Christmas Art Journal Day 16


Just a few things I am grateful for this holiday season. Especially grateful for cool art pieces that Simon brings home from school. This is my favorite from the last week. A snowman. In a snowstorm. I love it. And it made the perfect foundation for this layout - a two page spread.

The postage stamp is from Judikins. The Santa is from Daisy D's (they have some of my absolute favorite things this holiday). The chipboard quote square is from Gin-X. And words from Making Memories.

Here is a close-up on that second page:


Chris, Simon and I watched Polar Express for the first time tonight. Man, good movie. A must watch during the holiday season. Simon watched the entire movie. It has everything he is into right now: trains, santa, and presents.  We had popcorn and a fruit plate. Good times.

The cold is holding on. Simon and I spent pretty much all day yesterday on the couch watching videos. And you know what? It was delightful. Can't remember the last time we just had the chance to cuddle like that for so long. He is my little buddy. 

We also watched March of the Penguins last night. Simon fell asleep about ten minutes into the movie. Gotta love this one too - great story. I so love listening to Morgan Freeman's voice. And the making of it is just as interesting as the movie itself. See it. It is just goodness.

Tomorrow I am taking a class. Yep - even if I am sick I want to go. It is a bookbinding class. I joined a local arts initiative here in town that offers classes and such. Looking forward to being a student and learning some new skills.

Off to watch another movie - finally - Born Into Brothels. It has been all about documentaries around here lately. Feels so good just to be watching movies again.

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