist in a noisy world. 

To be, even in the midst of everything else

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