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December 14, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Day Thirteen

Welcome to Day Thirteen!

A few simple photos from around my house today. I always like to include a page or two like this – it shows what’s different in our home during this time of year.

Chris has been on a business trip this past week so I’m really excited to have him back home again. Hoping to get him and some of his perspectives into this album soon.

One thing I’m noticing – it’s usually about this time that I’ve found my grove with my supplies. I find myself reaching for just a few patterns and a few accents. I like how that continues to keep the process simple.

I used my 6×8 digital layered template set to create the first page. I followed the same set of steps as I did in this tutorial post (printing photos on photo paper and the frame layer on cardstock).

As I was going around the house taking some photos I took one of myself in a mirror I finally hung last weekend.

Journaling goes around a line I drew with a silver metallic pen.

SUPPLIES : Ali Edwards 2010 6×8 December Daily overlays; Ali Edwards 6×8 Layered Templates; Papier Valise Vintage Wall Paper Holiday Colors; Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens; Teresa Collins Star Transparency; AE Christmas Boxes from Designer Digitals; Jenni Bowlin Red Kindergarten Alphabet Rub Ons; Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint Dash of Red: Two Peas |

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  • 1.
    dawn said…

    I love seeing your around the house pictures. Glad to hear that Chris will be showing up in the album now, was just thinking yesterday about that. Great to see a photo of you.

    Questions for you, how is the advent cards going? have you thought of new things you want to do differently on next year’s DD? How is your mom doing on her DD?

    Well, we are home for the 2nd snow day in a row. I am slowly getting more snow/winter pictures in this album. Thinking we will write our Santa letters today. I’m finally caught up on my album after having promblems with the computer/printer, now of course I’m low on ink. Still loving this album.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      They are going well – very simple. I’ve been incorporating them into the boxes (even if they don’t fit just right). We haven’t done them everyday but they’ve been a nice addition this year. Mom sent me an email yesterday – she’s in Hawaii for the holidays and is working on her book there. She had some questions about printing her photos 6×8.

  • 2.
    marianne hope said…

    Love your pages, Ali! I managed to catch up after a few busy days and am now ajour again:):)

  • 3.
    Estellita said…

    Whaouuuhhhh !!!!!! Wonderfullllllll !!!!! Estellita

  • 4.
    Tara said…

    This is the first year I am doing a DD, but I have followed yours each year. This is also the first time I have tried digital/hybrid other than retouching photos and I’m really enjoying it.

  • 5.
    Mary Beth said…

    Hi. Album looks great so far. What kind of camera strap is that in the photo of you in the mirror?

  • 6.
    Jill said…

    Loving your album this year, Ali! I think I picked up the same t-shirt you’re wearing – holiday words from Target? I love it!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Yep – I picked it up this weekend. Love it.

  • 7.
    Sharon said…

    I’m really glad you found your grove. I hate when mine goes missing. :)

  • 8.
    Jenny A said…

    Love how your album is coming along!

  • 9.
    Angie said…

    I love the colors on this page, and the detailed photos. This is a good idea for a page when there is not a lot going on, which could be today for me. :)

  • 10.
    Trisha Harrison said…

    Beautiful page Ali … I love the handwriting around the self mirror shot – Your album is so lovely !!

  • 11.
    scrappysue said…

    Oooh, I must remember to add a few round the house shots too. Loving seeing your album unfold Ali. I have re-sized your templates to 4 x 6, and simply slipping them in a photo album (mixture of hybrid and photos with overlays). I can’t tell you how cute its all looking, and so easy to keep up with, I am so happy!!!

  • 12.
    Alexandra said…

    I really love the colour palette here – quiet and calm.

    You mentioned your supplies… I was wondering how you store your embellishments for this project while you’re in the midst of it?? I have little bits spilling out all over the place – any tricks to keeping it all in order??

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Right now I’ve got a small box on top of my table…but really it’s all over the place :) .

  • 13.
    Wilna said…

    i did documented our home in yesterday’s pages… i love your self portrait and the round mirror. Today is our wedding anniversary (19 years… we met when we were 19 years old) and i can’t wait to make this page. It’s SO AWESOME to have a 13 year old in the house who can take pictures for me… and teaching them the love of photography early on.
    I am still loving every day with December daily. thanks.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Happy Anniversary Wilna!

  • 14.
    PEG said…

    What a good idea to take pictures of what have change in the house since last year ! I keep the idea in my head for one of these days when nothing special happen.

  • 15.
    Molly said…

    pretty! I love the gray tones and neutrals, and the basket with your Dec. albums … perfect!

  • 16.
    Judy Parker said…

    I am loving doing the DEC daily with you. My two children 10 & 12 years are also doing their own as a home school project. It’s amazing-just got them started and their creativity is sparkling! Thanks for sharing all your tips-any ideas on how to share your kids artwork?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Judy – do you mean in this project or in general? For this project I like to cut them up and fit them into the album – maybe just showing part of the project (totally depends on what it is of course). Another idea is to take a photo of your child holding the artwork and then include that in your book.

  • 17.
    Michele H. said…

    i love the photo grid and the super cute basket with your past albums.

  • 18.
    Judy Webb said…

    It is so important to record photos of you home (inside and out). We just moved from our home of 30 years. I am going through photos to make a mini album of the way it looked over the years. I will enjoy it, even if the husband and 4 boys care less. LOL

  • 19.
    Debbie C said…

    I was wondering what your process was for converting your photos to black and white. Mine always seem so drab.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I usually (in Photoshop CS4) go to Image/Adjustments/Black and White and then adjust the Contrast/Brightness. Nothing set in stone – just lots of messing around :) .

    • ….
      Laci M. said…

      If you have a PC the shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B

  • 20.
    Jan said…

    Yes, I need to do a few “around the house” pics as well. But I’ll wait til the tree goes up – which will be next Monday.

    My son and wife are coming in from AZ Sunday. Their arrival will kick off a whole new spirit of celebration around here. I will not be without subject matter for the remainder of the month! Yay!

  • 21.
    Maureen said…

    It was so cold here I too took photos of inside the house. I used Camera Bag on my phone and I’ll see how that works out. Of course it’s for day 14 not 13! I knew what the main page would be because there’s just one thing on my mind – my son and his short time back from ‘over there’.

  • 22.
    Barb in AK said…

    Oh, Ali! I had to LOL! When I looked at the first photo of your DD pages (the one showing the transparency), I thought there was some kind of angel behind it. Then you showed the page after it (the one with you taking a self-photo).
    Am I hearing the strains of “Earth Angel” ??? ;-)

    • ….
      Carla said…

      Hi Barb, I thought the exact same thing. I thought for sure it was an angel!

  • 23.
    Rachel said…

    Ali, I am loving following your December daily posts. But I have a question about the picture of you in the mirror. How do you get the focus on just you and not all the other stuff in the background that reflects in the mirror, too? Is it the camera, lighting, editing, just luck that nothing else reflects? I’m a total beginner when it comes to doing something more with a picture than pointing the camera, clicking, printing it out and sticking it to a page. :)

  • 24.

    Awesome self portrait!
    I really need to find some of that Teresa Collins Star Transparency, love it!

  • 25.
    Michelle D. said…

    I love your use of overlays. I am missing doing them this year since I am going mostly digi…maybe in the end I’ll figure out a way to incorporate some overlay on my “ephemera” pages. :)

  • 26.
    Jen said…

    day thirteen done!!!

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